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Okay I have already written the first three shows of my BTB! I am not going to repost them as everyone who is interested in this BTB has already read them. I will instead post the summary of what has happened. I started this BTB after Taboo Tuesday 2004. Here are the rosters I started with:


Trish Stratus (Womens Champion)
Carmella Decesare
Gail Kim
Molly Holly

Stacy Keibler
Lillian Garcia
Terri Runnels
Christy Hemme


Jillian Hall (World Womens Champion)
Dawn Marie

Torrie Wilson
Miss Jackie

There are also additions to the roster:




Ashley Massaro
Rochelle Loewen
Lauren Jones
Candice Michelle


Vince McMahon retired as WWE Chairman and named Marissa McMahon as the new CEO and Linda McMahon as the new WWE Chairman
Summary of what happened so far!


After Theodore Long announced the coming of a Womens Championship on Smackdown! the previous week, the seven divas began training. In a grueling gauntlet match with the Divas Ring Announcer Rue ringside, Miss Jackie defeated Shaniqua with a roll up in the first round. In the second and third round, Jillian Hall defeated Miss Jackie and then Torrie Wilson after one moonsault to each diva. Jillian then pinned Dawn Marie after a powerful DDT in the fourth round. In the fifth round, Jillian Hall pinned Jacqueline after another moonsault. In the final round of the gauntlet match, Jillian Hall pinned Sable to win the World Womens Championship!

During the fourth round of the Gauntlet Match, both Dawn Marie and Jillian Hall took out their frustration on Rue who was sitting ringside which set up a match on Velocity

Also, Josh Matthews introduced WWE Fans to Smackdown's newest divas; Ashley Massaro, Lauren Jones and Rochelle Loewen. The three divas introduced themselves and spoke to the fans.


In an Evening Gown Match with Shaniqua taking on Torrie Wilson with new diva Ashley Massaro as the Special Guest Referee, Shaniqua ripped Torrie's evening gown off after a painful spiked heel kick to Torrie's chest, rupturing her breast implant and removing Torrie from action in the following weeks

In a Tag Team Match with World Womens Champion Jillian Hall and Dawn Marie taking on Rue and Miss Jackie with new divas Lauren Jones and Rochelle Loewen acting as Special Guest Ring Announcers and Special Guest Referees, Dawn Marie brutally beat up Miss Jackie and hit her with an Atomic Drop to pick up the win. Afterwards, Jillian cracked and attacked the five divas in the ring. She hit Jackie with a spinebuster, Dawn with a German Suplex, Rochelle with a standing moonsault, Rue with a springboard frog splash and then hitting Lauren on the head with her title belt.


In a Non Title Match, Trish Stratus took on Terri Runnels. After a near win, Ivory made her most awaited return to Raw and hit the Poison Ivory on Trish, helping Terri Runnels pick up the win and left the ring leaving Trish a humiliated, crumpled mess.

In a bra and panties match, Christy Hemme managed to defeat Carmella Decesare in mere minutes. Christy stripped Carmella down to her underwear and then stripped herself and left the ring happily

Backstage, Maria was introduced and interviewed Ivory. Later on that evening, Maria interviewed Trish Stratus and said the wrong words and was brutally beaten by the Womens Champion. Also during the commercial, Trish Stratus took out Nidia backstage when Nidia, who didn't hear the news on what happened, questioned Trish about the match

Also Linda McMahon came out and called out Eric Bischoff. She fired him for abusing his power and making the wrong decisions and introduced the new General Manager Stephanie McMahon who fired Bischoff from the Roster and as first order of business made a match between Christy and Carmella next week

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Sunday Night Heat

Todd Grisham: Hello everyone and welcome back to Sunday Night Heat. We just saw Rhyno defeat Rodney Mack in a singles match. Coming up in the main event, these two former ECW Divas Lita and Jazz will go at it in a singles match

The Coach
: Well coming up, Trish Stratus will take on Nidia and Maria in a Handicap Match. This will be Maria’s Debut Match and Stephanie McMahon who was announced as General Manager announced Stacy Keibler as the Special Guest Ring Announcer for tonight’s two diva matches.

Todd Grisham: The first match will be interesting, we’ve seen Trish and Nidia wrestle but we’ve never seen Maria wrestle. I mean, she just debuted last week. Well let’s all first look at how this match was made. Let’s take a look at Raw last week!

Trish grabs the microphone from Maria and throws it aside. She throws her title belt to the floor and slaps Maria across the face. Trish grabs Maria and pushes her head into her knee. Trish then pushes Maria into the wall. Trish then hits Maria hard with the Chick Kick knocking her out. Trish grabs her title belt and kicks Maria in the stomach.
Trish Stratus storms down the hallway, muttering harsh words to herself. She stops and sees Nidia alone.

