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- Pros for NJPW for Deviit, are he's very established there, he has a solid upper card spot, he has a lot of freedom with his wrestling and gimmick, and he enjoys Japan.
- Cons are it's a very hard wrestling style, which will shorten his career, and the pay is good but not huge. He also is unlikely to reach the very top given he's in the Junior Heavyweight division and not Japanese, so there is a ceiling for him.

- Pros for WWE are of course, it's the biggest promotion in the world, which even in a mid card spot gets him a great deal of fame and name value across the world. If he does well, he will make a shitload of money and be set for life, as in WWE you can make much more than your down payment salary, with royalties from music, video games, etc, and also merchandise. He also would be wrestling a much safer and more career proloning style.
- Cons for WWE are there is no guarantee he would be used right given the WWE's messy and fractured Creative, he would be much more restricted in his wrestling and his character, he would be working a LOT more dates per year, including grueling foreign tours, and he would not be able to use his Prince Devitt name without giving up the copyright to WWE (a foolish move for any wrestler). His height also might hold him back, though his impressive physique might off-set that.

Now, they are not going to sign him to a basic developmental contract, they know that. He makes good money in NJPW and if they want to sign him they will need to offer him a good amount of money (more than he makes in NJPW, or close to it, with the assumption that he would make up the difference and more with extras).
Did Punk do that?
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