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Did anyone else know this

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Ranjin Singh (Khali's Translator/Manager) is the head writer for raw

Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

The big changes among the WWE writing staff in regards to structure is that Brian Gewirtz and Michael Hayes are no longer touted as "head writers" and have instead been moved to a position just above the head writers of each respective show. Gewirtz's role is to provide ideas and "set up the big picture" for the overall direction of both shows and transmit these ideas to Vince and Stephanie McMahon. As reported earlier, Ed Koskey is now the new head writer of Smackdown, while David Kapoor (who plays the Ranjin Singh character on TV) is now the head writer of Raw.

.....Its also on Wikipedia

(This was last year and me just finding out)

Also Camacho is the son of Haku.....but random but also interesting
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