Nidia: Oh hi Trish. How are you? What happened to your match with Terri? Did you win?

Trish Stratus
: You little hooker! You know what happened!

Nidia: I don’t know what happened, I didn’t see the match. I don’t know what you’re talking about!

Trish Stratus: I’ll give you something to talk about!

Trish then slaps Nidia across the face and then hits her on the forehead with her title belt knocking her out. Trish then kicked Nidia in the stomach and leaves.
The Coach: Trish Stratus was really upset; she just beat up two divas in a row. Maria and Nidia will definitely be getting their revenge tonight.

Todd Grisham: You got that right Coach!

*Rock Music…She’s Got Legs*

Lillian Garcia
: Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome the Special Guest Ring Announcer of the following Divas Handicap 2 on 1 Match….Stacy Keibler!

Stacy came out from the back to a huge pop. Her hair was straight and she wore a lot of make-up. She wore a blue denim skirt, black boots and a black long sleeved polo shirt. She walked down the ramp, waving to the crowd and slapping high fives to the fans in the crowd. She made her way up the ramp and entered the ring carefully showing her butt to the world. She stepped in the ring and gave Lillian a hug and was handed a microphone.

*Oh……Fast Music Starts Playing*

Stacy Keibler: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is a handicap 2 on 1 divas match. Introducing from Ottawa Illinois……Maria!

Maria came out in a short loose black skirt, matching high heeled boots and a sexy black tank top. She walked down the ramp looking a bit nervous. She got into the ring and hugged and kissed Stacy on the cheek.

*Guitar Starts Playing ‘I Like ‘Em Dirty!’*

Stacy Keibler: And her partner from Puerto Rico….Nidia!

Nidia came out from the back to a mixed reaction. She wore a tight white top, a pair of black shorts and black boots. She stopped at the top of the ramp to wave to the fans. She tied her hair up in a ponytail and walked down the ramp. She kissed a fan that held up a sign saying ‘Nidia = My Dream Girl!’ Nidia then walked up the steel steps, got into the ring and told Maria ‘It was going to be fine’

*Giggles Oh….Oh Time To Rock And Roll*

Stacy Keibler: And from Toronto, Ontario, Canada…The WWE Womens Champion….Trish Stratus!

Trish came out from the back in purple tights, the title around her waist. She walked calmly to the ring and threw her hair back. The fans started the ‘Slut’ chant and Trish yelled insults to the crowd. She got into the ring and held up her title belt for all to see. She handed the belt to the referee as Stacy left the ring.

Handicap Match
Trish Stratus vs Nidia & Maria
Special Guest Ring Announcer – Stacy Keibler​

The match started off with Trish and Nidia in the ring. The two divas locked up in the middle of the ring. Trish kicked Nidia in the stomach with her knee, releasing them both from the lock-up. Trish kicked Nidia in the stomach and grabbed her by her arm and whipped her across the ring into the turnbuckle. Trish ran and hit a cartwheel neckbreaker on Nidia. Trish hooked the leg as Maria ran in
Maria grabbed Trish by her hair and pulled her up and tried to throw her through the ropes but Trish just easily got out of it and threw Maria through the ropes instead. Trish laughed at Maria and turned around and was hit by a clothesline by Nidia. Nidia jumped on Trish and began pounding on her. Nidia stood up and whipped her hair back. She kicked Trish in the stomach and grabbed Trish by her hair, pulling her up. Nidia then threw Trish across the ring by her hair. Nidia went to the outside and grabbed a steel chair. Maria told Nidia not to hit Trish with the chair. Nidia and Maria argued on the outside and Maria told Nidia that ‘She would do it’ Nidia smiled and tagged Maria in outside. Maria slid into the ring with the chair in hand, she began chatting to Nidia and turned around, the chair in front of her face and was hit by a Chick Kick by Trish Stratus. The kick hit the chair which banged into Maria’s face. Trish covered Maria and hooked the leg.

