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In 2005, Batista gave two
controversial interviews
to the British tabloid
newspaper The Sun. In
the first interview,
Batista, then wrestling on
the RAW brand of WWE,
criticized SmackDown!,
stating, "I've watched
their tapings live and it
seems like a lot of the
guys couldn't care less.
There's a lack of passion
and pride."[82] In the
second interview, Batista
acknowledged that his
statements had attracted
considerable backstage
heat from members of
the SmackDown! brand.
He then went on to
claim, "there are guys on
both shows who are
lazy, couldn't care less
and show no
He then criticized rival
wrestling promotion
Total Nonstop Action
Wrestling, claiming, "I've
also seen clips of their
car wreck matches with
A.J. Styles doing his
stunts. That's not
wrestling. Wrestling is
storytelling."[83] In April
2006, Styles responded
to Batista's comments,
quipping, "I think it's
funny that a guy who
takes a bump and tears
his back tells me that I
don't know how to
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