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How do you improve upon perfection?

That might be the first question that pops into the minds of many people, like myself, who grew up in the midst of the World Wrestling Federation's vaunted "Attitude Era." It's not until we're older that we realize the power of perspective; everything is awesome when you're young. And now, years later, those who grew up during that period of unparalleled prosperity for the wrestling industry can examine it with much greater clarity. Was the WWF product of the late 1990's entertaining? Absolutely. Revolutionary? You betcha. Perfect? Hardly.

For all the things the WWF did right in those days, truth is, they whiffed on as many balls as they hit out of the park. The magnificent talents whose careers were squandered for no good reason...the absurd, illogical storylines...and, really, just anything having to do with Vince Russo. But what if there'd been no Vince Russo? Hell, what if those days could be rewritten by an independent party not having to adhere to the whims and wishes of Vince McMahon? You're about to find out.

This thread, which begins the night after the 1997 Survivor Series, seeks to re-imagine the Attitude Era, as it could have been: wrestling-centric, big picture-oriented, reality-based, and you can bet your ass Owen Hart isn't going to end up hanging from a ceiling in Kansas City.



World Wrestling Federation Champion


WWF Intercontinental Champion


WWF European Champion


WWF Tag Team Champions



1997 Royal Rumble Winner

1997 King of the Ring




Ahmed Johnson
"Badd Ass" Billy Gunn
Blackjack Bradshaw
Blackjack Windham
"Too Sexy" Brian Christopher
D'Lo Brown
Flash Funk
Headbanger Mosh
Headbanger Thrasher
Henry O. Godwinn
Hunter Hearst-Helmsley
Jeff Jarrett
"Road Dogg" Jesse James
Jesus Castillo
Jose Estrada Jr.
"The Supreme Fighting Machine" Kama Mustafa
"The World's Most Dangerous Man" Ken Shamrock
Kurrgan the Interrogator
"Marvelous" Marc Mero
"The World's Strongest Man" Mark Henry
Miguel Perez Jr.
Owen Hart - Inactive (apparently quit WWF after Survivor Series)
Phineous I. Godwinn
Rick Bortgner
Road Warrior Animal
Road Warrior Hawk
"The Rock" Rocky Maivia
Savio Vega
Scott Taylor
"The Heartbreak Kid" Shawn Michaels
"Stone Cold" Steve Austin
"The Lethal Weapon" Steve Blackman
Taka Michinoku
The Undertaker

Non-wrestling personalities:

Chyna – Bodyguard to D-Generation X
James E. Cornette - Manager to Ken Shamrock
Paul Bearer – Manager to Kane
"Ravishing" Rick Rude – Manager to D-Generation X
The Jackyl – Manager to Kurrgan the Interrogator

Tag teams:

Legion of Doom – Road Warrior Animal & Road Warrior Hawk

New Age Outlaws- "Badd Ass" Billy Gunn & "Road Dogg" Jesse James

The Godwinns- Henry O. Godwinn & Phineous I. Godwinn

The Headbangers – Headbanger Mosh & Headbanger Thrasher

The New Blackjacks – Blackjack Bradshaw & Blackjack Windham


D-Generation X
(Shawn Michaels, Hunter Hearst-Helmsley, Rick Rude, Chyna)

Nation of Domination
(Faarooq, Rocky Maivia, Kama Mustafa, D'Lo Brown)

Disciples of Apocalypse
(Chainz, Skull, 8-Ball)

Los Boricuas
(Savio Vega, Miguel Perez, Jesus Castillo, Jose Estrada Jr.)




WWF Owner: Vince McMahon
WWF Commissioner: Sgt. Slaughter

Broadcast Team:

Play-by-Play Commentator: Jim Ross
Color Commentator: Jerry "The King" Lawler
Reporters: Kevin Kelly, Michael Cole
Ring Announcers: Howard Finkel (PPVs), Tony Chimel (Raw is War)


Championship History
(as of November 10, 1997)


Shawn Michaels (3)
November 9, 1997
Survivor Series | Montreal, Quebec
d. Bret Hart by submission


Steve Austin (2)
November 9, 1997
Survivor Series | Montreal, Quebec
d. Owen Hart by pinfall


Shawn Michaels (1)
September 20, 1997
One Night Only | Birmingham, England
d. British Bulldog by pinfall


Legion of Doom (2)
[Road Warrior Animal (2) & Road Warrior Hawk (2)]
October 7, 1997
Raw is War | Topeka, Kansas
d. The Godwinns by pinfall


Upcoming Pay-Per-View schedule:

In Your House 19: Rise of the Showstopper
December 7, 1997 | Springfield, Massachusetts

January 18, 1998 | San Jose, California

In Your House 20
February 15, 1998 | Houston, Texas

March 29, 1998 | Boston, Massachusetts

In Your House 21
April 26, 1998 | Greensboro, North Carolina

In Your House 22
May 31, 1998 | Milwaukee, Wisconsin

June 28, 1998 | Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

In Your House 23
July 26, 1998 | Fresno, California

August 30, 1998 | New York, New York




Confirmed card:

World Wrestling Federation Championship
Shawn Michaels (c) vs. Mankind

Jim Ross interviews Vince McMahon about Survivor Series LIVE!​

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First of all I wish you nothing but the best of luck in this thread, unfamiliar with your writing abilities I do suggest you browse around in other threads aswell but you do seem to have a good head on your shoulders for booking, as I always liked your opinion in other forums.

Interested to see how you take the WWF and push the likes of Austin, HHH, Mankind and Rock into the main event who were just below it around this time.

Other than that, I must say I like the idea of the D-X spraypainting the IYH Poster, even though it obviously wasn't done professionaly on photoshop, that is what makes it different and unique.

Just stick with this and you'll be fine. (Y)

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Looking forward to this btb man, as not many (to the best of my memory) 97-98 era btb's have come around and lasted, so I wish you the best of luck.

First off, I simply love the post-Screwjob era as it led to the stardom of people like HBK, Austin, HHH, Rocky, Kane, etc. It's a great starting point, as things were beginning to unravel leading upto the Attitude Era.

As I said before, I wish you the best with this man. You have a definite reader.

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Potential. Potential. Potential. Retro threads are always a win for me, find them far more appealing than the modern day threads. Unfamiliar with your work in this section, unsure if you've ever had a thread or not but regardless, that wont put me off. Best of luck with this, it will be interesting to see where this goes and I hope you can stick with it. Looking forward to it. (Y)

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Hi. Love the time period, and will be interesting to see what you do with a healthy HBK, the rise of Austin and Rock, not to mention The Undertaker/Kane angle. I wish you all the best, and I will definetly be reading (Y).

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Thank you everyone for the kind words and support. There are some great threads here, and I'm looking forward to contributing. I hope you all enjoy it.



November 10, 1997
Ottawa, Ontario

Less than 24 hours removed from arguably the most controversial night in WWF history, the Superstars of the World Wrestling Federation will be LIVE in Ottawa, Ontario for Raw is War!

Survivor Series witnessed the crowning of a new WWF Champion in a match that has the entire wrestling world buzzing. The past day has been wrought with questions of whether or not former champion Bret "The Hitman" Hart really submitted to his own Sharpshooter submission hold, as well as inquiring as to the involvement of WWF Owner Vince McMahon in the situation. Furthermore, speculation is running rampant that Bret Hart – along with the entire Hart Foundation – have left the WWF in protest. Those questions stand to be answered on Raw, as Jim Ross is set to conduct an interview with Mr. McMahon live in front of the Ottawa fans Monday night. What does Mr. McMahon have to say about the accusations that he screwed the legendary Hitman out of the WWF Title?

While many fans are focused on Vince McMahon, the Superstars of the WWF are all focused squarely on one man: the new WWF Champion, Shawn Michaels. How will "The Heartbreak Kid" address his victory last night? And with their archrivals apparently gone from the Federation, what's next for D-Generation X?

One thing we do know for sure is that there will be little time wasted in determining the first challenger to HBK's championship. WWF Commissioner Sgt. Slaughter has ordered a match tonight to decide the new #1 contender for the WWF Title at In Your House on December 7th, as the deranged Mankind will take on the powerful Vader. These two have a long history, and it all culminates Monday night with a WWF Championship match hanging in the balance.

A shocking Survivor Series gives way to yet another unpredictable Raw, LIVE Monday night from Ottawa!

Confirmed for Raw:

#1 Contender for the World Wrestling Federation Championship
Mankind vs. Vader

New WWF Champion Shawn Michaels speaks

Jim Ross interviews Vince McMahon LIVE

Also in action: WWF Tag Team Champions The Legion of Doom, 1997 King of the Ring Hunter Hearst-Helmsley, "The World's Most Dangerous Man" Ken Shamrock, and more!

