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Do sky do enuff?

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I was just wondering if the uk fans think that sky sports does enough to promote wwe programming or if they even understand that its a pg show!

raw is obviously on live on a monday night (tuesday morning) no probs its live so good, but the fact that it repeats at 10pm on a thursday and the 5pm (dinner time for a lot of kids) the following monday how can sky say they are targeting the show at kids?

I was just thinking abt this as the rumble has been advertised frequently on all sky channels and i even heard an ad on talk sport, but have never seen them advertise anything other than ppv's.

if it is a cross between sports and entertainment then should the advertising not be the same as football, or any other sport, advertised to an almost overkill degree or entertainment shows which are advertised at the beginning and end of each break on the likes of sky1,2 and 3. why doesn't the rerun of raw have a decent time on the schedule and why do sky not advertise the "weekly episodic" shows?

If the target demographic is mostly kids then surely it would make sense to make it easier for them to watch and even bring in some new fans!

any thoughts?