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Have patience is my biggest tip. Also are you going to allow the use of weapons as long as they have a Faith weapon buff?
Patience isn't my strongest suite normally but I have built up a tolerance of it for DS games :lol.

Yep, I am.

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@DOPA @Arya Dark @Dolorian

long post etc

if you're talking pure miracles, faith builds aren't really playable until DLC and/or NG+

ultimately, all builds will eventually incorporate either miracles, pyromancies or sorceries - it just depends how high you're levelling

pure physical builds are done by level 100-120 or even level 80-90 (or level 50-60 if you're me lel) from a damage perspective, depending how you arrange your stats. it's just excess health and endurance from there-on out so the only way for more damage is buffing with spells

some builds aren't done until level 140-150 tbf, normally hybirds, but, considering you can level up to level 800 (or 350+ for the top match-making bracket)...you can sort of see how every build starts to become one as you hit level 200+ aka havel monsters w/heavy armour, heavy weapon & spells

this is why you see the most build 'variety' from levels 50-90 blah blah etc etc

anyway for pure miracles, you don't get sunlight spear until beating soul of cinder. no one will fall for it or trade with you in PVP unless they're thick as shit. same with wrath of the gods or divine pillars of lights etc

lightning spear is shit, lightning stake is shit, great lightning spear is slightly less shit but still not worth it

all the on self buffs like sacred oath, deep protection, oath of sunlight weapon art are great playing solo. not so hot playing with others (they're severely nerfed in PVP)

lightning storm (from nameless) can go either way. overpowered and face-wrecking against those who can't space it, at worst it forces people to roll away from you. overall worth it if you can spare it. pretty much useless in PVE though

but sunlight spear properly specced for PVE is silly. i ran a hypermode faith build into NG+1 but i got enraged when pontiff died in 2 shots instead of 1 so i quit it. had one shotted vordt, crystal sage & abyss watchers

for normal NG+0, you can get a very nice regen build going early with replenishment + weapon art from priest's chime. later you can add etheral oak shield + blessed weapon. you can later upgrade to bountiful light or bountiful sunlight if you feel like it

taking it to the extreme, you can have bountiful sunlight miracle + weapon art from fillamore's chime (still active when you put it away unlike most chime weapon arts) + etheral oak shield + sun princess ring + a blessed weapon...and you're clocking in at about 18 HP per second regen. so 6 seconds to regain 100 HP

you'll basically be a sword & board build with regen plowing through the levels regardless of whether it's NG, NG+ or NG+2 etc

great heal is your most efficient heal per FP; soothlight sunlight heals ANYONE from low to full HP - IIRC it heals up around 1900 HP if properly specced. before great heal, heal aid is technically the most FP efficient but fuck that noise; stick to med heal

dorthys gnawing miracle is very good against certain bosses; nameless king, dancer, demon princes, fake sif doggo

but, for the good stuff

start as cleric, abuse the shit out of the mace & perserverance weapon art for bosses. it will carry you through more or less the whole game - just to put it in perspective, a lightning infused mace with 60 faith & decent strength can hit 500+ AR. abyss watchers will be your first challenge, but you have an NPC summon (or 2 or 3) + perserverance weapon art, so you can just estus/heal/regen through it

get replenishment & a lothric knight shield (or etheral oak shield) + longsword/lothric knight sword for clearing levels; don't waste your miracles

if you want something heavier, blessed lothric knight GS is brutal for pretty miminal stat investment for dealing with later bosses. if you want to fight other players - longsword & saint bident lightning infused. lightning arrow is quite tasty in PVP but lothric knight shield will shut it down (or dragonslayer greatshield if someone wants to be REALLY sure)

with 60 faith & minimal intelligence you can also use chaos/dark infusions reasonably well on your weapons so if you invest some points into dex you get a fairly decent dark lothric knight sword

finally for PVE you have the old standard of dragonslayer's axe, which normally goes raw, but on faith build is very good infused blessed. likewise drakeblood greatsword (normally a shit weapon) is also good infused blessed - it shares similarities with the hollowslayer greatsword moveset so the swings are awkward timing wise for other players to anticipate

weapon buffs are more for strength or dexterity builds when they want some extra damage from faith or intelligence as i mentioned earlier. blessed weapon buff is very nice for pure strength builds for example. and obviously the usual darkmoon/lightning blade on heavy or sharp infused weapons with naturally high AR

but with a faith build you're mostly infusing your weapons with lightning, then chaos or dark. you are going for the minimum requirements to wield it then going all out faith - this is why you go with blessed infusion on lothric knight gs for example

but ye, faith builds are basically melee sword and board builds w/ regen for NG+0. you can go for miracles against the optional bosses + DLC bosses. NG+1 they're boss killers if specced right

edited the edits

hope some of this helps & makes sense. happy to co-op on PS4 if you need a hand. i think i still have a level 90 faith build kicking around although i forget what's even on it lol. otherwise i think my characters are from level 25-200

I wonder what Aeris felt...When she was up on that
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Added this beauty to the collection:

Picked it up from GS for $30, which is $150+ cheaper than what it normally goes for. Unless I decide to get the Xbox One versions, I now have every US non-CE release of Dark Souls 1, Dark Souls 2 (including SotFS), Dark Souls 3 (including GOTY), and Bloodborne on PS3, 360, and PS4.
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