Cynic's WWF 1997: You Watched It...You Can't Unwatch It


WWF In Your House 19: Rise of the Showstopper

Confirmed card:

World Wrestling Federation Championship
Shawn Michaels © vs. Mankind OR Vader

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LIVE! on the USA Network
November 10, 1997
Ottawa, Ontario


The World Wrestling Federation: For over 50 years, the revolutionary force in sports-entertainment.




Less than 24 hours removed from the most controversial night in wrestling history, Raw opens cold – no music, no pyro – going on the air merely to the sound of the buzzing Ottawa audience, which explodes into cheers as the show goes live.

The Ottawa arena is packed with fans waving Canadian flags and floods of signs, the vast majority of which profess an undying support of Bret Hart and an equally undying hatred of Shawn Michaels. The camera pans around the arena as Jim Ross welcomes us to the broadcast.

Jim Ross: Hello everyone, and welcome to Raw is War, live from Ottawa, Canada, and on the heels of the most controversial conclusion to a WWF Title match in history. I'm Jim Ross, alongside Jerry "The King" Lawler, and we're going to open the show tonight with the NEW World Wrestling Federation Champion.


The crowd unleashes some heat on "Ravishing" Rick Rude as the D-Generation X "insurance policy" walks toward the ring, holding his nose up at the Ottawa crowd before hitting the ring and grabbing the microphone from Tony Chimel. Rude stands center ring, with Shawn Michaels' pyro gizmos set up behind him.

Rick Rude: Cut the music!

"The Ravishing One's" music fades behind him, replaced by the loud jeering of the Ottawa crowd.

Rick Rude: What I'd like to have right now…

Rude is cut off by the loud boos.

Rick Rude: What I'd like to have right now…

Again, he's cut off.

Rick Rude: What I'd like…

The jeers grow even louder, stopping Rude again.

Jim Ross: He knows this is only a two hour show, right?

Rude collects himself and tries to continue over the loud booing.

Rick Rude: What I'd like to have right now…is for all you fat…out of shape…Ottawa…IDIOTS…

Greater heat for the cheap insult.

Rick Rude: …to stand on your feet…shut your mouths…open your eyes…and pay your respects…to the Headliner…

Growing heat for the impending announcement.

Rick Rude: …the Showstopper…

Heat growing.

Rick Rude: …the Main Eventer...and the man who last night, against all odds, defeated your Canadian hero, to reclaim his rightful place atop the wrestling industry…

Intense heat for the dig at Bret Hart, prompting audibly loud chants of "BULL-SHIT! BULL-SHIT!"

Rick Rude: …I give to you…the World Wrestling Federation Champion…I give to you…the Heartbreak Kid…SHHAAAAAAWWWNNNNN MICHAEEELLLLSSS! Hit the music!

***SEXY BOY***

The crowd erupts into nuclear heat as Shawn Michaels appears from behind the curtain, dancing obnoxiously and basically just acting like a complete jackass. He is flanked by his comrades, the button-down dress shirt-wearing Hunter Hearst-Helmsley, and the stoic Chyna. Michaels walks with the WWF Title cradled in his arm, with Chyna carrying HBK's European Title over her shoulder.

DX yields the center of the ring to Michaels, who wears a huge grin as he does his trademark pose in front of his ring pyro, capping it off with a crotch chop toward the crowd.

Jim Ross: A chorus of boos raining down on the controversial, charismatic, ultra-talented new WWF Champion, Shawn Michaels, who…in the views of many in the wrestling business, and certainly a biased crowd here in Ottawa…stole the World Wrestling Federation Championship from Bret Hart less than 24 hours ago at the Survivor Series. And as a result, from what we understand, Bret Hart and the entire Hart Foundation have left the WWF.

Jerry Lawler: That's right, Ross. Bret Hart couldn't hang with Shawn Michaels. He knew it, his family knew it, all these idiot Canucks knew it…and now Shawn Michaels proved once and for all that he's better than Bret Hart, and that's why he's the World Wrestling Federation Champion, and that coward Bret Hart is nowhere to be found.

Jim Ross: Well, frankly that’s debatable, King. Shawn Michaels might be WWF Champion, but his win over Bret Hart – one of the most decorated, accomplished Superstars in the history of this great company – was certainly not without controversy. The match ended with the bell sounding while Michaels had Bret Hart locked in his own Sharpshooter and, as every camera angle imaginable seems to indicate, Bret Hart never tapped out, but WWF Owner Vince McMahon ordered the bell to be rung. More on that controversy in this broadcast.

As HBK's music fades, he stands in the center of the ring surrounded by DX. Michaels, WWF Title over his shoulder, removes his sunglasses, which he places in front of his shirt, microphone in hand. The boos are deafening.

Shawn Michaels: What else can I say…

The heat intensifies right as HBK begins talking, which just makes the champ's smugness grow even greater.

Shawn Michaels: …other than…I…told…you…so.


Shawn Michaels: For years I've been sayin' it…and while Bret Hart's been TALKIN' IT…I've…been…WALKIN' IT!

Big heat. Michaels is trying to balance his joy of the fans' hatred against his legitimate anger for their love of the Hitman.

Shawn Michaels: Last night…at Survivor Series…in enemy territory…against a hostile crowd…I beat your hero, Bret Hart…

Heat is growing to near violent levels.

Shawn Michaels: …when I made him tap out…to his own submission hold…

"BULL-SHIT!" chants angrily start up again.

Shawn Michaels: …and I stood in the middle of this ring…the undisputed World Wrestling Federation Champion…and having proven once and for all, without a shadow of a doubt, that I am better than your Canadian hero Bret Hart…I ran him…and the rest of his loser family…down south…with THE REST OF THOSE DINOSAURS!

Mega heat as the derogatory chants continue.

Shawn Michaels: That's right…we always said there was only room for one of us…and as you can clearly see…with the smoke clear and the guns holstered…HBK is still here.

Michaels smiles arrogantly against the crowd's jeers.

Shawn Michaels: And so, in the end, Bret Hart, being the giant whining wussbag that he is, was so humiliated by being defeated by HBK in his home country…and was so frustrated by the realization that he would never, EVER beat Shawn Michaels…that he had to go as far as to pack his bags…walk out…on each…and every…one of you…the fans of the WWF…and take his ball down to Atlanta to play wheelchair wrestling.

The fans continue booing loudly, seemingly a mixture of anger at what's happened to Bret as well as anger that Bret is gone.

Shawn Michaels: Hey, Hunter…

Michaels motions toward his friend Triple H, who has spent the entirety of the promo wandering around mocking ringside fans.

Shawn Michaels: …what do you think the future holds for the Hitman, huh?

Helmsley, now with microphone in hand, joins in alongside Michaels.

HHH: Well, Shawn, if I know Bret Hart, I imagine he's gonna wanna…take a ride…on space mountain. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Helmsley points at his crotch as he takes a shot at Ric Flair, much to HBK's amusement, and to further jeering from the crowd.

Shawn Michaels: Ahhhhh man… I wish I got to tell those jokes. Well, nevertheless…Triple H, Chyna, Ravishing Rick…regardless of how things went down, the bottom line is that the Hart Foundation in the World Wrestling Federation is now a thing of the past. Bret Hart…his sniveling little brother Owen…that fat dope Anvil…and that overrated, meat headed, never-beat-me-once British Bulldog…they're alllllll gone. Forever.

More heat.

Shawn Michaels: And so now, with D-Generation X standing firmly atop the wrestling world, I think you'll all agree that it's time…to move on. The Hitman has been put out to pasture, and now DX, along with the rest of the World Wrestling Federation, can finally move on into the future.

DX nods in agreement. The crowd disagrees, with many still chanting for Bret Hart.

Shawn Michaels: So, the question begs to be asked…what's next for D-Generation X? I'll tell you what's next…control. Control of the World Wrestling Federation's present AND its future. HBK's the WWF Champion…not to mention the coveted European Champion…

Michaels points toward the European Title belt on Chyna's shoulder.

Shawn Michaels: …Triple H is the fastest rising star in our industry…and with this girl Chyna…and the mind and the savvy of a legend like Rick Rude…there's no stopping D-Generation X from taking over the wrestling world.

More agreement from DX, and more heat from the crowd.

Shawn Michaels: D-Generation X is taking over the World Wrestling Federation. Survivor Series was just the beginning. So…we've reached a crossroads. If you're somebody…like Bret Hart…who can't deal with change…who wants to stay stuck in the past…resting on your laurels…reveling in the safety and comfort of yesteryear…then please…I'm begging you…change the channel.

Michaels is very smug with this remark. The crowd reacts with a degree of surprise at such a dare.

Shawn Michaels: But if you want to move forward…if you want to evolve…if you want to see things you've never seen before…if you want to see a style of wrestling you've never seen before…and feel an excitement…and experience an attitude…that you've never seen before…then you're in the right place.

Actually a small pop for this…but, of course, still heat.