Winner: Trish Stratus

Trish grabbed the steel chair and then hit Maria in the body with it. Nidia ran to the top of the turnbuckle, she jumped off only to meet with a strong hit from Trish with the steel chair. Trish grabbed Nidia, pulling her up by her hair and hit a DDT on Nidia on the steel chair. Trish got up and laughed at Nidia and Maria when suddenly Stacy came in from behind and hit Trish with a fist slam. Trish turned around and whipped Stacy into the ropes. Trish missed a clothesline and dodged a clothesline from Stacy. She turned around and was hit a by a Roundhouse Kick from Stacy Keibler. Stacy left Trish and checked on both Nidia and Maria. After a while, Trish got up and began standing and she began stomping on the floor, screaming Stacy’s name. Stacy got up and turned around and was hit by the Chick Kick. Trish grabbed her title and ran back into the ring. She dropped it and pulled Stacy up by her hair. She slapped her across the face and pushed her into the turnbuckle. Trish grabbed her title and whacked Stacy across the head with it. Trish smiled and left the ring as her theme played

Todd Grisham: Did you see that? Trish knocked Stacy, Maria and Nidia out with Chick Kicks. She is unbelievable

The Coach: Well you better believe her. I hope Stacy, Maria and Nidia will be well enough to be at Raw next week, hopefully some action for those divas. Next week on Raw we will see Trish Stratus and Molly Holly versus Terri Runnels and Ivory and also Christy Hemme versus Carmella Decesare in an Evening Gown Match

Todd Grisham: That should be interesting and coming up next, the main event! Jazz versus Lita is coming up next!

(Commercial Break)​

Todd Grisham: Welcome back to Heat everyone. Since Stacy Keibler was knocked out earlier, she will not be able to ring announce the final match.

The Coach: Sadly of course

Todd Grisham: But WWE Management has managed to find a replacement and guess who it is Coach!

The Coach: Victoria? Ivory? Carmella?

Todd Grisham: Just wait and see because here she comes!

*Walk Idiot Walk*

Lillian Garcia: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the Special Guest Ring Announcer for the following divas singles match…..Christy Hemme!

Christy came out to a huge pop. She wore a sleeveless green dress and she skipped down the ramp to the ring. She climbed the ring and she whipped her hair back as she looked up. She entered the ring and skipped around it, waving and blowing kisses to the crowd.

*Rock Music Plays ‘Lovefurypassionenergy’*

Christy Hemme: The following divas singles match is scheduled for one fall. Making her way to the ring, from Sanford North Carolina….Lita!

Lita came out from the back dressed in a black top and baggy jeans. She ran to the ring and slid in, her head rocking backwards and forwards to the motion of the music. She stood up and jumped to the top of the turnbuckle. She raised her hands in the air to a huge pop.

*Jazz Music Plays….Fast Hardcore Jazz Music Plays*

Christy Hemme: Her opponent, from New Orleans Louisiana….Jazz!

Jazz came out from the back dressed in gray tights. She walked down the ramp, basically ignoring the crowds and receiving a lot of heat. She got into the ring and began warming up as Christy left the ring.

Main Event
Singles Match
Jazz vs Lita
Special Guest Ring Announcer: Christy Hemme​

Jazz and Lita walked around the ring. Jazz went into the ropes and ran and hit Lita with a clothesline. Jazz hit an elbow drop and hooked the leg
Lita kicked out. Jazz stood up and posed and taunted the crowd. Jazz turned around and began flexing her muscles and she turned around and was hit by a slap from Lita. Lita kicked Jazz in the midsection and hit a suplex on her. Lita grabbed Jazz by her hair and pushed her into the turnbuckle. Lita ran and hit a clothesline on her. Lita went to the top of the turnbuckle and jumped off for a moonsault. Jazz rolled out of the way and Lita landed on the ring itself. Lita rolled around in pain as Jazz mocked her. Jazz slipped to the outside and slapped Christy Hemme. Jazz grabbed Christy by her hair and threw her into the metal stairs. Jazz took the steel chair and slid back into the ring. She then waited for Lita to get up and hit her straight on the head with the metal chair.

Winner: Lita via DQ

Jazz didn’t care and she began whacking Lita all over with the steel chair. Jazz picked Lita up and scoop slammed her on the metal chair. Jazz hit an elbow drop and picked up Lita again and hitting her with a full frontal scoop/body slam on the steel chair. Jazz grabbed Lita once again and the referee pulled Jazz back but Jazz slapped the referee across the face and hit him with a Fisherman Buster. Jazz took Lita again and hit a DDT on her on the steel chair, busting her open. Jazz laughed at Lita. Jazz went back to the outside and looked at Christy Hemme who was getting up slowly. Jazz grabbed Christy by the hair and pushed her into the ring. Jazz slid back in and started kicking away at Christy. Jazz hit a Frog Splash on Hemme and then started choking her until her face went purple. Jazz grabbed Christy and hit her with a DDT on the steel chair, busting her open. Jazz then set Christy up and hit her with a Back Suplex. Jazz then pulled off Christy’s heels and began twisting and turning her foot as she somehow managed to scream in pain. Jazz let go and once again hit Christy with the DDT on the steel chair. Jazz flexed her muscles as the fans booed her. She left the ring as her theme hit

