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Daniel Bryan and William Regal to Join Up?

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Well I was trying to pay attention to Regal throughout the show because I was praying he would make an appearance.

Obviously, Regal was not named the new RAW GM, and that is a disappointment - but it doesn't mean Regal won't be on RAW again any time soon.

The past several days he's been releasing "touts" (thank God you do not have to actually join tout to watch any of the touts - I only watch the ones Regal posts) promoting himself for the RAW GM spot and doing things "no other candidate can do." Entertaining stuff.

After AJ was announced as the new GM, Regal sent this out:

Daniel Bryan makes a random appearance at the end, still in his all-white tux, and he looks pissed off. But he's not pissed at Regal, he's pissed like, "Regal, we need to talk."

Of course, these "touts" may not mean anything at all, and one can read too much into it - but one can also hope.

It is entirely possible, after all, that the WWE had Regal release that video to allude to something. It is also possible that the WWE had Regal call for the GM spot all week in order to lay groundwork for a feud.

Regal's upset he wasn't named the GM. Bryan's upset AJ dumped him and is now running RAW. They have a common enemy.

So I'm gonna continue to keep my hopes up that the GOAT will join up with the GOATchild to produce some awesome things. Imagine the promos/segments with American Dragon and William Regal... :mark:
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Oh MY GOD you did it, you gave me something to be positive about!!

The only thing I wanted more than AJ and Bryan to be together was for Regal to become an on-screen mentor for Bryan. If he actually comes on RAW with Bryan, that'll be amazing!
More Regal (or any Regal for that matter) is a good thing.
Do you really want to see Bryan job more to AJ to get her over?
The only thing i have actually enjoyed from Tout has involved Regal... I still wish he was never foolish enough to break the wellness program back when he was Raw GM and getting big. Regal will always be one of my favorite superstars of all time.
Regal & Bryan vs AJ & Charlie Sheen at Summerslam!
Do you really want to see Bryan job more to AJ to get her over?
I find it hard to call it jobbing when he has more screentime than most of the major superstars and gets one of the largest pops/reactions.
About time they pair these two up. They'll probably try to get rid of AJ as GM and have Regal the new GM
Bryan(with Regal) vs Ambrose(with AJ)

Winner gets to be GM, and would continue the Ambrose-Regal feud that started on FCW(not to mention,the amount of interest in this feud cause of who those 2 guys are)
If they are joining Bryan with Regal, I really don't if I see Bryan with AJ anymore, him having an on-screen relationship with his real mentor would be way better. If it happens, I hope they do put AJ with Ambrose to feud with Bryan for a while.
I would be surprised, truly, if they went this rout.

I don't think making AJ GM has anything to do with some master story they have. I think it's all about how well she does on social media. Vince is interested in making WWE a power entity on social media, and what better way then to get one of your talent who trends all the time into a TV role where they are on screen 6 or 7 times a night.

I think it's as simple as that. I think AJ will be GM for quite some time.
It would give Regal something to do at least... I don't really care for him managing Bryan, but if that's the only way to give Regal some TV time again and make him somewhat relevant again then it's ok in my book I guess.
I doubt this is how it will play out, but I can't say I'd mind. I still like the idea of Regal and Barret teaming up, but Regal and Bryan is a great second.
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