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“Back again.”

Here was Izumi Matsushita, standing under the glow of the city lights of Tokyo. Before her was a large bank ATM.

She simply swiped her card, and punched a few numbers in, before the familiar wirr and buzz of the internal printer spat out a receipt.

Of course, she knew this was no ordinary bank. It was the same, familiar entrance she had used many times before. Taking a deep breath, she looked left, then right, then slowly rounded the corner to a small alleyway, out of the light. She tapped her hand on a specific brick, unfurling a keypad, upon which she entered a number from the receipt.

“This is it.”

The Warren. The former headquarters of the Balance organization. It operated just the same, it seemed, from the day she was mysteriously whisked away from capture…

The bricks parted to reveal the entrance to an elevator, which she stepped in, and was immediately taken down at a rapid pace.

To think they had hidden all of this from the prying eyes of normal humans for thousands of years, only for it to come to an end under her rule.

The elevator slid open, after a time, and what she encountered somehow did not surprise her.

Everything was dimly lit. The room she stepped into, the once proud surviellience room, with thousands upon thousands of monitors lining the wall, now only showed static. Bodies lay on the floor, slumped against panels, instruments…with no visible wounds or markings. A rather bloodless violence, marked by the expressions on most of the bodies. Dead eyes on faces whose mouths were open in pure terror, many of them bone white and decayed, flesh flaking off.

She of course, recognized their clothing as that of the Church. The Circle, their personal forces that kept the order of this and the next world. All of them were bloodlessly slaughtered.

Somehow, this did not bother her as she stepped over them, mere obstacles in her path, trancelike as she passed into a second room, where another elevator was waiting.


The elevator opened on its own.

But there was no car.

To her horror, she could see a wet, fleshy corridor. Within, the tunnel extended up and down, both into an abyss. It felt as if she could fall into the belly of a creature that would devour her soul if she stepped any further.

And then of course, she saw the eyes. Thousands of red, glaring, abyssal eyes, each with the terror of her nightmares contained in them. All of them were locked on her, the only other living thing in the building.

Don’t be afraid.

Come into my world.

I’ve cleared the path for you.

One more leap of faith.

Izumi didn’t hesitate.

She let herself fall into the abyssal throat.

The world was a blur of green and red, organic matter, a deep, indescribable noise filling her ears.

She wasn’t sure how long it took her to hit the bottom. The light had vanished completely 30 seconds in, or perhaps she had simply blacked out mid fall, but she awoke when she felt a pressure on her back that pushed her to a standing position.

Ahead of her was the familiar sight, of the corridor at the bottom of the Warren.

This is where they kept ‘it’.

What they had referred to as simply ‘the Spawn’ for a long time had long since spread out from it’s prison. Or perhaps it never was imprisoned in the first place, simply choosing to reside here as it subtly influenced the minds of those leading here.

How much of Marcus Cain’s own sanity had been lost to this thing? How much of his actions were guided by it?

And here she was, foolishly entering it’s physical domain. It had taken root in her mind long ago, but now she was about to fully accept it.

She’d been given a choice.

The question that would drive her very future.

Time to answer.

Izumi walked forward, slowly down the corridor. The black mass around her pulsed with a dim, eldritch glow, the very sight of it warping the fabric of space and time before her eyes. Before she knew it, a dark haired, barechested man stood before her. His eyes glowed with infernos.

“You know nothing,” he said. “This is none of your business. Leave us.”

“Fuck you,” she replied, stepping through him as if she wasn’t there.

The mass became a canvas for her surface thoughts.

The Bleeder.


Marcus Cain.

Damian Cross.

Brad Payne.

Countless others shifted out of the void and stood around her as she walked, speaking to her, her past and present focusing into a singular point around her.

A life of doubt.

A life of being told she was inadequate, too naïve, too useless. Too human.

A person against God, no matter what the situation.

When it wasn’t doubt, it was questions. Every time she demanded answers, she received more and more questions.

More mysteries. Then more doubt.


Izumi didn’t care if this was some kind of giant trap designed to take her soul or worse. She’d been warned, time and time again, that she was on the edge of taking a nasty fall. But she hadn’t fallen, she’d leapt of her own accord, and if the abyss swallowed her? So be it.

The images disappeared as she reached the door. This was it. One more door to open. Caution signs still covered it. With a single breath, she commanded the opening.

“Kagome, Kagome.

The bird in the cage…when will you come out?”

The hatch clicked open, and the motorized door slid to reveal…

A landscape of insanity.

The room was not a room. Space and time bent around the creature’s engorged body mass. Wormholes to worlds opened up on the ceiling, walls, and floors and closed spontaneously. Entire miniature realities came into existence and disappeared on the walls. A thousand eyes watched her.

And in the center of the biomass stood the girl in Izumi’s mind, now taken full shape, sitting on a throne of infinity.

“Izumi Matsushita,” she said in a commanding voice. “You’ve traveled such a road. I can see it in your eyes. I only ask of you: What is your decision?”

Izumi took a deep breath.

Her next words would forever shape her future.

“I can’t do it.

I can’t stay here anymore, as I am.

My whole life I’ve wanted to be part of something big and make a difference. Whether it’s something childish like be a world champion or a delusion of saving the world.

But when it comes down to it, wrestling and the real world are a mere blip on the radar.

I’ve decided to leave them behind.

I want to give up my current existence.

I don’t care if you’re fucking with me or anything, I just want something to change. If I don’t fight for the future, then there might not be a future.”

