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*DREAM, FLASHBACK, May 30th 1993*

Happy birthday! Man, graduation and a new job all on your birthday! You must be in seventh heaven now! And heck, you might even get a girlfriend too if you have the balls to ask Gina out!

Shut up man! Confidence is my name! Today is the day I will finally do it for sure.

*LATER THAT DAY AFTER GRADUATION. At the corner table of the pizza place.*

Alright Jesse, you got the job. I need older, down to earth kids like you who can stick with me for a least one year. I'm glad you applied right after graduation. The summer months are, of course, the busiest.

Awesome! My grades weren't that good in school and I'm not going to college so I cant stick with you for over a year definitely. Gives me time to figure out what I want to do. Best of all I get to work with my friend, Johnny!

Johnny? He's coming for his interview in ten minutes. The thing is, he can only stay for the summer and I only have one position...

*Present day, Pizza Delivery Guy is driving around Newark, a blank stare on his face.*

One position...Johnny's position. And I took it. He didn't get the job, and he damn sure won't get the brief case tomorrow.​
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