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i apologise if this is in the wrong place!

Real Name: Damien Dawson

Wrestler Name: Damien Dawson

Height & Weight: 6'1" 230 pounnds

Hometown: Derby, England

Billed From: England

Alignment: (Face or Heel): Heel


Appearance: An all around slick person. always formally attired along with his trusty cane.

Hair Style/Color/Length: combed over hair, brown, short-medium length

Eye Color: brown

Facial Hair: cleanly shaved

Ring Attire: Maroon shorts with "Damien" written in fine handwriting, maroon boots and knee pads.

Entrance Attire:
If wrestling: Same as ring attire except he brings his cane and a boiler hat.
If not wrestling: Fully tailored suit, cane and boiler hat.

Tattoos: None


Sample Photo of Character:

Main Gimmick: Posh Englishman with a vicious and cheating side to him.

Characteristics of Gimmick: To most other wrestlers Damien appears to be a very polite and well mannered gentleman. But when he is in the ring, he uses any underhanded move to win his matches.

Brief Biography: Born in Derby, England, Damien Dawson was disgusted by the lack of politeness and regalness in the city so decided to leave for "greener pastures." After several years in England, Damien discovered wrestling as a way to release his more vicious side to him that many people never saw. Now into his 5th year in the business, Damien is looking for a greater challenge in the form of PWC where he intends to bring "a new wave of politeness to an otherwise filthy industry."

Entrance Music: God save the Queen

Entrance Description: Damien emerges from the back and stands at the entrance ramp taking in all the boos. Once satisfied, he walks down to the ring, waving politely at the crowd while using his cane. Once he is in the ring, he bows to the audience, smiles and then hands over his hat and cane to an outside official.

Fighting Style: Brawler but isn't afraid to cheat to win

Who does your character wrestle like?: William Regal (If it's not obvious)

Previous Injuries/Character Psyche: Perfectly fine

Strengths/Weaknesses (2 or 3 for each):

Strength: Smart wrestler. He can find multiple ways to cheat

Strength: Close to stiff strikes, seen more when he becomes frustrated

Weakness: technical wrestling is not on par with everything else

Weakness: Due to his upper class nature, even the other heels find him detestable

Finishers (Maximum of 2): English fury: (Discus Forearm), Kneebar

Signature Moves (Maximum of 3): knee trembler, Knee to a leaned over opponent

Character Moveset (Maximum of 12, NO FINISHERS!):
2)flurry of punches in the corner
5)knees to the stomach
6)leg stomps
7)leg trips
9)spear in the corner
10)Bell clap


Sample RP: *Once again in the pitch-black darkness of the old gym, Ian is nowhere to be seen. Instead, a small chair is set up in the centre of a spotlight. On this chair is a man. He is tied up and at the moment unconscious. His mouth is taped up and his head lies limply. Suddenly, seemingly out of the blue, Ian appears behind the man*

Ian: To those of you with a keen eye for detail, you probably know who this gentleman is.

*The man begins to stir, but is not fully conscious*

Ian: To those of you who have a weak memory, this man is the one know…as Chris Davidson.

*By now, Chris has regained complete consciousness and is taking in his surroundings for which he can see barely any of. He begins to shout but his mouth is still taped, resulting in merely muttered cries*

Ian: Chris is a man of a large heart. He attempts to see the world in a bright light. He wants to shine away the shadows and scare away the demons of life. Chris even attempted this with Mason, urging him to “snap out” of his so-called trance I have been accused of putting him in. But for those not intelligent enough to understand, I do not possess the power of mind control. In fact, it was Mason who crawled to me on his knees, begging me to aid him and show him the path to greatness.

*Chris once again attempts to shout his disagreements at Ian but to no avail due to the tape around his mouth*

Ian: But of course, Chris was reluctant. He still believed that there was hope for Mason. That there was the chance he could become the “friendly giant” he once was. So he spoke to him privately, urging him to remember the past, which didn’t go too well for him.

*Suddenly the camera flashes to footage from a camcorder showing a confrontation between Mason James and Chris Davidson where Mason delivers a vicious right hand to Chris’s face, rendering him unconscious around a bunch of boxes. The camera flashes back to Ian who is laughing maniacally while Chris for a third time attempts to shout through his tape, but fails*

Ian: It’s a shame that someone with that much spirit would waste it in spending time helping others. With that spirit, you could improve yourself to become better, stronger…deadlier. *He turns to face Chris* You interfered in our plans for ultimate power and for that, you shall be punished.

*Ian smiles directly into Chris’ ace before ripping off the tape. Chris takes in a few breaths before shouting at Ian*

Chris: Finally. Just who do you think you are? You are just a coward who hides behind those who are stronger than him. Mason doesn’t need you to succeed. I still believe there is hope for him yet. If he can just dig down deep and find his past self, he could finally stop being a mon…

*Chris is halted by the presence of a large figure looming behind him. Not much can be made out of the figure other than their immense height and heavy breathing. Ian turns away from Chris as his eyes widen in fear of what might be coming next. A large hand grabs the back of the chair and slowly pulls it out of the spotlight as Chris behind to plead*

Chris: N-No. Wait! Y-you can’t do this! NO! NO! NOOOOOOOOO!

*Chris disappears into the darkness and the room goes quiet for a short time*

Ian: I bid you farewell…Chris Davidson

*Suddenly, a loud scream can be heard which echoes around the gym eerily*


*Once again the room goes silent as Ian continues to stare at the ground with a large smile across his face. He then loses the smile and rolls his head around until he is facing the camera*

Ian: Let this be a lesson to you Dan Henderson. Do not attempt to control the monster that is Mason James. Mason is not someone who will be persuaded into changing his ways. We have discovered our true calling in life though the teachings of the shadows and we intend to keep it that way. So if you think that we are on the same page against Brandon and Andrew, you are dead wrong. So don’t think about trying to make Mason a nice guy, or else you might have made a…fatal mistake.

*With that, Ian begins to laugh as the spotlight begins to fade away slowly, covering Ian in darkness as his laugh also fades*
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