Izumi raised her arms.

“I’m ready. Do what you will. Kill me, if that’s what it takes.”

The room seemed to throb, silently for about a minute.

“…You’ve made the correct choice, Izumi Matsushita.”


“Are you surprised? There was only one correct answer, all along.”

A smile crosses the eldritch abomination girl’s face.

“I have a confession, human. I have been lying to you, of course. I do not feed off of your emotions nor have I simply taken residence in your head. I am not such a leech. I am merely an observer for a larger purpose.

For incalculable years my kind has watched universes such as this blink into existence and die. Our existence is defined by the games we play with reality. Even as we speak, an infinite number of worlds is passing the time, warring, creating…generated on the mere surface thoughts of what could truly be called ‘God’. The being most humans are familiar with is simply the controller of this sector of the multiverse. He manages the afterlife and wars with his nemesis in Hell.

But things changed. Satan refused to follow the ‘script’. He would not follow prophecy.

He called upon the abyssal forces and submitted himself and his armies to an eldritch god, sparking a war between worlds.

If Satan and his god wins, this universe will pass away and the game will end.

I would not normally interfere in the affairs of these games, however…I enjoy humans. I do not wish them to pass away.

You were one of a few who passed my own little game to give humans a little edge.

If you’d have decided to quit, and return to your life…you would have never found peace. You would live the rest of your life out in a Hell. I would have made sure of it.”

Izumi’s face was in shock.

It wasn’t sinking in.

All of this…

…was part of some grand plan?

The nameless eldritch goddess had dumped all of this into her lap all at once.

“Here, right here, at the culmination of everything, you’ve made the selfless choice.

You are obviously quite confused.

To put it simply, Izumi, your hard work and dedication will be rewarded. I will not take your current existence from you.

Instead, I will leave you with this:

The war will culminate in 20 years time.

Your actions up until this time may have some influence in the end.

But until that day, Izumi, you will live in peace.”


“Yes, peace. You have lived a life of torment and fear. Conflicted and scared, you never had a normal life.

Now I am giving it to you.”

“I…I still don’t…”

“Do not worry, Izumi. The time for battle will come.

Now, go.

No more games.

No more fear.

It is time for you to wake up.”


Izumi’s eyes burned from the light of a flashbulb in front of her eyes. Before her, stood a crowd of hundreds of fans and journalists, shouting questions she could barely make out.

Her life.

There was so much to absorb and still so much to understand.

Only minutes after she’d made her decision and things had gone drastically differently.

There was no telling where this would lead her.

For now, she would enjoy the next chapter in her hopefully long life…

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Re: D̞̺̻̬̰̪̜̍̒ͣ̅̈́͐͆͋̕͠ȇ̶̡̩̘̼͕̺̝̼͖ͧ̑ͤ͐ͨͦ̆ͮ̇͟͝͡&#83

Loved it.

The style seems familiar which may be why I love it. But its solid regardless.

Story sucked me in, description was well done, just all around solid RP. Im really looking forward to the next one from you.

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Re: D̞̺̻̬̰̪̜̍̒ͣ̅̈́͐͆͋̕͠ȇ̶̡̩̘̼͕̺̝̼͖ͧ̑ͤ͐ͨͦ̆ͮ̇͟͝͡S

Loved it.

The style seems familiar which may be why I love it. But its solid regardless.

Story sucked me in, description was well done, just all around solid RP. Im really looking forward to the next one from you.
Really? I was worried it was a rush job. I had a solid idea in my head but putting it to text suddenly became very hard, so I just sort of winged it and didn't really go over it that much, but it's good to know someone liked it~

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Re: D̞̺̻̬̰̪̜̍̒ͣ̅̈́͐͆͋̕͠ȇ̶̡̩̘̼͕̺̝̼͖ͧ̑ͤ͐ͨͦ̆ͮ̇͟͝͡&#83

Yikes is this one going to be close, you have struggled lately but this was a return to form I suppose you boxed yourself into a corner with all the supernatural storylines you had going but this RP gets you out of that and now you can go a new direction

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Re: D̞̺̻̬̰̪̜̍̒ͣ̅̈́͐͆͋̕͠ȇ̶̡̩̘̼͕̺̝̼͖ͧ̑ͤ͐ͨͦ̆ͮ̇͟͝͡&#83

Great stuff from you. Really good to see Izumi now moving onto a different chapter and you can add even more depth with a new story.

But what ever happened to the kickass promos you were writing before?

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Re: D̞̺̻̬̰̪̜̍̒ͣ̅̈́͐͆͋̕͠ȇ̶̡̩̘̼͕̺̝̼͖ͧ̑ͤ͐ͨͦ̆ͮ̇͟͝͡S

Great stuff from you. Really good to see Izumi now moving onto a different chapter and you can add even more depth with a new story.

But what ever happened to the kickass promos you were writing before?
Didn't have any material for them. Guys like you and Brad have a lot to work with and a real motivation to feud. Since then, and this isn't a knock against anyone I've faced, I haven't had that spark or real motivation to rip into them. I also decided to drop some of my promos in favor of story building because I ran into a dead end on the supernatural stuff. I might pick it up later, though...

Truth be told, Izumi's story is a continuation of a larger story from another fed that isn't ENTIRELY mine, it was created with roleplays between me and others, I'm just more or less telling Izumi's part of it. But it's far more complex than I've indicated and I've taken some creative liberties with it, and I really didn't feel a 'save the world' cliche ending would work.
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