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What would satisfy Bryan fans? A 400 day World Championship reign, making Brock tap out, a WWE 2K video game cover?

He's actually been treated well by WWE when you compare it to others:

Rusev, Damien Sandow, Mr. Kennedy, MVP, Cesaro. All of these guys got HOT at one point or another in WWE. And what did WWE do with them? NOTHING. Even after Bryan had his run in 2014 the WWE positioned him well in the company. And whenever he had any type of a push there was always someone just as deserving as him that was passed up:

• 2011 Money in the Bank (Cody Rhodes)
• 2015 Intercontinental Championship win at WM 31 (Dean Ambrose)
• 2018 WWE Championship win (Samoa Joe)
None of those guys were ever as talented as Bryan and none of them were close to as over Bryan was at WM 30.
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