Shawn Michaels: The future of wrestling is here…in the WWF. The future of wrestling is here…in D-Generation X. And the future…of wrestling…is the Headliner…the Showstopper…the Main Eventer…the World Wrestling Federation Champion….the Heartbreak Kid…Shawn Michaels.

Big heat for Michaels, who now speaks very seriously.

Shawn Michaels: And now…there's no denying…that I…am the best there is…

Big fucking heat coming for this.

Shawn Michaels: …the best there was…

Now it's getting out of hand.

Shawn Michaels: …and the best…there ever will be.

Someone might kill him.

Shawn Michaels: And this…

Michaels holds the glistening WWF Championship high above his head.

Shawn Michaels: …says…I…am.

***SEXY BOY***

Michaels gives a final smirk toward the camera, flips his hair, and exits the ring along with the rest of DX, Triple H crotch-chopping his way up the ramp.

Jerry Lawler: What do you think of that, Ross? You can't argue with any of that.

Jim Ross: Well, some of Shawn Michaels' points were debatable, but if nothing else he's definitely right about one thing: he is the WWF Champion, and that means that he is the man in this industry. And the question now becomes, who will stand to take that title from him? Well, folks, we're gonna find out tonight who's first in line.

A match graphic appears on the screen, promoting Mankind vs. Vader for the #1 contendership live tonight on Raw!

Jim Ross: Tonight, in the War Zone, it'll be Mankind and Vader battling it out, with the winner to face Shawn Michaels for the WWF Championship at In Your House. In addition to that…

A graphic of Vince McMahon now appears on the screen, to some loud jeers from the live crowd.

Jim Ross: …I will be stepping into the ring later tonight with WWF Owner Vince McMahon for what promises to be a most fascinating conversation with regard to the controversy surrounding last night's WWF Title match, as well as the departure of Bret Hart and his Hart Foundation from the World Wrestling Federation. Folks, you're not gonna wanna miss this. It's all happening live…tonight.


Raw returns with a live shot outside the arena in Ottawa.

Jim Ross: We're packed to the rafters here in Ottawa, with the events of last night's Survivor Series certainly fresh on the minds of WWF fans everywhere, but especially here in the great nation of Canada.

The camera now pans over to ringside, where we see the faces of J.R. and The King for the first time tonight. The Raw theme stops playing in the background as J.R. addresses the home audience against the backdrop of the buzzing crowd.

Jim Ross: Good evening once again, ladies and gentlemen, I'm Jim Ross alongside Jerry "The King" Lawler…and King…last night was something that, I have to tell you, I've been in this business longer than I'd like to admit, and I've never seen anything like what happened less than 24 hours ago at the Survivor Series.

Lawler nods in agreement.

Jim Ross: Folks, if you missed Survivor Series last night, you're gonna wanna order the replay of that phenomenal event, which will air this Thursday on pay-per-view.

A quick graphic appears on screen advertising the PPV replay.

Jim Ross: King, as you know, there are things that happen in this business sometimes that you just don't see coming, and that's never been more evident than it was last night. To summarize once again for those of you who missed it…

As J.R. recaps the Michaels-Hart match, still screen shots are shown of the events as J.R. describes them.

Jim Ross: …Bret Hart walked into Montreal last night, a national hero, set to defend his WWF Championship that he's worn so proudly so many times in his magnificent career, against his arch nemesis…inside and outside the ring…Shawn Michaels. At one point in the match, Michaels had Bret Hart locked in his own Sharpshooter submission hold…referee Earl Hebner, clearly at the behest of WWF Owner Vince McMahon – who was uncharacteristically stationed at ringside for the match – called for the bell, and Michaels was named the champion. All this despite the fact, King, that Bret Hart clearly did not submit. And, from what we ascertain – and as has been speculated for some time certainly among fans on the internet and elsewhere – Bret Hart, and his entire Hart Foundation, have indeed left the WWF.

Jerry Lawler: J.R., I don' t know what video you're watching, but Bret Hart clearly tapped out. But…uh…in any case…it's an unreal situation, I'll grant you that. Like you, I've been in this business a very, very long time, and I've never seen anything like what happened last night, especially after the match.

Still images are shown of Bret Hart smashing television monitors at ringside.

Jim Ross: Indeed, King, Bret Hart certainly acted out in a manner that, while very unprofessional and uncharacteristic of a man like Bret Hart, it's easy to understand why he reacted the way he did.

The camera focuses back on Ross and Lawler.

Jim Ross: There are many, many questions to be answered, ladies and gentlemen. Clearly Shawn Michaels has his own viewpoint on what happened last night – as does my partner here, obviously – and with all due respect to the new WWF Champion, it seems he might be slightly in denial about the reality of last night's events. And frankly, in my opinion anyway King, Shawn Michaels really has nothing to answer for. It was Vince McMahon who instructed the referee to stop the match and award the championship to Shawn Michaels. And tonight, I intend to ask the WWF owner some very direct questions. I promise you, folks, you do not want to miss this.



The Ottawa crowd pops to its feet and shows tremendous respect – even for a team that had been feuding with the Hart Foundation in recent months – as the legendary Road Warriors make their way to the ring.

Tony Chimel: The following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall with a 15 minute time limit. Making their way to the ring…from Chicago, Illinois, at a combined weight of 582 pounds…they are the World Wrestling Federation Tag Team Champions…Road Warrior Hawk…Road Warrior Animal…the LEGION…OF…DOOOOOOM!

Hawk & Animal, wearing their spikes – and the WWF Tag Team Titles – ascend opposite turnbuckles and play up the crowd under their black and red lighting.


Tony Chimel: And their opponents…from the great state of Arkansas…at a combined weight of 573 pounds…Henry and Phineous…THE GODDDDWINNNNSSS!

The audience gives minor heat but mostly meets The Godwinns with indifference as the pissed off country bumpkins hit the ring.

Jim Ross: A big opportunity here for The Godwinns, who lost their Tag Team Titles to L.O.D. last month on Raw. If they can knock off the champs here, you can bet they'll be in line for another title match. But, if not, it's right to the back of the line for Henry and Phineous.

Match #1
WWF Tag Team Champions Legion of Doom vs. The Godwinns

As one would've anticipated, a stiff, hard-hitting affair between four of the stiffest, hardest-hitting tag team combatants in the wrestling industry. The Road Warriors, being the greatest tag team of all time and all, strategize to isolate Phineous in their corner for the duration of the match, taking turns clubbing away at him in the corner, and wearing him down with chinlocks and body slams.

In a reversal of the normal flow of a match, it's the villainous Phineous manages to take down Hawk with a surprise DDT and attempt to climb toward Henry to make the hot tag. Unfortunately for P.I.G., Hawk gets to Animal first, who hits the ring and knocks Phineous from behind just before he can make it to Henry. Animal gets in a shot on Henry, knocking H.O.G. off the ring apron. Animal then drops Phineous with the gorilla press slam, makes the tag into Hawk, and sets up Phineous for the Doomsday Device. With the big hick on Animal's shoulders, Hawk clotheslines him in midair, and makes the cover…




Winners: LEGION OF DOOM via pinfall @ 10:22


Before L.O.D. can celebrate – hell, before Chimel can even announce their victory – the music of the New Age Outlaws is already playing, as Road Dogg and Badd Ass step out onto the stage.

Road Dogg: Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages…the World Wrestling Federation proudly brings to you…its soon to be…WWF…TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS OF THE WOOOOOOOOOORRRLLLLLLLLD….the Road Dogg, Jesse James…the Badd Ass, Billy Gunn…the NEW…AGE…OUTLAWS!

Hawk and Animal stare at the Outlaws with annoyance at their disrespect. Road Dogg smirks at the Road Warriors, while Billy Gunn makes the "belt" gesture, indicating the Outlaws' intentions.

Jerry Lawler: What do you think of that, Ross? You think that's sending a message there?

Jim Ross: Oh yeah King, I think that's loud and clear right there. The New Age Outlaws think they should be next in line for a shot at the WWF Tag Team Titles. And believe me, if they want a shot, the next time Animal and Hawk back down from a challenge would be the first time. Billy and Road Dogg better be ready for a fight. We understand our colleague Kevin Kelly is standing by backstage with Ken Shamrock. Take it away, Kevin!

The camera now focuses to the backstage interview area, where Kevin Kelly is joined by "The World's Most Dangerous Man" Ken Shamrock and, for reasons that will undoubtedly soon be made clear, Jim Cornette.

Kevin Kelly: Thanks, J.R. Ladies and gentlemen, my guest at this time…"The World's Most Dangerous Man," Ken Shamrock…moments away from his match with Flash Funk…and he is joined by Mr. James E. Cornette.

Cornette cuts off Kelly from talking any further, and proceeds to launch into one of his glorious Jim Cornette tirades.

