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Hi, I tried to make a Be the Booker thread a while ago, but suffered the major set-back of being unable to use the internet. I'm sorry to everyone that gave me support on my last thread. I am now attempting to start over again with a new thread and a slighly modified roster.


World Title Division
-Chris Jerico
-Chris Benoit
-Kurt Angle

Intercontinental Division

-Shelton Benjamin
-Charlie Haas
-Carlito "Carribean" Cool
-Mark Jindrak
-Chris Masters
-Orlando Jordan
-Randy Orton
-Muhammed Hassan
-John Cena
-Chavo Guererro
-Matt Morgan
-Rene Dupree
-Billy Kidman

Extreme Division

-Rey Mysterio
-Super Crazy
-Spike Dudley
-Paul London
-Scotty 2 Hotty
-Shannon Moore
-Gregory Helms

Tag Division

-Dudley Boys
-Basham Brothers
-The Mexicools
-The Tolands (AKA The Dicks)

Managers and their Clients

-Ric Flair: "The Reflection of Perfection" Mark Jindrak, Randy Orton, and HHH
-Melina: MNM
-The Coach: Currently looking for young talent


Owner: Shane McMahon
General Manger: Paul Heyman
Announcers: Tazz and Michael Cole
Interviewers: Josh Matthews, Todd Grisham


World Wide Champion: TBA
Intercontinental Chamion: TBA
Extreme-Division Champion: TBA
Tag-Team Champions: TBA

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Good luck on your show. I like your extreme division and there's a nice balance between all divisions. The size of the roster is great. There's not too many stars which is believable. A new federation need to attract stars as they go along. Oh yeah post which titles you have in the fed.

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Very organised rosters and 44 superstars is a pretty good umber to start off with. Interesting with Coach looking for young talent, that will certainly be something to read. The extreme division is just crazy and even though the tag team division is full of youth, it will be interesting to see how you use the division. Looking really good at the moment, lets see how good your shows are and go from there.

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I'm editing my origional post to include titles and here's the PPV Calendar. Thanks for reminding me.

PPV Calendar

July: Visceral Jungle

August: Sensory Overload

September: Frenzy

October: Haloween Havoc

November: Whiplash

December: Advent

January: Resolution of Chaos

February: St. Valentine's Day Massacre

March: March Madness

April: Night of Chaos

May: Gambling with Fate

June: Day of Destiny
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