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Daniel Bryan training to wrestle again

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If the WWE can let broken down Kurt possibly wrestle, let Daniel wrestle.
The leader of the “Yes Movement” said yesterday in an interview with Sports Illustrated that he’s training for a comeback. Bryan is the final year of a 5 year contract and has said in the past that he has been working on a more grounded style of wrestling and will be taking less high risks in the ring, if the stars align and he steps foot in the squared circle again. Bryan Alvarez of Wrestling Observer Radio also today said it’s not a question of IF Daniel Bryan wrestles ever again, it’s a question of WHEN.

Alvarez believes WWE will do “anything it takes” to keep Bryan on board with the company and Alvarez believes that, if Daniel wants to wrestler again, WWE will have to work out a contract that will allow him to work for New Japan and CMLL, like he has expressed in the past.

Although WWE doesn’t allow their talent to work other promotions, WWE’s hands might be tied, come negotiations, considering Bryan and Brie Bella, are a huge part of Total Divas & Total Bellas on the E! Network.
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I cannot put into words how much I hope Bryan doesn't regret this decision... there aren't enough thesauruses in the world.

I'm as big a Bryan fan as they come and even I don't like this decision.

He can afford the best doctors in the world, so if he's going to them and they clear him I'll be less anxious, but still anxious none the less.

Man, WAY to many thoughts going through my head after reading this. He made it pretty clear he was going to do anything he could to wrestle again, so it's not exactly a surprise, but still... really not loving this decision, especially as we get closer and closer to his contract actually expiring.
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