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Damn Roxanne Perez might relinquish the NXT Women's Championship & A New NXT Women's Champion might be decided (UPDATE: Roxanne will defend at S&D)

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Seems like that Roxanne Perez storyline that was similar to Shawn Michaels has forced her to take time off and relinquish the NXT Women's Championship. It's crazy cause I called it in my last thread I put about Tiffany Stratton staking her claim at the NXT Women's Championship also Lyra Valkyria, it wouldn't be long until Zoey Stark adds her name to the list making this a Ladder Match which in my opinion was the most logical call in my opinion. I'm looking forward to who will joining Zoey Stark and Gigi Dolan who btw win their qualifying matches to enter but who do y'all think will be added?? I'm thinking Lyra Valkyria, Tiffany Stratton, something tells me that Cora Jade could be making her return which would add more star power. My issue with this is, there's only 2 more slots? Damn can they add more women to this?? It's a damn Ladder Match though

Here's the tweet Shawn Michaels posted

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Who’s the woman on the right who looks like Roxy from Final Fight and is she any good as she has a cool look.
That is former Toxic Attraction member Gigi Dolan
Zoey Stark is the obvious choice imo, she is ready to dominate the division.
I would have to agree with y'all both but even though I think Cora Jade would be the logical woman to win the title and have Rox-C return to chase the title she never lost due to injury and also have history with Cora but Zoey Stark has grown and develop herself to a legit competitior as a heel, she needed a refresh in her character and was executed really well for her.
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I don't get this storyline for Roxanne. She's a.cutie patutie, that's enough in itself.
The storyline is basically a woman with all smiles but don't take that shit for weakness that doesn't back down for anybody and will overcome any obstacles that's in her path.
If the rumors of Cora Jade and Jacy Jayne being injured are true, the other two women should be Lyra Valkyrie(obvious choice) and perhaps Tiffany Stratton. Reality is, Roxanne is going to pull a Bianca or Charlotte and be inserted in the match after all the other women enter, shes retaining the belt, this is scripted. Granted its complete ass and some of the worst shit WWE has ever written, but its clearly kayfabe story telling (at its worst).
How do you know this? You really killing my vibe with all these hating comments damn if you don't like it then why you watching it?
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The title of this thread isn't accurate. Rox has NOT been stripped of her championship; Her status is "unclear". She "could" still appear in the ladder match (lol, i'll be shocked if she doesn't show up) so a new champion might not be crowned at S&D.

I think it's just a storyline to build her up more. The way wwe does things these days w/ these loooong championship reigns(*pun intended), i won't be surprised if Rox remains champion for a long time or until they want her for the main roster.
If I say Roxanne Perez is no longer the NXT Women's Champion, it doesn't mean she got stripped of it smh
"Relinquished" AND "no longer Champion" are both not true lol.
You even posted HBK's tweet, but left out key points in the title like "health in question" & "possibly have to crown a new champion"
Lmao she vacated the NXT Women's Championship which will be decided in a Ladder Match at NXT Stand and Deliver. Telling me about key points I left out who gives a fuck? Lol what is you the WWE investigator? 😂😂😂😂
Alright whoever edit my thread lol it's not that deep but you seem real triggered by it 😂😂😂
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Nobody is getting "real triggered", my friend. Your thread has been reported for being misleading and I had to change its name to reflect accuracy. Roxanne has not vacated her title and she is still the NXT Women's Champion.

Warning: do not edit over a moderator's change.
First off @Chelsea I'll do whatever the fuck I want, there's no need for you to switch up anything I post on my thread, so respectfully can you re-type what I normally put on there. There's nothing that I said wasn't true. How do you know she didn't lose the NXT Championship?? This is the reason why I don't go on here because all y'all do is peep dirt sheets and snitching shit. Your not a true fan if you do this.
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"we possibly have to crown", not "we have to crown"

Still listed as NXT Women's Champion on the official WWE website.

And no, you won't do "whatever the fuck you want", OP. That's why this site has staff members.
Your mad cause what you saying doesn't make any sense and you want to retaliate from the gate by editing people's post lol. You gonna do something about it? Yeah that's what I thought keep bullshitting
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