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I didn't know whether to post this in the 'Women of wrestling' forum or not - because that seems to be based around how hot they are (which suits me great).

But from a wrestling point of view, it would be nice to see some fairly entertaining women's wrestling.

It's just awful at present. The Glamazon is a good gimmick, but when facing Kelly Kelly its just awful.

I mean, when she runs against the ropes she barely moves them. It's so half-arsed its un-true.

If WWE isn't going to go away from the PG style, then the Divas simply have to improve. It's literally a pointless filler in each Raw and mackdown programme at present. I couldn't care less at the minute with the 'Berh will win the title at a PPV in the near future' storyline.

At least when it wasn't PG, there were 'saucy' storylines that made it interesting and what not. With PG they should at least be putting SOME effort into making the divas interesting.
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