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~All it takes is one bad day to reduce the sanest man alive to lunacy. That's how far I am from the rest of the world... one day."- Allan Moore~

I fear I no longer feel excitement and joy
Id slit my wrist to feel pain but it'd just be another emotion left wasted on a moment it does not belong
I'm okay
At least I will be someday
Just let me make it through this one
I promise
Tomorrows a new filled with substance unlike the last
Just one last fix of a life left behind
Forever shall a changed man stare back
I smile and greet the day
Just like the last
None better none worse
No change
Cease the day
Live as if its your last
Crowded shall the room be once its over
Today's gift
Tomorrows sorrow
Never promised
Never asked
Just given
As easily taken
Is this it
All thats left for me?

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I loved this, not only because it was short, but because of how poetic it was. I love how you have so many different flows from which you can pick from, all of which you can excell at. Dope shit.
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