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Divas Battle Royal - mind numbingly bad

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Vince: So, smarks, you were feeling bad for the Womens Division. Here you go, a full Battle Royale, enjoy. *snickers*

- Kelly, Beth advertised prior to match - not present during the match.
- Match itself - atrocious, check that, no words can describe how bad
- Only positive, Kaitlyn winning with lol botched clothesline. (okay, not really a positive, after thinking about it.)

Luckily, I don't care about the women's division, If I did I'd be beyond the point of hope.

Oh and Cole had the line of the night - "Riveting action here", I lost my shit there, Cole was full on troll mode.

I'm not usually this critical on botches and shit, But if a men's match was this bad, I'd be criticizing them too.
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Re: Divas Battle Royale - mind numbingly bad

I think Eve was supposed to win, after the match everyone was shellshocked as if Kaitlyn was not supposed to win.

I only made the thread because it went beyond the usual levels of bad. There are some really talented Divas, they just need to make better use of whatever time they're given.
I think they were shocked at how horrible that match was :D and that Kaitlyn failed the first clothesline she did with Eve, wanted Eve to win though :(
Still better than Cena/Cole which is my go to match in my memory if I ever see any bad match now.
Re: Divas Battle Royale - mind numbingly bad

I only saw it once, but it looked to me that Eve botched the spot. I could be wrong though.
I could be wrong on calling Kaitlyn on that too. But I'm guessing since they rarely do get time for matches is that they were shocked because of that finish. Eve or Kaitlyn on my tv, no loss there whoever is on. :)
1 - 2 of 58 Posts
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