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Six Way Freestyle Bonus Match (6:00pm for Golden Circle & Stage Ticket Holders)
Sugar Dunkerton vs. Louis Lyndon vs. Eric Ryan vs. Facade vs. both members of Zero Gravity

Winner Louis Lyndon

The Scene vs. Chuck Taylor & Rich Swann (Ronin)

Winner Ronin

Brodie Lee defeats Silas Young

Akira Tozawa defeats Jon Davis

Sami Callihan & Arik Cannon (D.U.F.) d AR Fox & YAMATO

The live feed died during the match so I have no idea who won or how, but what we did see was Pinkie Sanchez bleeding a hell of a lot from various Sabu weapon shots. It was mediocre violence, and I can’t say I’m devestated to have missed it.

- When we rejoin the feed Callihan and Cannon have returned and laid out Sabu. They tie AR Fox to the ropes and Callihan beats the holy hell out of him while Pinkie and Cannon fend off a job squad who try and save Fox. D.U.F. are eventually forced from the ring, though they amusingly leave Pinkie behind to get a 10 on 1 beatdown. Fox is helped to the back.

Uhaa Nation D. Facade & Sugar Dunkerton & Flip Kendrick

Johnny Gargano took a huge step on his road to the Open the Freedom Gate by making Dragon Gate ace Naruki Doi tap out

CIMA & Ricochet (Blood Warriors) D PAC & Masato Yoshino (Junction 3)

Blood Warriors reign supreme in tag team wrestling, capturing the United Gate titles after Cima hit Yoshino with Meteora for the win.

After the match Blood Warriors pose with their four belts, and Cima pretends to be a dog peeing on the United Gate belts. Ricochet tries to cut a promo but a portion of the fans boo so obnoxiously that you can’t hear a word he says. This wasn’t just booing heels, it was utterly annoying. I think he said something about being the best high-flyer and proving he was better than PAC. Cima said Blood Warriors are the best, they gave their call-sign, they left. Show over.

I am at work right now so if I forget to update this someone feel free to do so but I am getting the live coverage from PWPonderings.com so click on the link to go directly to the live review article
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