James E. Cornette: You're damn right he's joined by James E. Cornette. Kevin Kelly, I want you and all the people watching to listen good to what I have to say. Now, judging by the BS of last night, I guess it's safe to say that we've very quickly plunged into a new era here in the World Wrestling Federation. But you know what? That's just fine with me. Maybe it's time to do things a little differently. To take a few risks. To take on a few new challenges. That's why I'm here, and that's why this man is standing beside me. Ken Shamrock, a former ultimate fighting champion…one of, if not the, best mixed martial artist on the planet…a man ABC Sports named the most dangerous man in the world…the single greatest man-to-man competitor in the World Wrestling Federation today. But you see, Kevin, the WWF…it's not ultimate fighting, it's not the octagon…it's a different monster entirely. What this man Ken Shamrock needs is guidance…guidance from a man who has managed a former WWF Champion, Yokozuna, among other great wrestlers…but of all the wrestlers I've ever managed, Ken Shamrock is by far the best, with the greatest raw potential and pure evolutionary athletic talent. With the two of us together, there is no limit to what this man can accomplish. Kevin Kelly, you and everyone else has seen what Ken Shamrock is capable of when he's in his zone…you've seen him in that ring throwing bodies around like a drunk throws money at the bartender on payday. But what Ken Shamrock needs is to channel that rage…to focus it…to use it as the fuel that will light the fire of one of the greatest careers in WWF history. We're gonna take it one step at a time, and tonight Flash Funk, that first step is right over your writhing carcass. So from this day forward, World Wrestling Federation, take note: you can't stop Ken Shamrock's rise to the WWF Championship, so you might as well just stay out of the way…lest you get your ankle snapped.

Cornette pats Shamrock on the shoulder as Kelly lifts the microphone in his direction. Shamrock, wearing his badass ring robe, stares a hole through the camera and speaks sternly.

Ken Shamrock: Flash Funk…you're a talented wrestler. But there's no escaping the fact that tonight…you're going to tap out.

Shamrocks walks away, with Cornette giddily following him off camera.

Kevin Kelly: Ken Shamrock, intense and focused as always.

As we leave Kevin behind, the camera now focuses on Hunter Hearst-Helmsley, whose image on the titantron provokes a profoundly negative reaction from the Ottawa faithful. Helmsley, joined as always by Chyna, is dressed for battle and making his way down the hall.

Jim Ross: Thank you, Kevin. There you see Triple H, getting set for action. DX made some boisterous claims at the start of the show, and now Helmsley is going to have to back up Shawn Michaels' words. Hunter Hearst-Helmsley, in action…when we return live on Raw.



Tony Chimel: The following contest is scheduled for one fall with a 15 minute time limit. Introducing first, being accompanied by Sable…from Buffalo, New York, weighing 235 pounds…MARVELOUS…MARC..MERO!

The crowd gives a slight cheer, though it's obviously meant for Sable, as basically everyone could give a damn about Marc Mero. Mero, wearing his boxing gear, punches the air as he hops around in the ring awaiting his opponent.

***ODE TO JOY***

Tony Chimel: And his opponent…being accompanied by fellow D-Generation X member Chyna…from Greenwich, Connecticut, weighing 245 pounds…the 1997 King of the Ring…HUNTER…HEARST…HELMSSSSLEY!

HHH, sporting his fancy ring robe, has his entrance enhanced by his pretentious Beethoven music, which jives well with him repeatedly pointing at his crotch on the way to the ring.

Jim Ross: Should be a good competitive match here between Triple H and Marc Mero, who have some history between them. If you'll recall, King, Mero's first WWF match was against Triple H. Sable was serving as Helmsley's valet that night, which is how she and Mero first met here in the WWF.

Jerry Lawler: If I'd known that was all it took to get Sable in bed I'd have beaten up Mero and taken his place that night.

Jim Ross: I wish you would've too, King. By the way folks, I'd like to pass along to you…I had the chance to share a few quick words with WWF Commissioner Sgt. Slaughter over my headset during the commercial break about this #1 contender match…Commissioner Slaughter said he felt Mankind had earned this shot by putting up a great effort against Kane last night, and similarly for Vader in his leading of Team U.S.A. in the Survivor Series matchup. Since the only winners last night were Kane – who, naturally, isn't going to get a title match after his first match in the WWF – and the Hart Foundation, who have all quit the company…Commissioner Slaughter felt Mankind and Vader were the top two candidates to be #1 contender. Thanks to the commissioner for taking some time out for us.

Match #2
"Marvelous" Marc Mero w/Sable vs. 1997 King of the Ring Hunter Hearst-Helmsley w/Chyna

As J.R. predicted, it is a good, competitive match between two fairly evenly matched competitors. Mero spends the early going trying to goad HHH into a boxing match, which Helmsley is having none of. HHH tries to block Mero's offense, but has a difficult time mustering a defensive effort against Mero's quick jabs.

To Mero's dismay, HHH manages to regroup and turn the tide back toward mat-based wrestling, where the King of the Ring thoroughly schools Mero. Mero keeps trying to survive off jabs and defensive maneuvers, but HHH figures out Mero to the point of being able to pick holes in his offense and take advantage with maneuvers of his own.

Having managed to connect on a big right hook and get HHH off his feet, Mero decides he needs to take advantage, and hoists HHH on his shoulders for the attempted TKO…but Helmsley slips out, and turns Mero around…INTO THE PEDIGREE! He makes the cover…




Winner: HUNTER HEARST-HELMSLEY via pinfall @ 11:31
***ODE TO JOY***

Tony Chimel: Here is your winner…HUNTER…HEARST…HELMSSSSLEY!

Triple H raises his arms in the air in victory, exits the ring, and joins Chyna. The two make their way up the ramp, Helmsley resuming his earlier taunts of the Ottawa fans.

Jim Ross: A good win here for Hunter Hearst-Helmsley, and a strong follow-up to the big night last night for D-Generation X.

Jerry Lawler: It's just like Shawn Michaels said, J.R., DX is taking over wrestling. There's no stopping these guys.

Back in the ring, Mero is sitting on his butt, his hands covering his face. Sable gets in the ring to comfort Mero, but he swats her hands away. Rebuffed, Sable again tries to show her support for her man, but this time Mero scolds her and tells her to leave him alone. Dejected, Sable leaves the ring, Mero now even more somber.

Jim Ross: Well, I don't know what that's all about. Marc Mero obviously very frustrated, but he doesn't need to take it out on Sable. It's not her fault he lost.

Jerry Lawler: Poor Sable. I should go back there and console her.

Jim Ross: Well folks, still to come here tonight…

A graphic appears on the screen, promoting the #1 contender match.

Jim Ross: …it'll be Mankind and Vader battling it out, with the winner to challenge Triple H's comrade, Shawn Michaels, for the WWF Title at In Your House on December 7th. Coming up next, we've got lightheavyweight action. Don't go anywhere, folks! This is Raw, and you never know what's gonna happen next.


As we return from the commercial break, Marc Mero is still in the ring, lying face down on the mat, completely overwhelmed with depression.

Jim Ross: We're back here on Raw, folks, and…well, as you can clearly see, we might have left, but Marc Mero never did. Officials have tried to get him to leave, but he doesn't seem to wanna budge.

Jerry Lawler: Of course he's depressed, J.R. He just lost Sable for no good reason. That would make any man lose his wits.

Jim Ross: Well, I just don't know why Mero has to…wait, what is…

Suddenly, a rather generically dressed guy who looks like he could have been any random crowd member emerges from the side of the ramp, climbs the ring steps, and steps through the ropes. He carries a book in his hand.

Jerry Lawler: What the…who is that?

Jim Ross: Wait a minute, King…that's…that's Goldust!

Jerry Lawler: It is!

Indeed, it is. Goldust – Dustin Rhodes, whatever you want to call him – sans makeup or goofy gimmick attire, stands over Marc Mero, looking down at the man with pity.

Jerry Lawler: Well hey, Goldust can empathize with Marc Mero…I mean, he just lost his wife after all.

Again, King is right in his recollection. It was only recently that Marlena and Goldust had their acrimonious split.

Goldust takes a knee next to Mero, and puts his hand on his head. Mero looks up at Goldust, and gets up to the point that he's in a seated position next to the kneeling Goldust. Goldust smiles at Mero, and hands him the book…The Bible. He pats Mero on the head again and nods at him. Goldust stands up and extends a hand to Mero, who accepts it. Goldust pulls him up, and the two exit the ring together, Mero clutching The Bible close to his chest.

Jim Ross: What the…hell was that?

Jerry Lawler: C'mon, Ross, all sorts of things make a man find religion, and I imagine losing a beautiful woman would probably be one of those things…not that I would know.

Jim Ross: Of course not. Well, make what you will of that, but at least Mero is finally out of the ring so we can move on with the show.

