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Dates In Wrestling You Remember

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I'm talking right off the top of your head. Name significant dates in WWE wrestling history that you remember. You didn't have to have experienced it. I just thought it'd be fun. I'll start.

1-11-93 - RAW made it's debut

11-9-97 - Montreal Screwjob

8-28-06 - My first time attending a WWE event(RAW).

1-4-10 - Bret returns to WWE.

6-21-08(I believe) - WWE goes PG

5-23-99 - Owen's death.

2-14-11 - Rocky Returns.

That's all I got though I'm sure you guys have much longer lists.
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04-05-1992: WrestleMania VIII, Indianapolis
01-11-1993: First Monday Night Raw
11-09-1997: Montreal Screwjob
05-23-1999: Owen Hart's Tragic Death
03-26-2001: The Monday Night War Ends
09-13-2001: The 9/11 SmackDown Show
11-19-2001: The Raw After Survivor Series 2001
03-25-2002: First Draft In WWE
06-19-2002: TNA's First Ever Show
06-24-2007: The Benoit Tragedy

Those are ten dates that come to mind for me.

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10.10.10 the day tna as we once knew and loved died

01.04.10 the monday night wars returned, i cant remember the last time i had so much fun watching wrestling

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I am really bad with dates, tell me a Feud though and i will know which Year, or a WWE Championship Reign. i remember thousands of things about Wrestling, even totally unimportant things that nobody would remember just cause it doesn't matter. A date i remember is 13 November and 14 November, Eddie's passing and the Tribute on RAW.

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May 19th!
Seriously, though, I probably could name a fair amount of dates if I really thought about it. I remember 6-6-06 as being the day that Rob Van Dam won the WWE championship from John Cena. 6-8-06 was the day that ECW was launched as a WWE brand. 7-3 and 7-4 were the days when RVD lost both of his world titles. Also TNA Bound For Glory was on October 24th that year, my sister's birthday. I also consider myself pretty good at remembering the months and years in which wrestling events have happened.

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April 1st 2001

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December 19th, 2009 - The first WWE show I attended (SD! Live Event)
November 21st, 2010 - The first PPV I attended (Survivor Series)
April 3rd, 2011 - Will be my first Wrestlemania

The most memorable?

January 8, 2006


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(Among those that haven't been mentioned)

January 23, 1984: Hogan wins the WWF title from Iron Sheik.
September 4, 1995: First Nitro.
March 31, 1996: WrestleMania XII
July 7 1996: Hogan turns on Savage/Sting/Luger, forms nWo with Hall/Nash
January 7, 2002: Triple H returns from quadriceps injury at Madison Square Garden.
January 7, 2007: Triple H suffers quadriceps injury at New Years Revolution.
June 7, 2010: Nexus debuts.
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