Todd Grisham: That was unbelievable. Jazz is exactly like Trish Stratus except even worse

The Coach: This is like an ECW Rules Match. Jazz didn’t care about the fact that she was disqualified and she went on hitting Lita with that steel chair and now Lita is busted open

Todd Grisham: Poor Christy Hemme. She was also busted open. Jazz first threw her into the steel steps and then hit her continuously with DDT’s on the steel chair and Christy is busted open

The Coach
: This is just too much to take in for one night. Well everyone I hope you enjoyed Today’s Brutality of Sunday Night Heat. I’m the Coach and he’s Todd Grisham. Good night!

Trish Stratus def. Maria & Nidia w/ Stacy Keibler as the Special Guest Ring Announcer
Lita def. Jazz via DQ w/ Christy Hemme as the Special Guest Ring Announcer​

Smackdown! Preview

After Jillian Hall defeated practically defeated every diva including the final diva to enter the gauntlet match, Sable, she managed to win the World Womens Championship. This week, Jillian Hall steps in the Smackdown ring ever since being crowned World Womens Champion

Also in a lovely bikini contest Miss Jackie, Dawn Marie, Rue, Candice Michelle, Ashley Massaro, Lauren Jones and Rochelle Loewen prepare to show off their lovely bodies and bikinis

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Hey there some pretty decent matches. I like Trish being heel and taking out everybody and I think that somone will dethrone here of her title soon rather than later.

A nice Smackdown! preview also and I am looking forward to the bikini contest.

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Like I Said at Clash Of The Champions: Give Review and Get Review...Here's my Review

Spellings/Grammers : I Can't find any mistakes in your Grammer. So Ten out of Ten for Spellings and Grammers [25/25]

Promos/Segments: I Loved all Ladies Promos and Segments, It were written nicely and I really Enjoyed every single Promo from Sunday Night Heat. [23/25]

Matches/Bookings: All matches were written good but they were only short. I think they were short because it was Sunday Night Heat not Raw or Smackdown. I loved Handicapped Match and Trish is almost a dominant heel in your show [20/25]

Length: The lenght was just allright, I won't harsh you because it was only Sunday Night Heat so ... [25/25]
Overall - [93/100] ... It was decent show. I almost loved it and take care...

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WWE News

Smackdown!s Newest Diva

General Manager Theodore Long has just signed former Raw Diva Search Contestant Joy Giovanni to a Smackdown! Divas Contract. Giovanni will debut alongside newcomer Candice Michelle on Smackdown! this week and take part in the Bikini Contest.

New Ohio Valley Wrestling Divas

Ohio Valley Wrestling Management have signed a number of divas to developmental contracts. The following divas are:

Alere Little Feather
Daizee Haze
ODB - One Dirty Bitch
Mercedes Martinez
Hailey Hatred
Amber O'Neal
Mickie Knuckles
Erica Porter
Mis Cheif
Crystal Charmichael
Sharmell Sullivan
Tara Charisma
Allison Danger
Lana Star
Lexie Fyfe​

New Deep South Wrestling Divas

Deep South Wrestling Management have also signed a number of divas on Linda McMahon's orders to developmental contracts:

Fluff Dupp
Christie Ricci
Jenny Taylor
Krissy Vaine
Looney Lane
Sumie Sakai
Savvy Sasha
Miss Michelle
Sara Del Ray
Vanessa Harding
Malia Hosaka​

Cause of all the new signings

Linda McMahon stated in an interview that she would like to make history in women's wrestling and will begin with what she has now

New Veteran Trainers:

Linda McMahon has hired many previous divas to help the new divas train and the new divas on Smackdown! especially such as Lauren Jones and Ashley Massaro to train. Linda has strict requests, either the divas train or they leave the company. All the new divas must train in order to keep their jobs.These divas may make the rare appearance on WWE Television but that won't be for a long time. The following veteran trainers are:

Alundra Blayze
Mae Young
Leilani Kai
Fabulous Moolah
Luna Vachon
Peggy Lee
Nicole Bass
Barbara Bush
Tori Powers​

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Deep South Wrestling Results:

Simply Luscious def. Melina Perez (Cruiserweight Title)
Vanessa Harding & Miss Michelle def. Valentina & Phoenix (Tag Team Titles)
Angel Williams def. Malia Hosaka, Krissy Vaine & Cheerleader Melissa (DSW Title)


