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Do the champions make royalty money from title belt sales?

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Do the holders of the belt get any royalty money for the the belts WWE sell?

So for example sheamus is US champion right now. Say Shaemus is US champion from March 2011 to June 2011. Will he pick up a royalty cheque at the end of the year for the amount of US titles sold during this period?

Another example is Cena becomes champion at Wrestlemania. He stays champion until Summerslam in August 2011. WWE title belts start selling like crazy again, would Cena pick up a royalty cheque at the end of the year for the amount of belts sold during his time as champ?

Or is it a case that cena introduced the spinner design belt and he will get royalties for the amount of belts sold no matter who holds the title (because cena designed the belt)?

I know it is not their own merchandise but they are the champion at the time and you could say they have an influence over how many belts are sold.

I am just interested to know if this is a perk of being a champion in WWE because they give royalties for dvd's and merchandise etc so do they give it for the titles?
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They could do. Probly just off the name plates ordered though as what do you at christmas when sales of everything are up.

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I doubt it. But I've never heard anyone say either way, so I'm not sure.
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