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Reason I ask this is because I'm currently watching the '25 Greatest Rivalries' in wrestling and a few of the things on this documentary (which is really good by the way!) are bringing up a few questions of interest for me, this being one of them which I thought some of you here may have experienced.

They are covering the John Cena Vs Edge feud of which Lita (looking hot as ever!) is covering her thoughts in regards to this, all these features are spoken about in a none kayfabe way (for example they'll talk about how they were backstage etc in regards to the storylines they were doing) and Lita goes on to say :

"When you have that unspoken chemistry that they definitely had, the thing that flourishes the most that the fans really got that's special is if you had a chance to see the live events that they were on, when the camera's aren't on and they can be a little looser and play around with different ideas, because they trust each other to experiment around and aren't on guard because I know you're good, and you know I'm good so lets give it a try"

... then goes on to say "Out there myself at all the live events that's when I really felt that a lot of the magic happened"

I was wondering if anyone ever got to see Edge and Cena go at it at any of these house shows and have any memories from these matches that they put on, from what Lita is saying ... it seems as though they really did some special things during this feud off camera when they were able to be a little more loose in regards to things, and less restricted as to what they are when filming a televised show.

I know it may be a long shot, but I'd be really interested to hear anything in regards to this here, if anyone has any experience of this :)
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