Cruiserweight Champion - Simply Luscious
Tag Team Champions - Vanessa Harding & Miss Michelle
DSW Champion - Angel Williams

Ohio Valley Wrestling Results:

Alere Little Feather def. Tracy Brooks (Cruiserweight Title)
Shelly Martinez & Daffney w/ Synn def. Trinity & April Hunter (Tag Team Titles)
Alexis Laree def. Allison Danger (OVW Title)


Cruiserweight Champion - Alere Little Feather
Tag Team Champions - Shelly Martinez & Daffney [Disclipes of Synn]
OVW Champion - Alexis Laree


Peggy Lee & Luna Vachon trained Rochelle Loewen, Candice Michelle & Dawn Marie
Chyna trained Ashley Massaro, Stacy Keibler & Lillian Garcia
Fabulous Moolah, Mae Young & Tori Powers trained Christy Hemme, Joy Giovanni, Lauren Jones, Rue & Maria
Alundra Blayze, Leilani Kai & Barbara Bush trained Terri Runnels, Miss Jackie & Shaniqua
Debra & Nicole Bass trained Carmella Decesare & Nidia

Divas Training:​

Rochelle Loewen
Candice Michelle
Dawn Marie
Ashley Massaro
Stacy Keibler
Lillian Garcia
Christy Hemme
Joy Giovanni
Lauren Jones
Terri Runnels
Miss Jackie
Carmella Decesare

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Friday Night Smackdown!​

Michael Cole: Hello everybody and welcome back to Friday Night Smackdown! We just saw Eddie Guerrero throw Big Show into those steel steps.

Tazz: That was definitely brutal but tonight we have some lovely Smackdown! divas here tonight to entertain us all! We will all see a lovely bikini contest and two more divas will debut in the ring and now none of the Smackdown! fans know what these divas look like so we will just have to wait and see what these divas look like!

Michael Cole: Speaking of divas, just on Velocity, Torrie Wilson was injured when Shaniqua kicked her in the chest and ruptured her breast implant. Sadly Torrie will be out of action for the next few months but there are still the many divas left on the show.

Tazz: Jillian Hall was crowned the World Womens Champion last week on Smackdown after pinning five divas in a row. She was amazing, wasn’t she Cole?

Michael Cole: You’ve got that right Tazz.

*Dark Jillian Hall*

Tony Chimel: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the World Womens Champion….Jillian Hall!

Jillian came out to a mixed reaction. Her blemish glistening on her left cheek and her title draped on her shoulders. She wore a sleeveless brown dress that was as long as a few centimeters below her knee and she also wore matching brown pumps. She walked down the aisle, practically ignoring the fans as they gave her a mixed reaction. She got in the ring and snatched the microphone of a stage worker

Jillian Hall: Last week…I was crowned the World Womens Champion!

*crowd pops* Jillian looks around and grins in a not so happy way!

Jillian Hall
: I proved to all you people that I am indeed the greatest women’s wrestler on Smackdown! Theodore Long informed me that I must have a match for No Mercy and it will be against the Number One Contender. Now of course there are no Number One Contenders on Smackdown, there are just a bunch of ugly sluts!

*crowd boos*

Jillian Hall: So at No Mercy, I guess I’ll just have to be a no-show if I have nothing to do or I could strip to my underwear and prance around with this title!

*crowd pops*

Jillian Hall: But I won’t, because I have dignity and self-respect and I am not a slut!

*Roar…whips…music starts*

Sable came out from the back to a mixed reaction. She wore a black tube top and black spandex pants and matching black high heeled pointed toe shoes. She walked to the ring and brushed her hair behind her shoulders. She entered the ring as Jillian glared at her.

Sable: So ladies who dance around in bikinis are sluts right?

Jillian Hall: You got that right grandma!

Sable: Since you say that I am a grandmother, then how come a grandmother has a very Sablelicious body like this….

Sable puts the microphone down and she takes off her shoes. She then pulls her pants off and waves them in the air above her head to a huge pop from the crowd. Sable then took of her tube top and threw it to the fans. She then took the microphone and stood in front of Jillian in black underwear

Sable: See Jillian, no grandmother has a sexy ass, sexy face, sexy legs and a sexy chest like me!

Jillian Hall: Then I guess you’re not a grandmother after all, you’re just an old slut!

Sable: Oh I see. At least I don’t have a deformation growing on my face!

Jillian Hall: That does it, you can insult me anyway you want but when you insult my face…you’ve gone too far

Sable: That wrinkled prune you call a face? Yeah…I’m insulting that! I’m also insulting her cheap fake hair, your ugly brown dress and those balloons stuck on your chest!