***KAI EN TAI***

Tony Chimel: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is a quarterfinal match in the WWF Lightheavyweight Championship tournament! Making his way to the ring…from Yotsukaido, Japan, weighing 187 pounds…TAKA…MICHINOKUUUUU!

Taka makes his way to the ring, smiling yet focused on the task at hand.

Jim Ross: Taka Michinoku about to take on Devon Storm here in the quarterfinals of the Lightheavyweight Championship tournament that recently got underway. I tell you what, folks, you have to keep an eye on this young man. He is really something else…remarkable speed and agility, a lot of fun to watch, and a great competitor.

Jerry Lawler: Yeah, he's alright. But he's no Brian Christopher.

Jim Ross: I'm sure Brian would agree…he's about as delusional as his dad.

Jerry Lawler: You know his dad?

Ross is in the midst of considering a way to retort that, but then…



The audience pops HUGE as the lights go out.

Jim Ross: What the…we've lost power…


Another massive pop.

Jim Ross: Oh dear Lord…oh my God, it's Kane…


!! PYRO !!


Sure enough, through the fire to a huge pop walks Kane, with Paul Bearer trailing not far behind.

Jim Ross: Through hell, fire, and brimstone, it's Kane! It was last night at Survivor Series that Kane made his in-ring debut in the WWF, in a victorious effort, but…what on earth is Kane doing out here now?

Jerry Lawler: Maybe he's confused. Does he think he's wrestling Taka?

Jim Ross: For God's sake King, does he look like a damn lightweight to you?

Kane steps over the top rope, the red lights blanketing the arena. Kane stares at Taka. Paul Bearer is still standing on the floor, slowly making his way around the ring toward the announce desk. As the music fades and the lights turn back on, Kane adjusts his glove.

Taka stares at Kane with an unsure expression, seeming indecisive at how best to proceed. Concluding his only recourse is to fight, Taka slaps Kane across the chest, which the monster completely no-sells. Kane cocks his head, then reaches his arm up and snatches Taka in a goozle.

Jim Ross: Oh no…c'mon…what the hell did Taka do to deserve this?!

With the audience abuzz, Kane lifts Taka high above his head in a gorilla press. But instead of dropping him, he begins to walk toward the ropes of the announce table side of the ring - Taka still lifted lifelessly in the air – as Paul Bearer shouts direction from the floor below.

Jim Ross: What…what the hell is Kane doing?!

Standing just inside the ropes, Kane takes a few steps backward…then moves quickly ahead…


The crowd explodes out of shock and amazement as Taka goes through the table, rolling into J.R. and knocking the announcer backward, both of them slamming into the guardrail. Ross yells inaudibly as Taka crashes into him, the sound of his headset being ripped off pulsating in the ears of the home viewers.

Jerry Lawler: OH MY GOD!!! J.R., ARE YOU OKAY?!?!

Ross can be faintly heard yelling "GOD DAMMIT!" as the crowd's raucous ovation drowns out the no longer plugged-in announcer.

The audience breaks into a "HOLY SHIT" chant as Kane stands center ring. Though his face cannot be seen, his body language is that of a guy who knows he can dismantle anyone he wants, and is basically just the single baddest motherfucker walking.

The crowd still roaring out of awe, Paul Bearer has grabbed a microphone and stands in front of Kane, sporting the expression of a man with his finger on a nuclear detonator. As he glances around the arena, taking in the crowd, the muffled sound of J.R. reapplying his headset can be heard by the home audience.

Jerry Lawler: J.R.! Did you see that?! That was unbelievable!

Jim Ross: What the hell do you mean did I see that, I just got knocked on my ass! This Kane is a monster! An indestructible, unstoppable monster! The raw strength! The power! And he has no remorse! He has no empathy! He is an amoral instrument of annihilation!

Bearer lifts the microphone to speak.


Kane stands behind Bearer, statuesque, as the rotund manager begins his rant.

Paul Bearer: I know you're watching, Undertaker. TAKE NOTE OF WHAT YOU'VE SEEN HERE! What you've just seen…is a message…to the entire WWF locker room!

Bearer points at the camera as he speaks.

Paul Bearer: What your little brother Kane just did…to that young man over there…

Bearer points toward the destroyed announce table and the still motionless body of Taka.

Paul Bearer: …that's JUST THE BEGINNING! You must FACE YOUR BROTHER, DEADMAN! And until you agree to face Kane one-on-one, this is going to continue EVERY…SINGLE…WEEK! Every week…until you step up and face Kane…he will destroy everyone and everything in his path.

Bearer speaks more solemnly now.

Paul Bearer: And if there happens to be anyone…in the WWF…who wishes Kane's path of destruction to stop…who wishes to not be the victim of the same brutality you've just witnessed here tonight…then you…will GIVE…US…THE UNDERTAKER!

Bearer collects himself after another screaming fit.

Paul Bearer: Deadman…this confrontation…it is unavoidable. It is inevitable. And when it happens…you will stand in awe of your little brother…and you will claim YOUR rightful place…standing…in…HIS…SHADOW!

Bearer steps forward.


As Bearer's face continues trembling in anger, Kane lifts his arms in the air, and brings them down swiftly, unleashing the fire from the ringposts.

!! PYRO !!



Bearer directs Kane to exit the ring. The monster steps over the ropes and heads back up the ramp, with Bearer following behind. The arena now drenched in red lights again, the camera focuses on the still lifeless body of Taka Michinoku, buried under the broken remains of the announce desk. Medical personnel have arrived to tend to him.

Jim Ross: My God…this is unbelievable…

Jerry Lawler: You heard Paul Bearer, J.R.! If The Undertaker won't fight Kane, he's gonna do this every week! It could be anybody! Oh my God, it could be us! This is an unsafe work environment!

Jim Ross: Kane's message has been delivered to his older brother, and I don't think he could have been much clearer. Kane wants The Undertaker, and it looks like he's going to destroy the whole WWF until his wish is granted. Dear Lord. We'll be back.


We return from the commercial break with Flash Funk already in the ring, dancing to his music as enthusiastically as anyone can when they know they just got a jobber entrance.

Tony Chimel: The following contest is scheduled for one fall with a 15 minute time limit. Currently in the ring…from Celebration, Florida, weighing 229 pounds…FLAAAASSSHHH…FUNK!

Funk continues dancing his little heart out as he awaits Ken Shamrock.


Tony Chimel: And, his opponent…being accompanied to the ring by James E. Cornette…from Sacramento, California, weighing 243 pounds…The World's Most Dangerous Man…KEN…SHAMMMMROCK!

Cornette – and yes, he is still carrying a goddamn tennis racket, though no one really knows why – follows Shamrock to the ring, who stands on the ring steps and psyches himself out before entering the ring.

Jim Ross: Well King, I hope ol' Flash doesn't have any stairs in his house, because I got a feeling he isn't going to be walking after this match is over.

Jerry Lawler: This Ken Shamrock is so intense, it's kinda scary, J.R. I wouldn't want to have to fight him, and I'm fearless.

Jim Ross: Oh yeah, I know. Shamrock is already one of the most talented Superstars in the WWF, and now with James E. Cornette apparently guiding his career, I have to think great things are in store for a guy who already had an unlimited ceiling. Say what you will about Jim Cornette's attitude and his tactics, but there's no denying the man knows how to manage wrestlers and get results. As he said, he managed former WWF Champion Yokozuna, among other highly accomplished wrestlers both in the WWF and across the territories. This has the potential to be a highly successful pairing.

Match #4
"The World's Most Dangerous Man" Ken Shamrock w/James E. Cornette vs. Flash Funk

This match is about what you'd expect. Shamrock uses his UFC background to score a great number of leg kicks, largely immobilizing the normally fleet-footed Flash Funk (hooray for alliteration!). The match is basically several minutes of Shamrock hitting his big moves with Flash getting in the occasional offensive maneuver, even managed to hit a missile dropkick for a two count. After that, he was toast.

Shamrock reverses an Irish whip attempt by Flash into a belly-to-belly suplex, which he enjoys so much that he slams Flash to the canvas with two more. He then slaps on the Anklelock, and Flash is smart enough to tap immediately before Shamrock can snap his ankle.

Winner: KEN SHAMROCK via submission @ 6:44

Tony Chimel: The winner of this bout as the result of a submission…The World's Most Dangerous Man…KEN…SHAMMMMMMROCK!

Shamrock lifts his arms in the air, a little blood dripping from his mouth – because Shamrock's mouth always seems to be bleeding for some reason – as Cornette joins him in the ring, applauding Shamrock's effort.

Jim Ross: Another impressive performance by Ken Shamrock, and King, you've gotta think Flash is just the first of many victims for this new partnership of Ken Shamrock and Jim Cornette.

Jerry Lawler: It's pretty hard to beat a guy when your ankle is snapped in two, Ross. No one wants any part of Ken Shamrock.

