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Developmental tag team rumoured to be added to main roster

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- There's a rumor that WWE may be bringing a tag team from developmental up to the main roster soon. Within WWE, there is still some interest in revamping the tag team division.
Source: lordsofpain.net


Who would you guys like to see brought up?

I'd love to see The Ascension on Smackdown.


The Ascension vs The Usos:

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Well, of course, unless you're brothers, then guys have to be picked at some stage. I just mean at least they weren't two guys from the main roster paired together like we've seen countless times in the past (Miz/Show, Jericho/Show, Kofi/R-Truth, etc).

On a side note, that NXT promo reeks of cheese. Ugh.
Since when was cheese a bad thing in WWE? Look at Undertaker and Kane's entire career. Look at the Hardy Boyz. Look at characters like Gangrel,the New Age Outlaws, Dude Love and Cactus Jack... hell, look at all of the things The Rock is famous for.

My point is, cheesy has nearly always worked, and gimmicks like what Ascension have are what the WWE roster, especially the tag division, is missing these days. They work amazingly well together in the ring too, great chemistry.
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Don't get me wrong, I love the gimmick! I love all those gimmicks you mentioned (but Cactus Jack? Cheesy?) however I just feel that promo in particular is a bit long winded and cringeworthy. Just personal preference I suppose.
In a way, Cactus Jack could be seen as cheesy. Probably the lesser cheesiness of all the characters I listed haha.


This is Ascension in action vs The Usos. Good match, made better by JR's commentary haha.
If the Ascension is indeed called up they need new names. No one will be intimidated by someone called Conor O'Brein or Kenneth Cameron
They can easily be renamed if creative team actually bother, just name them after a couple of demons. Charon and Abaddon. That easy. It's a shame creative are lazy when it comes to characters.
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