Jillian Hall: You blonde bitch!

: Have you looked in the mirror Jillian? You obviously haven’t because you could’ve thrown a better dress on and some make-up on to cover that ugly deformation on that hideous face of yours!

Jillian threw her title and the microphone down and speared Sable to the ground. Jillian began beating on Sable. She pulled at her hair and began choking her. She slapped her hard across the face.

*You Know It’s The Macmilitant*

Theodore Long came out in a dark brown suit and walked to the ring with a microphone in his hand. He got in the ring as the two divas separated. Sable began fixing her hair and Jillian fixed her dress

Theodore Long: Ladies I will not tolerate brawls breaking out in the middle of the ring. Sable, you are one of Smackdown’s top wrestling divas and I don’t find it necessary to strip down to your underwear to prove so. Jillian, you said that there was no Number One Contender and that you would appear at No Mercy. However, as Champion you will be competing at No Mercy and tonight we will find out who the Number One Contender is. It will be Sable versus Jacqueline tonight in a Number One Contenders Match for the World Womens Championship.

Jillian looked around in disbelief as Sable smiled and mouthed ‘Bitch’ to Jillian as Teddy Long left the ring looking quite satisfied. Sable stepped to the outside and walked back up the aisle towards the back leaving Jillian in the ring.

Tazz: Tonight we will see Jacqueline versus Sable in a Singles Match in a Number One Contenders Match for the World Womens Championship

Michael Cole: That will be great; coming up later on this evening will be the bikini contest! Here’s one of the contestants!


*If You Think That You’re Man Enough To Love Me*

Lauren Jones is shown getting ready for the bikini contest. She is brushing her blonde hair with a black hairbrush. Lauren puts the hairbrush out and then poses in the mirror. She then brushes her hair back and leaves the room.

(Commercial Break)


Shaniqua is shown in a black long sleeved shirt and jeans walking down the hallway. She sees Lauren coming down the hallway and stops her

Shaniqua: Hey Laura!

Lauren Jones: It’s Lauren Jones!

Shaniqua: I don’t care! Have you seen Miss Jackie Gayda anywhere?

Lauren Jones: Oh you mean Miss Jack? She’s probably in her dressing room getting ready for the bikini contest later on tonight

Shaniqua: Is she alone?

Lauren Jones: Most probably Sally!

Shaniqua: It’s Shaniqua and you better remember it!

She shoves Lauren in the shoulder and walks off.

(Elsewhere Backstage)​

*If You Think That You’re Man Enough To Love Me*

Rochelle Loewen is shown getting ready for the bikini contest. She was rubbing lotion on her legs and then she put her leg down and began to put on her earrings. After she was done, she fixed her hair and left the room

(Elsewhere Backstage)​

Miss Jackie is shown wearing a yellow silk robe. She is about to put her earrings on when the door bursts open and Shaniqua walks in

Shaniqua: Well well well Jackie Gayda!

Miss Jackie: Look Linda, I don’t have time to talk. I have to get to the ring for the Bikini Contest

Shaniqua: I’m no longer Linda Miles…I’m Shaniqua ‘Jackie’!

Miss Jackie: Whatever, why are you here?

Shaniqua: To get some revenge Blondie!

Miss Jackie: What?!?!

Shaniqua: You eliminated me from that gauntlet match last week so tonight I will eliminate you

Miss Jackie: You cannot do that! You’re not even going to be in that bikini contest and even if you were, the fans would boo you because no one wants to see your ugly body like yours when they can see a beautiful body like mine

Shaniqua: So you’re saying the fans will have to wait to see your body

Miss Jackie: Of course, they must wait until the bikini contest. I don’t like keeping the fans waiting though.

Shaniqua: Well in that case…

Shaniqua slaps Miss Jackie across the face. Shaniqua rips Jackie’s rove off revealing a sexy yellow bikini. Shaniqua grabs Jackie by her hair and pushes her into the wall and kicks her in the midsection. Shaniqua then sets her up and hits her with a powerbomb. Shaniqua smiles and she leaves the room

(Fades to Commercial Break)

(In The Ring)​

Michael Cole: Welcome back from the commercial break. We just saw Shaniqua powerbomb Miss Jackie in her dressing room.

Tazz: We’ve also been informed that Miss Jackie will now be unable to participate in the bikini contest tonight because of what Shaniqua did to her.

Michael Cole: So far the divas competing are Rue, Dawn Marie, Rochelle Loewen, Joy Giovanni, Candice Michelle and Lauren Jones. This is going to be one great bikini contest

*Roars….whip…..music starts*

Tony Chimel: The following contest is a Number One Contenders Match for the World Womens Championship Match. Introducing first…from Jacksonville Florida…..Sable!

