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We learned from pepsiplunge's/Coach.'s interview that Catalanotto's real name is Jade

Lets do a google image search on "jade catalanatto"(And no, Catalanatto is not her real last name lol)

now lets click on the simpson image:

click on the "visit page" button above^:

Takes us to her post on the Realm of Mortal Kombat (TRMK) Forums.

She is a moderator and a super moderator on there.

Notice that there is a link to her twitter account right below her post count, lets click on it:

Notice her location(canada): we will be needing that to prove her old account here on wrestling forum indeed belonged to her.

She has also talked about her twitter account here on WF in the post below:

Awesome, going to tweet Punk my number.

My twitter name is CM_Punkette so if he doesn't call, this is all a lie. No doubt he would call a girl with a namesake like that.

I love you, Phil <3

Ok, from her posts on that mortal combat forums, she often wraps her name "jade" around the ~ character i.e "~Jade~"
lets search this name here on wrestling forum:

profile link: http://www.wrestlingforum.com/116910--jade-.html

Notice the date of birth in her old account profile: December 31, 1983

Now lets compare that D.O.B to what she has said in her interview to PepsiPlunge07/coach:


Name: Jade.
Birthday: December 31st, 1983.
Birthplace: Buffalo, NY, USA
Employment: Land Rover (sucking dick).
Highest form of education: College (Animal Care).
Relationship Status: Single
Favourite Item: A Cabbage Patch Kid (She has had since she was born in 1983, named after her Grandpa only adds to it’s sentimental value)
The interview.

The date of birth matches :lmao

Also, look above, her twitter account, her location on her twitter account is Canada and so is her location on her old account. Which means she was living in Canada back when she was posting from her old account.

So yeah, she's a re-joiner.

Also I would like to request the moderators to look into her old account and tell us why her original account got a moron ban :lol

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I am re-joiner.
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Λ Dandy Λ;37425225 said:
Dib...Dib. Everyone knows that, she has said that multiple time by herself. The admins/mods know that as well and they let her back in.

Where did she say that?

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I found her boyfriends pictures as well. Has anyone seen that? Also I will be needing the admins permission to post that and how I know it is indeed her boyfriend.
It's her husband, leave family out of this, not that I wouldn't troll other people parents but it's in the rules. And you're on your last strike.

Ah he had an account. And Dib turns into a 10/10 fail.
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