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Detailed 1/16/11 SuperShow Results - Shreveport, LA

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Well I just got back from the WWE SuperShow in Shreveport, LA just a few hours ago and thought I'd give you guys a detailed recap of the show. This was my ninth WWE show to go to and my first Supershow plus my first show in two years. It was a pretty good show and despite a few of the big name stars not being there it still was a great show. Cena was advertised but didn't end up being there which was no big deal to me, I've seen him plenty of times. Anyways moving on here are the details...

John Morrison won a 22 Man Battle Royal to earn a WWE Championship shot

Pretty decent Battle Royal. It was hard to keep up with the action though being on the floor really but I enjoyed it. It took a little bit for some of the eliminations to finally occur. Some pretty good moments in there such as Swagger eliminating Chris Masters and then flexing and taunting Masters. Match came down to R-Truth, Sheamus, Morrison, and Wade Barrett. R-Truth and Sheamus ended up being eliminated as Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater hit the ring. This ended up backfiring and Morrison snuck up behind Barrett eliminating him. Wish I had more details for the Battle Royal but it didn't really last long and it was hard to keep up with the action as I said earlier.

Daniel Bryan w/ The Bella Twins def. Ted DiBiase w/ Maryse

First time for me to see everyone involved in this so it was a pretty good match. DiBiase drew pretty good heat taunting the fans throughout and he did a pretty good job throughout the match. Bryan didn't come out to that big of a reaction but that didn't surprise me sadly. They did the part of the match where Bryan pulls DiBiase's tights down exposing his ass to everyone which they have been seemingly doing for the past few shows. Bryan ended up beating DiBiase with the LeBell lock.

Alberto Del Rio def. R-Truth

I was pretty excited to see Del Rio in person as this was my first time to see him in person as well. He drew pretty good heat as he actually started off the trend of fake throwing his t-shirt into the crowd that about three or four other heels would do later in the night. Del Rio grabbed Sign Guy's "Yo Quiero Ricardo" sign and ripped the edge of it before the match. R-Truth came out and before the match started the fans wanted Del Rio to return the sign to Sign Guy. Del Rio teased the fans for a bit before heading to the outside and ripping it up in Sign Guy's face. Good heat for Del Rio there. The match was pretty good as well and Del Rio got the win with his arm breaker causing Truth to submit.

Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov def. The Nexus (Otunga & Harris) to retain the WWE Tag Team Championships

Santino had the fans in the match which was good and he did a few comical spots. The referee told him he had to have the rope in his hand so he brought it towards the middle part of the ropes trying to cheer Kozlov on to make the tag. At the time, Otunga & Harris had the most heat when they first came out. Santino and Kozlov ended up winning with the Cobra.

The Miz def. John Morrison to retain the WWE Championship

Miz and Riley came out as Miz did his normal schtick of being the greatest WWE champion etc. Miz gave the fans a rundown of his history with John Morrison before the match. This match went probably about 20 minutes and was actually pretty decent. Miz dominated the beginning and Morrison ended up losing after Riley interfered and Miz hit the Skull Crushing Finale. Afterwards, Miz and Riley started beating down Morrison before Santino, Kozlov, and R-Truth made the save. Miz bailed and each one in the ring did their finishers before Hornswoggle appeared for some unknown reason and hit the Tadpole Splash. Hornswoggle danced with all of the other four superstars.

Natalya, Kelly Kelly, Eve Torres, & Beth Phoenix def. Layla, Alicia Fox, Rosa Mendes, & Maryse

Before the match the anonymous Raw General Manager had to chime in and give Justin Roberts a notice that we'd be getting a Diva Dance Off. It sucked needless to say and the match was shorter than the dance off. A second notice came in before the match started saying that we needed to see the referee dance as well. Why, who knows? Regardless Beth won it for her team with the Glam Slam.

CM Punk w/ The Nexus def. Mark Henry

It was billed as a Raw Challenge Match? Why, who knows? The Nexus drew a shit ton of heat from the fans. Punk ended up wearing pom poms around his boots (ala Ultimate Warrior) except they were actual pom-poms. They were ripped off by Mark Henry and he didn't wear them too long into the match. We had to endure listening to the "CM Sucks" chants which suck in their own right. Nexus interfered a few times and at the end of the match Punk beat Henry with a Roundhouse Kick while Henry was seated on the mat.

Kofi Kingston def. Dolph Ziggler to retain the Intercontinental Championship

Another pretty decent match between the two despite how many times it's actually occured before though. Not much to say though that the kids loved Kofi there. I'm not that big of a fan but he did a good job pumping the fans up. Kofi ended up beating Ziggler with the Trouble in Paradise. Afterwards, Ziggler acted like he couldn't exit the ring as he slowly pulled himself up with the ropes before stumbling onto the mat again.

Edge def. Kane in a Street Fight to retain the World-Heavyweight Championship

VERY quick main event. Billed as a Fan's Choice Match and choice was between a 2 out of 3 Falls Match or a Street Fight. Edge used a kendo stick on Kane and brought a few chairs into the ring but that was about it really. They brawled out to the entrance for a bit before coming back and Kane ended up missing Edge with a steel chair before Edge speared him and got the victory in a quick match. The fans loved Edge but he didn't seem to be as supported as say Kofi or Morrison was. Kane had a decent amount of cheers too. Not a bad match but could have been better.

Not a bad show really. I enjoyed myself as it had been over two years since I've been to a wrestling show and it was worth the money since I just bought my ticket just two weeks ago (and got fourth row tickets). Thought I would just give some quick detailed results for everyone to enjoy.
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That's interesting, John Morrison wins a battle royal at a house show building up to the Royal Rumble.

I think it's safe to say that Morrison is going to have a pretty good showing in the rumble this year.

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Thats good signs for JoMo. Despite what people on here think, he really does deserve to come down to atleast the last 2 in the rumble match. R-Truth and ADR seem to be working reasonably well together so thats good to see aswell.

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Oooooo, Morrison wins battle royal at the beginning and goes on to face the WWE champion later. Two Morrison matches? I certainly wouldn't complain. You never know...could be testing the waters...

Not sure where Cena or Orton were though, they both seem to be taking a fair few house shows off lately. Cena's reason was well know, not sure what's going on with Orton...

Seems like a good show though. Bryan/Dibiase, Morrison/Miz, Kofi/Dolph and seeing Punk (even if he was wrestling Mark Henry...) would have been good.
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