Sable came out from the back in a black cat suit ready to compete. She strutted to the ring and entered quickly and she taunted the crowd in the middle of the ring

*Jacqueline’s Music Plays*

Tony Chimel: And from Dallas Texas…..Jacqueline!

Jacqueline came out from the back in bright blue tights. She began warming up while she walked to the ring. She slid in the ring and waved to the crowd. She then faced Sable and put her hand out to shake. Sable went for it but at the last moment, brushed her hand through her hair leaving Jacqueline’s face a bitter and annoyed one

*Dark Jillian Hall*

Tony Chimel: And the Special Guest Ring Commentator, the World Womens Champion….Jillian Hall!

Jillian walked out, the blemish glistening in the light. She changed her outfit, this time to black spandex Capri’s, a long sleeved white top and matching pointed toe white boots. She fixed the title on her shoulder as she walked down the aisle to the ring. She walked to the announce table and settled in next to Tazz.

Number One Contenders Match
Jacqueline vs Sable
Special Guest Ring Commentator: Jillian Hall​

The match starts as Sable walks straight up to Jacqueline’s face and spits on it. Jacqueline rubs the spit off her face as Sable points and laughs at her. Sable fixes her hair and is speared by Jacqueline. Jacqueline gets up and picks up Sable and hits her with a scoop slam. Jacqueline begins kicking away at Sable driving her foot into her knee, stomach and chest. Jacqueline hit an elbow drop and hooked the leg
Sable kicked out. Jacqueline shrugged and got up. She flipped her hair back and went into the ropes and missed a Leg Drop. Sable grabbed Jacqueline and got her in a criss-cross choke. After a while, Sable let go and got up. Sable then hit a necksnap on Jacqueline and pulled her up by her hair and she set her up for a Sablebomb. But Jacqueline threw Sable over her hitting a back body drop. Jacqueline went into the ropes and hit an elbow drop. Jacqueline began stomping waiting for Sable to get up and when she did, she ran and hit a clothesline. She then waited again for Sable to get up and hit her with another clothesline. Jacqueline went to the turnbuckle and hit a fist slam frog splash landing straight on Sable. Jacqueline then hooked the leg
Jillian ran and pulled Jacqueline out of the ring as the referee checked on Sable. Jillian slapped Jacqueline across the face and hits a Fender Bender on Jacqueline and pushes her back in the ring. Sable hit a baseball slide kicking Jacqueline in the head. Sable ran and hit another baseball slide knocking Jacqueline out of the ring. Sable then ran and hit a springboard frog splash knocking Jacqueline back to the floor again. Jillian walked over to Sable and slapped her hard across the face. Jillian then threw Jacqueline back in the ring. Jillian turned around and was punched in the face by Sable. Jillian kicked Sable in the gut and threw Sable into the steep steps. Jillian slammed Sable’s head onto the ring apron and threw her back in. Jacqueline hooked the leg
Sable kicked out! Jacqueline couldn’t believe it, she stood up and began stomping her feet in anger. Sable got up and whipped Jacqueline into the ropes, missed a clothesline and was hit by a spinning heel kick from Jacqueline. Sable jumped back up again and slapped Jacqueline across the face and hit a Double Leg Takedown. Sable got up, taunted the crowd and waited for Jacqueline to get up. Sable kicked Jacqueline in the midsection, set her up and hit her with the Sablebomb. Sable hooked Jacqueline’s leg

Winner: New Number One Contender = Sable

Sable celebrated in the ring until Jillian got in and speared Sable to the ground and hit her with a standing moonsault. Jillian took the microphone after she got up

Jillian Hall: So I’m facing you at No Mercy, so what? Sable, the way I’m leaving you in the ring tonight is the same way I’m leaving the ring at No Mercy when I retain the World Womens Championship and kick your ass!

Jillian Hall grabbed her title belt, held it up above her head and began walking up the aisle to go backstage.

Michael Cole
: So Sable is the new Number One Contender for the World Womens Championship. Interesting.

Tazz: Hell yeah, and No Mercy will be great. It’s going to be the champion Jillian Hall defending her title against Sable for the World Womens Championship in a singles match. That’s going to be one hell of a match. Coming up after the commercial break, the bikini contest the fans have all been waiting for.

(Commercial Break)​

Michael Cole is already in the ring with a microphone in his hand

Michael Cole: Now the rules of this bikini contest are simple. The divas must make their way to the ring and when they are all in the ring, they will strip down to their bikinis and you fans choose the winner.


