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Divas don't punch?

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Anyone notice how the divas hardly ever throw punches? The only use European uppercuts and forearms, never punches? I can think of 1 time in the 2 divas matches tonight that they threw any punches, are they told not to or some shit?
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Well technically guys shouldn't punch and the women are following the rules.

Closed fists are supposed to be illegal in Pro Wrestling. Ventura used to make that call all the time, but over the years they just sorta ignored it.
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closed fists were ilegal in the 80s or early 90s when was the last time a wrestler was disqualified for throwing closed fists? Reigns finisher is the Superman punsh for christ´s sake and Sheamus uses closed fists like 300 times per matches.
That's my point. They have just taken that rule and just swept it under the rug and people just ignore it, lol.
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