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ya rate :)
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It is not your best work, I like the text it matches the character and the colours are as usual, the right side looks a little empty.

*PS* What do you mean make your own brushes and how?

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It's how any graphics site rates graphics, I'm sorry for bringing a higher standard of review than "I like red 10/10"

If you just use someone elses brushes and you have nothing else on the graphic, no different style, blending, innovation with it. Why not just use a premade? I mean, it's hardly your work, all you did was stamp it a few times.

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BreakdownV1 said:
^ Kudos, the world needs more cutters.
I cut all my pics, give me ****ing kudos.



Soz, home boy. But I don't like the banner. You kinda over did the brown banners, the last 2 were cool. Try different things. I dare you to not use a brush for one banner. The MrkLrn text is nice, however the 'Wrath of God' text is not so hot.
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