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Source: http://www.wrestlinginc.com/wi/news/2015/1030/603287/daniel-bryan-heading-to-india/

- Daniel Bryan is headed to India to promote WWE 2K16 and the upcoming WWE live event in New Delhi that we reported on earlier this week. Bryan will be meeting winners of a WWE 2K16 promotion, and will be giving away tickets to the New Delhi live event.

- WWE stock rebounded today after falling 12.83% yesterday after their 2015 Q3 earnings report. The stock was up 2.53% today, closing at $17.83.

- Alfred Konuwa has an article at Forbes about WWE's third quarter earning report, noting that it proves that the WWE Network is a success. Konuwa wrote:

The continued domestic and international growth of the WWE Network (the WWE Network will launch in Germany and Japan in January) will only put more pressure on USA Network—which needs WWE programming to continue to reign as the most-watched cable network—to offer up a lucrative deal during the next round of television rights negotiations. Last time their contract came up, in 2014, WWE had a tough time finding other suitors and was forced to settle for a disappointing TV deal with USA.

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yes yes yes daniyal bryon wwe is cumin to idnia yes yes lov u darial
Some Indians were actually starting to turn against Bryan during the Bryan/Reigns feud.

A typical Facebook comment would be a long the lines of "no no no lyk if u h8 Bryn" :lol

And then of course you would have the usual totally off topic "LYK IF U LUV JONH SEENA".
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