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Dear Yankee people:

Lo admit it. I've chosen the worst moment to trashtalk America. Somedays I felt a void what can't fill with social networks, forums nor second life. Coming up, I'll explain the reason why of my suffering: when I studied, my expectations to get a job were increasing. Y when I finished mi degree, I'll look for job during 4 years, and as time as passes, my expectation collided with reality and I've fallen into depression. Since then, I've been depending from what does media say and what do people do. You want to know a dream that I had: I dreamt couldn't get up in front of my family. That was terrible. According dreams dictionary: I had a sensacion of dependence. And I fear to get my independence cause I've almost lost the guts to still shutting up mouths as used to do it on my academic life. I still do it. Not with the same enthusiasm since then. This ia my reality, a reality which have been altered, confused, complicated and stunned by media.
That's why I write to this to look for an inner sparkle to be more independent. I don't know how did George Washington, Paul Reviere, Benjamin Franklin, John Hancock or Thomas Jefferson feel when said NO to The British Empire. But someday I'll get that feeling when moment come.

Your Crap Peleador, El Grappleador.

P.S.: Happy July 4th.
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