The camera focuses back on the announce table.

Jim Ross: Well folks, we're gonna take a commercial break, and when we come back…

The Vince McMahon graphic appears on the screen, to jeering from the crowd.

Jim Ross: …I will be stepping into the ring for the much-anticipated response of WWF Owner Vince McMahon in regard to last night's Survivor Series main event. I've got plenty of questions lined up for the owner, and I promise you that you don't want to miss this. Vince McMahon, live on Raw…when we return.


Raw returns to Jim Ross standing in the ring, microphone in hand…and looking a little dejected.

Jim Ross: Ladies and gentlemen, tonight we were to bring you a live interview between myself and WWF Owner Vince McMahon…

Big heat for Vince.

Jim Ross: …however…I was informed by Mr. McMahon's people during the commercial break…that that interview will not happen here tonight.

Even bigger heat from the disappointed, angry crowd. Ross puts his hands up in an effort to quell the heat.

Jim Ross: I have been informed that Mr. McMahon will participate in a one-on-one interview with me with regard to the events of last night's Survivor Series main event…however…per the owner's directive, that interview will now be broadcast live…at our next In Your House pay-per-view event on December the 7th from Springfield, Massachusetts.

Major heat from the Ottawa fans, who gather that Vince pussied out from facing a hostile pro-Bret Hart crowd in the Hitman's native homeland.

Jim Ross: I had every intention of coming here tonight and asking Mr. McMahon the questions I know many of you here in Ottawa, and our fans watching at home, have on your minds…and for that, I do sincerely apologize. I hope you all enjoy the rest of the show. Thank you very much.

J.R. waves to the crowd and starts to make his way toward the ropes when…



Ross stops in his tracks and turns toward the stage to see the Nation of Domination make its way toward the ring, as Faarooq leads his charges: Rocky "The Rock" Maivia, Kama Mustafa, and D'Lo Brown. The group stands in a line in the ring and does the black power salute before turning their attention to J.R., who has regrouped to do an impromptu interview.

Jim Ross: Faarooq…Nation…what brings you gentlemen out here?

Faarooq: Shut yo ass, honky. The Nation got bidness to attend to.

J.R. seems indifferent to the insult as Faarooq turns toward the camera to make his remarks.

Faarooq: Ever since last night, all we been hearin' is everybody talkin' about people gettin' screwed. Well The Nation could give a rat's hairy ass if some pasty Canuck got his belt taken' from him…

Heat for yet another Bret Hart insult.

Faarooq: …but all the whinin' and cryin' got me to thinkin' about who REALLY gettin' screwed around here. I look at the WWF, and what do I see…I see that fair-haired…golden boy pansy Shawn Michaels…

Heat for Shawn, pop for the insult.

Faarooq: …walkin' around not just WWF Champ, but European Champ too…then you got those two brainless bums, L.O.D., the Tag Champs…

Pop for the Road Warriors.

Faarooq: …and last…but not least…you got a foul-mouthed…skinhead…backward beer-drinkin' *******, Steve Austin, as the Intercontinental Champ.

A big pop for Austin, although some in the crowd voice their displeasure over him taking the IC Title from fellow Canadian Owen Hart the previous night at Survivor Series.

Faarooq: What it mean is, there ain't one black man wearin' gold in the WWF, and The Nation is fixin' to change that. I have you know, this month marks the one year anniversary of the formation of the Nation of Domination, and it's high time The Nation gets to work on changin' things around here. So all the champions of the WWF, consider this yo fair warnin': The Nation is comin' for yo ass.

Heat for Faarooq, who looks stone-faced into the camera. The Nation, standing behind him, shows its support.

Jim Ross: Well, Faarooq, certainly there are…



A truly MASSIVE pop for Stone Cold, as anyone in the Ottawa crowd who was anti-Austin before he came out has suddenly had a change of heart upon seeing the Texas Rattlesnake, who makes his pissed off walk to the ring, carrying his newly won IC Title at his side. Austin grabs the microphone from J.R. and shoos him out of the ring before turning his attention to Faarooq.

Steve Austin: All anybody wants to do tonight is talk…talk…talk…whine…complain…bitch…piss…moan…AND I'VE DAMN WELL HAD IT!

Austin storms around the ring as he talks, his boots covering plenty of ground as The Nation stands in the opposite half of the ring.

Steve Austin: Last night at Survivor Series, I won back this Intercontinental Title…

Austin holds the belt up, specifically for Faarooq to look at.

Steve Austin: …which is pretty damn stupid considerin' I never even lost the damn belt to begin with…but nevertheless, I am the Intercontinental Champ, you want a title match, I'm sick of listen' to you talk, I came here tonight to whoop someone's ass, so how about you and me have a match right here, right now…

Major pop.

Jerry Lawler: Whaaaat?!

Austin gets in Faarooq's face.

Steve Austin: …and you can try to take this Intercontinental belt from this beer-drinkin' bald-headed *******, cause it don't matter if you're white, black, red, blue, or yella, Stone Cold kicks everyone' s ass equally!

Big pop for this. Austin is dead serious. Faarooq's expression hasn't changed a whole lot, though the Nation seems a mix of surprise and excited over the development.

Jim Ross: Austin wants to defend the Intercontinental Title?! Right here, right now?!

Jerry Lawler: He's nuts! Austin's not even dressed to wrestle!

King's analysis is accurate: while Faarooq is (as always) dressed to compete, Austin is just wearing jeans and his trademark Austin 3:16 t-shirt.

Jim Ross: Austin's a competitor! You heard what he said! He'll fight anyone, anytime, anywhere!

Jerry Lawler: J.R., you started this! What have you done?!

Austin stares at Faarooq intensely as the Nation's leader contemplates Stone Cold's challenge.

Faarooq: Austin…you crazy pisshead…I tell you what…you want a match right now…I give you a match right now…

Pop. Austin smirks a little.

Faarooq: …you can have a match…against…Rocky Maivia!

The crowd boos this, as Faarooq points over toward The Rock. Maivia reacts initially with surprise, but hurries to change his expression toward that of a man ready for action.

Jim Ross: Rocky Maivia?! Faarooq just called out Austin, and now that Austin's ready to fight, Faarooq's throwing The Rock in his place!

Jerry Lawler: It's great strategy, Ross!

Austin runs his hand over his bald head.

Steve Austin: So now you want me to fight your little buddy Rocky? With his little beady eyes, and his little haircut?

Rock gives Austin his wide-eyed "the fuck did you just say" expression.

Steve Austin: I tell ya what…if ya wanna see Stone Cold whoop this goofy sumbitch's ass, give me a hell yeah!


With that crowd response, the four members of The Nation begin to slowly converge around Austin, forming a semi-circle that insinuates some shit is about to go down. Austin gives the Clint Eastwood eye to all four of them, takes a look down to collect his thoughts, then looks back up at Faarooq again.

Steve Austin: Sounds unanimous.

And with one swift motion of the wrist, BAM!, Austin whacks Maivia over the head with the microphone, sending The Rock down to the canvas!

As Austin dives down to start hammering away on Kama, the rest of the Nation – excluding Faarooq, as he stands to the side and watches – quickly diverges on the Rattlesnake. Kama, D'Lo, and a regrouped Maivia all kick away on Austin as the crowd begins an "AUS-TIN! AUS-TIN!" chant. The three pile on Austin in the corner of the ring, with Kama whipping Austin into the opposite turnbuckle. Rock builds up a head of steam and charges toward the Rattlesnake…BUT AUSTIN MOVES OUT OF THE WAY, sending Maivia crashing chest-first into the turnbuckle! As The Rock slams into the turnbuckle, Austin bursts out of the corner and takes down D'Lo with a clothesline! Still outnumbered, Austin continues his remarkable comeback, and Mustafa whiffs on a clothesline of his own, and turns around…INTO A STONE COLD STUNNER! With Kama down and the crowd now going apeshit, Austin turns toward a slightly regrouped Rock…AND GIVES HIM A STUNNER AS WELL! Now D'Lo is back on his feet…and c'mon, you know what happens next…a double middle finger salute, and a STUNNER FOR D'LO!

Austin stands center ring, the crowd in a frenzy, middle fingers in the air, as Faarooq has long ago retreated up the ramp (right about the moment when Austin avoided Rock's attempted corner assault) and is standing on the stage shouting profanities at Stone Cold.


Jim Ross: My God! What an amazing, remarkable display!

Jerry Lawler: He just stunned the entire Nation!

Jim Ross: Stone Cold! Outnumbered 3-to-1, just beat the living hell out of the whole Nation of Domination! And Faarooq has retreated to higher ground! Stone Cold Steve Austin, the Intercontinental Champion, is the toughest S.O.B. I've ever seen in my life! And Faarooq wants none of the Rattlesnake!

