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CZW: Cage Of Death XII

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To start off the show, we get a pretty cool little video package, that in black & white overlaps WWII video clips with the CZW roster the will be involved in tonight's event. Cool "War movie" music, video ends with us seeing this years Cage Of Death all set up flashing ominously. The video package did it's job and got me pumped up for the show.

The first match of the night is the Six Man Scramble Qualifier for the Best of the Best
Akuma vs. Jonathan Gresham vs. Ruckus vs. Rich Swann vs. Ryan McBride vs. Alex Colon , with the winner becoming the first person to make it into the the upcoming Battle Of The Best (Battle Of The Best: X). So there is a little added meaning to the match. This match was a great opener, a 6-man-spot-fest that had guys pulling out all kids of sweet moves and flying all over the place, the crowd was really into it and it did a great job at getting the fans looking forward to seeing the rest of the show. I really enjoyed this match, it had me oooing & ahhing at the various moves and spots and got me looking forward to seeing what else was going to happen tonight.

Next up, we get an in-ring promo from Greg Excellent, featuring his Mother & Girlfriend. Not much going on here, until the end, were we see a pretty sick spot. So all in all, it was alright.

Before the next match we get a video package detailing the history between the two men in the next match, pretty informative, tells a good branching story. Gave the match a bit more meaning.

So the second match of the night is Robert "Ego" Anthony vs. Sami Callihan, this match is a Number One Contenders Match for the CZW World Heavyweight Title. This match is also a great battle between two men, these guys just beat each other up, they really put on a great match and look like two contenders in a war for the shot at the CZW World Heavyweight Champion. An all around great match, not too long, but still a great showing. Again, the crowd is into it.

Next up is a small backstage segment involving CZW's Wired TV Champion, Drew Gulak complaining about the "shotty officiating" that is going on in CZW. Gulak thinks CZW is out of control and that the referees are not respected, leading to matches becoming rule-less.

The third match of the night is CZW Jr. Hwt. Title: Adam Cole (C) w/ Mia Yim vs. A.R. Fox, this a a pretty good to great match, Cole & Fox really put on a good match, like the first match, there is a lot of sweet moves and some good "high flying". Both guys have some good offense and really take it to each other, crowd is really into this and both guys get a great showing. This match was a lot like the first, but with only two guys, so I really enjoyed it.

After the third match there is a little match that was okay, but nothing special, for spoilers sake, I won't reveal the participants.

Next is another video package, this one shows us what has been going on in CZW's tag-team scene, specificlly the tag tournament to crown new tag champs. The next match is the finals of the tournamnent so we get shown highlights of the matches leading up to tonight's final match to crow new tag champs.

So the fifth match of tonight's show is for the vacant CZW Tag Titles: Philly's Most Wanted vs. Osirian Portal, this was a great tag match, both teams really make this match seem like a big deal as they both go to war in the hopes of becoming the new tag champs. Joker & BLK JEEZ are really great in this match, The Portal is a little sloppy, but nothing that really takes away from the match. The crowd is hot, everyone is having a good time. I thought this was a great tag match, plenty of near falls, lots of great action, The Portal were a little hit & miss, but PMW were there to steal the show. When it was all said and done, it was a great, even an awesome tag match.

After the match is over, we see the Briscoe Brother return to CZW & challenge the new CZW Tag Team Champions to a match at the next show. Pretty sweet return.

Before the next match we get another backstage segment with Drew Gulak, still complaining about the officials, this time he is complaining to Maven Bently, Maven makes Gulak a deal, that if he doesn't wrestler tonight (Maven says Gulak is boring to watch and doesn't want the fans to have to sit through a dull Gulak match) that he will let him referee a match. Gulak accepts the deal and everyone is happy.

Time for the sixth match of the night is CZW Title: Jon Moxley (C) vs. Homicide, this match was a big step down from the matches we have seen so far, the crowd is pretty dead, probably a little burnt out and there is nothing for them to be getting excited for anyway, this match wasn't horrible or anything, it was probably one of the better Homicide matches since he left TNA, but that isn't saying much. It was an alright brawl, nothing special. So this match was pretty dull, I wasn't expecting much from a Homicide/Moxley match and I got probably a little more than I had thought I would get, but it still wasn't anything that good.

After the match Brodie Lee lays out the winner, good to see Brodie Lee back in CZW.

Time for the seventh match CZW Ultraviolent Title: Yuko Miyamoto vs. Nick Gage (C), everyone is the crowd is pumped up for this match Miyamoto gets a ton of streamers and then out comes the referee for the match.... Drew Gulak. He is booed and right away starts to lay down the law, he wants to see a clean wrestling match from these men, he gets in Gage's face and checks both men for weapons, Gage and Miyamoto chain wrestle for a bit, every couple of minutes Gage grabs a Staple Gun or a Pizza Slicer, even a hammer, every time Gulak takes it away, slowly building the rage inside of Gage, after a while Gage snaps & choke slams Gulak over Gage's knee, resulting in Gulak being retired from the match, much to the crowds pleasure, even more to the crowds pleasure..... Out comes the weapons, barbwire boards, thumbtack baseball bats, a barbwire chair & bat. Just a whole heap of weapons, from then on, it's a war, plenty of cool spots, blood, weapons, everything you could want in an Ultraviolent Title match. I thought it was a pretty solid ultraviolent battle, not the best, but a great war none the less.

Before we get to tonight's main event, we get a promo from Cult Fiction, nothing special, we then get a VERY COOL speed up montage of them setting up this years Cage Of Death. After that we get a promo from the Suicide Kings, which was alright.

Now it is time for tonight's main event Cage of Death: The Suicide Kings (Devon Moore, Dysfunction, Scotty Vortekz & Danny Havok) vs. Cult Fiction, this was a pretty cool brawl, but a pretty underwhelming Cage Of Death, it just felt like it was missing a few things. That being said, it was still a sick brawl, had a pretty cool story and at the end of the day was a good bloody war, but compared with previous Cage Of Deaths, it didn't really stack up. I thought it was a great brawl with a bunch of sweet spots, felt a little off, but it was still a sight to behold.

Once the match is won, B-Boy makes his return to CZW, another pretty sweet return to end the night.

So all in all, you got 4 great matches, 2 good matches and 2 "so-so" matches.

I'd say it is worth a buy, if you are new to CZW I think it is a great starter to the company, it will blow any thoughts of CZW being a garbage wrestling company out of the window and through a barb wire table.

8 matches, none of them bad. Plenty of great spots, moments, returns and lively crowd.

So I'd say it is well worth taking a chance on. Even if you aren't into ultraviolent stuff.

I'd give the show an 8,maybe even an 8.5 out of 10. So check it out, also, if anyone else has a review or thoughts on the show (without spoilers, or at least a warning) feel free to add your comment or review.
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