Rue came out from the back to huge pop. Her hair was unusually curly and she wore a bright pink flannel robe. She shook her hips as she walked to the ring. She went up the steel steps and entered. She fixed her robe as a bit of her bikini was shown

*Siren….Music Starts*

Dawn Marie comes out to a mixed reaction. She is wearing a black robe and underneath black stockings are shown on her legs. She walks to the ring and enters the ring her normal way before blowing a kiss to the fans.

*Lauren’s Music Plays*

Lauren came out from the back in a black silk robe and she walks to the ring. She sort of gives the ropes a twirling lap dance as she enters the ring and she stands next to Dawn Marie.

*Kiss Kiss by Holly Vallance Plays*

Rochelle came out from the back in a blue silk robe. She walked to the ring normally and entered the ring. She waved and blew kisses to all the fans

*Be Yourself Is All That You Can Be*

Ashley came out from the back wearing a military shirt and shorts and she walked to the ring

*Ooohhh…Let me show you what Love is!*

Candice Michelle came out from the back in a maroon silk robe. She danced at the top of the aisle and walked down. When she got to the ring, she began feeling the ring apron and pulled herself on so she was sitting on her butt and facing the crowd. She then turned around; put her finger on her ass saying ‘That’s Hot!’ and then she crawled in. She then danced around in the middle of the ring before taking her place next to Rochelle.

*Only, only, only, only, only, only, only, only love*

Joy Giovanni came out from the back as her titantron is played and the fans recognize her from the Diva Search. Joy walked to the ring in a green silk robe. She shook her ass in the middle of the aisle and walked up the steps and entered the ring and stood next to Candice

Michael Cole: Now that all you ladies are here, it is time for the contest itself. Let’s start with Rue, then Dawn Marie, then Lauren, Rochelle, Candice and Joy Giovanni

*If you think that you’re man enough to love me*

Rue steps forward and removes her robe with force. She then dances around in her tiny white bikini. She shakes her ass and she blows kisses to the crowd. She sits on the ropes and blows a kiss to the fans and then she goes back to her place

Dawn Marie steps forward and slowly peels off her robe. Dawn is wearing a nice black bikini. She then dances around the ring and begins fixing her hair. Dawn dances around Michael Cole and she dances around the ropes a lot

Lauren Jones steps up and quickly removes her robe revealing a red bikini. Lauren goes and gives the turnbuckle a sexy lap dance. Lauren stops and walks over to Rochelle and squats on her knees and slides her ass up Rochelle’s legs as the fans pop even more. Lauren kisses Rochelle on the cheek and steps next to Rochelle and waits

Rochelle steps forward and takes off her robe revealing a pretty pink bikini. She walks around the ring waving to the crowd and blowing kisses. She then does what Lauren did to her to Lauren, sliding her ass up her legs. Rochelle then goes behind Lauren and begins feeling her stomach from behind and then she stops and stands next to Lauren and Ashley

Ashley removes her top and shorts revealing a military style bikini. She does a punk rock dance and wiggles her ass

Candice is up next and she peels off her robe to reveal an American Flag bikini. She dances around and does that hand over head circle rotation thing. She then moons the crowd as they go wild. Candice unties the bikini bottom and takes it off revealing an American flag thong. Candice dances around even more as the crowd goes even wilder.

Joy steps up and takes of her robe revealing a lime coloured bikini. She dances around for a minute. She flicks her hair back, waves to the crowd and she blew kisses to the fans.

Michael Cole: Now it is time to choose the winner. Would you like Rue as your winner?

*crowd pops*

Michael Cole: Dawn Marie?

*crowd pops*

Michael Cole: Lauren Jones?

*crowd pops*

Michael Cole: Rochelle Loewen?

*crowd pops*

Michael Cole: Ashley Massaro?

*crowd pops*

Michael Cole: Candice Michelle?

*crowd pops*

Michael Cole: Joy Giovanni?

*crowd pops*

Michael Cole: Well I think we have to winners tonight. It is a tie between Joy Giovanni and Candice Michelle!

Cole raises both Joy & Candice’s hands up in the air as Rue and Ashley rushes to congratulate them. Dawn just slid out of the ring and walked up the ramp as Lauren and Rochelle stared in disbelief. After Cole, Ashley and Rue cleared the ring as Joy & Candice were still celebrating, Rochelle and Lauren speared both Joy and Candice. Rochelle and Lauren gave each other high fives as Lauren’s music hit and the two divas left the ring leaving Joy & Candice a complete mess.

(Scene Fades To Commercial)​
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