With Faarooq still looking angrily at Austin and the three carcasses of The Nation leader's subordinates still writhing on the mat, Austin climbs the turnbuckle and salutes the crowd, holding up the Intercontinental Title belt for Faarooq to take a long look at.



Tony Chimel: The following contest is scheduled for one fall with TV time remaining, and it is to determine the #1 contender for the World Wrestling Federation Championship! Making his way to the ring, weighing in at 287 pounds…MAAANNNNNKIIIINNNND!

Mankind stumbles his way down the ramp and rolls into the ring before taking a seat in the corner, still trying to recover from the beating Kane gave him the previous night.

Jim Ross: A huge opportunity here for Mankind, but you have to wonder about his physical and mental state after being the first victim of Kane last night at Survivor Series.

Jerry Lawler: His mental state? You're questioning Mankind's mental state? That's like asking if Napoleon had a high opinion of himself. This guy's already a nutcase, he can't get any worse.

Jim Ross: It might even work to his advantage against an opponent like Vader. And by the way folks, we can confirm that as a result of what we saw between Stone Cold and The Nation moments ago, Steve Austin will indeed take on Rocky Maivia next Monday here on Raw in a non-title contest.

Jerry Lawler: Whaaat?! That Slaughter is an idiot! The Rock didn't do anything wrong! Why should he have to face Austin?!



Tony Chimel: And, his opponent…from the Rocky Mountains, weighing 455 pounds…the man they call…VAAAAADERRRR!

The "big, stinky grizzly bear" as J.R. calls him on his way to the squared circle stands tall in the center of the ring with red lights flashing around him, flexing his enormous arms.

Jim Ross: And you talk about opportunity…this is an opportunity Vader cannot let slip past him. It's logic-defying that the WWF Title has eluded Vader since he arrived in the WWF just under two years ago.

Jerry Lawler: You know why, Ross? Cause he's a choke artist. Vader can't win the big one. He used to be the meanest, baddest guy in wrestling, now he's just a big fat has-been. He even let Team U.S.A., which he was supposed to be the leader of, get beat by a bunch of loser Canadians last night!

Jim Ross: You wanna say that to his face, King? Vader's not lacking for motivation, but perhaps focus has been the problem. In any case, he has a chance to earn a WWF Title shot at In Your House on December 7th with a win here over a man he has a long history with, spanning multiple promotions and several continents. These two were tag team partners under the leadership of Paul Bearer just a few months ago. And don't forget, it was Vader who was Mankind's opponent the night Mankind had his ear torn off in a match in Munich, Germany on March 16, 1994. And you can bet Mankind, Mick Foley, has not forgotten that.

Match #5 – Main Event – #1 Contender for World Wrestling Federation Championship
Mankind vs. Vader

The match starts rather one –sided, with Vader just pummeling the shit out of Mankind, who looks like he's still reeling from the beating Kane gave him at Survivor Series. Vader, keeping in mind the aforementioned defeat of Team U.S.A. to Team Canada the night before, hammers away with a great sense of purpose.

Vader continues several minutes with giant clubbing blows to the back of Mankind, who keeps crumbling in a heap on the mat. As the match progresses, J.R. and King continue their conversation as to why Vader has yet to win the WWF Title, and J.R. proposes that perhaps last night's defeat has reinvigorated Vader, judging by the intense beatdown he's giving Mankind.
Several minutes into the match, offensive blows by Mankind have been few and far between – getting in a free shot every now and then when the Mastodon's guard is down – but Vader secures Mankind in the corner of the ring, and decimates him with a big splash. Vader signals that the end is near, and calls for his vaunted powerbomb.

Vader puts Mankind in position with Foley's head between Vader's legs (if you can find a less erotic way to describe the setup of a powerbomb, I'd like to hear it), and lifts the 287-pounder in the air…but with Mankind at the apex of the powerbomb…HE HOOKS ON THE MANDIBLE CLAW!

The crowd reacts with astonishment while J.R. marks out, as Vader struggles to maintain his balance holding Mankind in the air with Foley's fingers jammed down the Mastodon's throat, until finally…VADER TUMBLES BACKWARD, crashing into the mat, still cradling Mankind in the powerbomb position with the claw hooked in! The referee begins to count…




Winner and NEW #1 contender for the World Wrestling Federation Championship: MANKIND via pinfall @ 13:24

Tony Chimel: Here is your winner, and the #1 contender…MAAAAAAANNNNKIIIINNNND!

A major pop goes up as the lovable whacko Mankind gingerly raises his arm in the air in celebration of his accomplishment as the soothing rhythm of his piano-keyed music plays in the background.

Jim Ross: What a comeback by Mankind! Vader dominated the whole match, but it was one final act of desperate ingenuity that led to Mankind picking up the win, and now he will face Shawn Michaels for the WWF Title at In Your House on December 7th!

Jerry Lawler: Are you kidding me, J.R.? This idiot's the #1 contender? We just finally got a real WWF Champion, we can't afford to risk having someone like Mankind as champion!

Mankind, still holding his sides – his whole body is in so much pain, he could've really picked out any body part – ascends to the second turnbuckle and lifts his arm in the air as Vader angrily rolls out of the ring.

Jim Ross: What an opportunity it will be on December 7th for Mankind, as he…wait a minute…

The crowd suddenly turns hostile, as DX makes a beeline for the ring, assaulting Mankind from behind!

Jim Ross: Damn it! That damn DX! Mankind's been through hell! This is an assault!

Jerry Lawler: Yes! Finish him off, Shawn!

Michaels, Helmsley, and Chyna all kick the shit out of Mankind as Rick Rude stands to the side, watching approvingly.

The camera then focuses on Vader, who has regrouped and is standing at ringside watching the assault. Some in the crowd call for Vader to aid Mankind. The Mastodon looks at the scene, contemplates it…then waves his arms toward the ring as if to say "fuck this" then turns around and walks up the ramp, cussing out the fans who taunt him along the way for failing to help Mankind.

Back in the ring, Helmsley holds up Mankind for Michaels to get in a few free shots, and then caps it off with A SUPERKICK! With Mankind lying motionless in the ring and the crowd pissing all over DX, Michaels grabs the WWF Title belt from the arms of Rick Rude, walks over to Mankind, kneels beside him, and rubs it in his face as DX stands around him. Michaels screams at Mankind, "You will NEVER have this! NEVER! IT'S MINE! IT'S MY COMPANY NOW!" as we fade...



/// END SHOW ///​

WWF Raw is War 11/10/97
Quick Results:

WWF Tag Team Champions Legion of Doom d. The Godwinns by pinfall

1997 King of the Ring Hunter Hearst-Helmsley w/Chyna d. "Marvelous" Marc Mero w/Sable by pinfall

Taka Michinoku NC Devon Storm

"The World's Most Dangerous Man" Ken Shamrock w/James E. Cornette d. Flash Funk by submission

#1 Contender for WWF Championship at In Your House 19: Mankind d. Vader by pinfall

Confirmed for next week:

WWF Intercontinental Champion Steve Austin vs. "The Rock" Rocky Maivia


WWF In Your House 19: Rise of the Showstopper

Confirmed card:

World Wrestling Federation Championship
Shawn Michaels © vs. Mankind

Jim Ross interviews Vince McMahon LIVE

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November 10, 1997
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Didn't have the VCR set to record Raw is War this past Monday night? Here are the quick hits of what you missed.

The Big News: Mankind will face Shawn Michaels for the WWF Title at In Your House 19.

Show summary

DX came out to start the show. J.R. announced the entire Hart Foundation had left the WWF in protest of Survivor Series' ending. Shawn Michaels said Bret Hart quit the WWF because he was embarrassed about Michales making Hart tap out in Hart's home country, and knew he would never beat Michaels. Michaels said he ran Hart and his family "down south with the rest of those dinosaurs" to "play wheelchair wrestling." Triple H took a shot at Ric Flair. Michaels said DX was taking over wrestling. He closed by saying that he is the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be, and his status as WWF Champion proves it.

J.R. plugged both the #1 contender match between Mankind and Vader as well as Ross' interview with Vince McMahon later in the show.

Legion of Doom beat The Godwinns. Story of the match was LOD isolating Phineous and never letting Henry in the match. They won with a Doomsday Device. After the match the New Age Outlaws came out and said they would be the next Tag Team Champions.

Kevin Kelly interviewed Ken Shamrock, who has taken on Jim Cornette as his manager. Cornette said Shamrock is one of the most talented and fastest rising wrestlers in the WWF, but that he needs an experienced manager to guide his career and get him to focus his rage. Cornette referenced having managed Yokozuna to the WWF Title, and said he would do the same for Shamrock.

Triple H beat Marc Mero. After the match Mero was pissed about losing and blew off Sable's attempts to comfort him. Mero was still sulking in the ring after the commercial break, at which point Goldust came out (sans makeup and wearing street clothes), gave him a Bible, and the two walked out together.

