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Debutants you were surprised were heels/faces

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From vignettes of new wrestlers (or other pre-debut-match), sometimes you assume they're going to be a heel and they turn out to be a face (or vice versa) when they make their debut.

Do you recall any such examples. Here are a few I recall:

- Duke the Dumpster Drose
- The Stalker (Barry Windham)
- Kizarny?
- Alberto Del Rio
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The one that will always stand out for me is Scott Steiner debuting as a singles wrestler in late 2002 when he came in as a face and went on to have that absolutely horrible feud with Triple H which basically killed his WWE career before it had really began. Outside of Triple H, Batista and Randy Orton as Evolution and Chris Jericho there were not and top heel's on Raw at that time so Scott Steiner could have easily come in as a top heel maybe behind Triple H and Chris Jericho in the pecking order.

On the other side of that Scott Steiner could have been put on SmackDown as top heel after Kurt Angle and feuded with Brock Lesnar once Kurt Angle had to take time off for his neck surgery as WWE had to push John Cena into the WWE title scene at Backlash 2003 without even being on the card at WrestleMania 19. When he came in at Survivor Series in 2002 we saw Scott Steiner booked like a monster for his debut and on SmackDown at that time they had Brock Lesnar, Chris Benoit, The Undertaker, Eddie Guerrero and Edge as top face's and any of those could have feuded with Scott Steiner.

There have been a lot of missed opportunities by WWE over the years and a lot of people never pushed when they probably should have been and in my opinion Scott Steiner is pretty high up on that list because he had a lot of name value still when he debuted in late 2002 and should have done so much more than he did in WWE. He had everything that Vince McMahon loves in a wrestler with the look, wrestling ability and name value but they basically just built him up to feed him to Triple H when Triple H was at his dominant worst and went over everyone and was at a time when WCW wrestler's were buried non stop.

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As Kid I thought the LOD were heels in the WWE, I thought Mr. Perfect was face and Big Bossman would be a face.
I couldn't understand english back then, so the interviews didn't do much help.
After some matches I realized who is heel and who not.
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