Taka Michinoku vs. Devon Storm in the Lightheavyweight Title tournament quarterfinals never happened. Kane came out and threw Taka out of the ring through the announce table. Paul Bearer said Kane would continue assaulting people under Undertaker agreed to fight his brother.

Ken Shamrock beat Flash Funk quickly with the Anklelock.

J.R. was in the ring to interview Vince McMahon, but said he was told just prior to the scheduled interview time that McMahon would instead participate in the interview at In Your House. Instead The Nation came out. Faarooq ran down all the champions in the WWF and voiced displeasure at the lack of a black champion, particularly singling out Steve Austin as an example of what's wrong with the WWF. Naturally Austin then came out. He challenged Faarooq to a title match right there. Faarooq instead told Austin to fight The Rock. Three of the four Nation members (excluding Faarooq) jumped Austin, and after a brief brawl, Austin stunned all three of them as Faarooq retreated.

Mankind beat Vader to earn a WWF Title match at In Your House. Ross and Lawler debated why Vader hasn't won the WWF Title yet; Ross said he thinks it's a lack of focus, while Lawler said Vader is a choke artist. Vader dominated the match. As he had Mankind up on his shoulders for the power bomb, Mankind hooked on the Mandible Claw, causing Vader to tumble backward and be pinned.

After the match DX assaulted Mankind. Vader considered returning to aide Mankind, but opted to leave instead. Michaels superkicked Mankind, rubbed the WWF Title in his face and told him he would never win the title and that the WWF is Michaels' company now.


Quick Results:

WWF Tag Team Champions Legion of Doom d. The Godwinns by pinfall

1997 King of the Ring Hunter Hearst-Helmsley w/ Chyna d. "Marvelous" Marc Mero w/ Sable by pinfall

Taka Michinoku NC Devon Storm

"The World's Most Dangerous Man" Ken Shamrock w/ James E. Cornette d. Flash Funk by submission

#1 Contender for WWF Championship
Mankind d. Vader by pinfall


Confirmed for next week:

WWF Intercontinental Champion Steve Austin vs. "The Rock" Rocky Maivia

D-Generation X holds an auction

Also confirmed for action: Vader, "The World's Most Dangerous Man" Ken Shamrock, Jeff Jarrett, and more!



WWF In Your House 19: Rise of the Showstopper

Confirmed card:

World Wrestling Federation Championship
"The Heartbreak Kid" Shawn Michaels (c) vs. Mankind

Jim Ross interviews Vince McMahon LIVE​


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I absolutely love the idea of retro threads so there was no way I was missing the first show of this one. Right off the bat, I like the way the show opened up without the pyro and what not, when that usually happens it shows how huge the occasion is, and after the whole screw job this is definitely a huge occasion. I do however hope footage of what actually took place does get shown some time throughout the night, simply because it’s too much of a big thing to merely mention. I forgot about Rick Rude and his role as DX’s insurance policy. He’s obviously out here to intro Shawn Michaels which is the way the show had to start. There was no issue anywhere near as hot as this so to capitalise on it immediately is the smart thing to do. I actually liked the way you played on the crowd heat with Rude struggling to speak, it’s a nice touch that a lot of people don’t use. Also, hopefully it’s just done the once tonight, but JR’s comment in between Rude’s bit of dialogue was unnecessary. Whilst it does sound like something JR would say, for future reference, commentary half way through a promo kind of kills the flow of things. The rest of Rude’s intro going for the cheap heat and whatever was fine, but if I’m not mistaken, HBK would call himself “the main event”, not “the main eventer”. I could be wrong but I’m pretty sure that’s the case and little things like that need to be correct. Also, he used to call himself “the icon” as well, as he used to use all his moniker’s in a row, so you can add that one in next time. I’m not going to comment to much more on the HBK part of the promo because from the moment he came out dancing around like a jackass, you pretty much nailed it. From the cracks at Bret and his family, to the cracks at WCW, it was typical arrogant Michaels. I loved how you had Triple H being an ass on the outside of the ring, before he had his little say. You rounded off the promo pretty well, and don’t think I didn’t realise you mentioned attitude either. I think it was clever how you used the end of the promo to almost usher in a new era, and using Bret’s catchphrase was the perfect way to end. Whilst the promo was really good, I can’t help but feel you may have missed a golden opportunity here. Getting a mid card face to interrupt DX and stand up to them would have gotten them mega over straight away, it was still a good promo though, I’m just throwing random thoughts out in the open.

I’m glad that after the break you mentioned what actually took place last night, as well as showed screen shots. It was definitely something I would have harped on about if you didn’t show it. Also, one JR line stood out to me as being out of character. When he said he’d been in the business longer than he’d like to admit, it came off as tacky, and it’s wrong, as he’s always saying “I’ve been in this business so and so years and I’ve never seen anything like this.”

Legion of Doom and The Godwinns going at it for ten minutes would have been horrible to watch/write. The Godwinns were always terrible, and LOD in their 97-98 run were a shell of what they used to be. LOD are your champs though, so it was smart to give them the victory. Billy Gunn and Road Dogg coming out as a newly formed team and letting it be known that they want gold is nice. With that being said, they didn’t actually start being called the Outlaws until after they beat the LOD in real life, so it was weird how you just had the commentators refer to them as such. This was also before they did their usual intro which you used here, so maybe a little something more could have been made from that as well. Anyway, despite the match probably lacking in quality, you’ve at least got something to build on with your tag division now.

I fucking love Jim Cornette and I think the partnership between he and Ken Shamrock is gold. Shamrock was good/great in the ring but was shit on the mic, and Cornette is the best mouth piece in the history of the business. My only issue is that Ken Shamrock was a face, feuding with the Nation of Domination at the time, yet now he’s partnered with the always heel Cornette. I dig the partnership, but you’ve jumped the gun way to early. You should have given it a month or two to build with Cornette slowly getting involved with Shamrock, leading to a Shamrock heel turn. The way you’ve done things is really underwhelming. The interview was still solid though, putting over Shamrock’s ability. Also, just let Cornette do ALL of the talking, don’t worry about Shamrock adding in any one liners for now.

It’s a bit different but I liked how you gave some sort of explanation as to why Mankind and Vader are getting a chance at a title shot, even if it is a bit of a weak one.

Obviously partnered up with Michaels, Triple H is going somewhere so he had to go over Mero here. I can’t really say much else because you don’t go into details with your match recaps (which I’m not negative towards, but keep in mind, occasionally matches can tell a great story), but it looks like you’re going to go with the Sable and Mero eventually break up. I’m really interested to see how you put your own spin on things.

Wow. You’ve definitely got me interested with Goldust, yeah I call him that even without his costume, giving Mero a bible. I can’t wait to see how this develops.

I love how you included the whole “dad” thing in regards to Brian Christopher during Taka’s entrance, made me chuckle. At this stage, nobody really cared about the light heavyweights, so I think it was smart to use Taka as a tool to make the still fresh Kane look like an absolute beast. He has looked untouchable since his debut at this point, and continuing that is the smart thing to do. I’m interested to see how you put your own spin on Kane/’Taker as I actually enjoyed it in real life. Bearer’s promo was solid enough, getting things rolling for what is sure to be Kane killing everybody until ‘Taker gets back. Cool, I look forward to it.

I mark the fuck out for the tennis racquet. More than a little surprised to see Funk last so long with Shamrock, but you still got your point across that Shamrock looked like a million bucks here. Whilst I still don’t buy the way it happened, I’m still excited to see what goes on with this Cornette/Shamrock partnership.

Ugh, was pretty disappointed that we didn’t here from Vince McMahon here, but this kind of tease used to happen all the time in this time period. And teasing it until the PPV adds incentive for people to buy the event so in terms of realism, smart booking. It annoyed me a little as a reader though, but I can look past it.

The Nation of Domination making an appearance was nice, and Faarooq’s promo was pretty well done. It was very in character, had a lot of logic, and I chuckled when he called JR a honky. Austin interrupting was to be expected, although I felt as if things really went downhill once Austin got on the microphone. The general tone of Austin was nice with him wanting to kick some ass, but just the way bits of it was worded didn’t seem like things Austin would say. “I’ve damn well had it” as well as “nevertheless” just sounded a little to formal for Austin talk. I laughed at Faarooq calling Austin a pisshead and throwing Rocky in the ring with Austin sounds good to me. Austin was better at the end, using his usual hell yeah bit, but again, I can’t really see Austin saying “sounds unanimous”. Violence was always going to happen here, although I didn’t like how after having Faarooq talk up the NOD, trying to give them some credibility, you have three of their guys taken out by one. It probably would have been smarter to have the group get the better of Austin here, really build some heat. I’m also curious as to whether there will be any backlash from the group because Faarooq didn’t help out...

The main event probably would have been another slow plodding affair with Mankind not really being that great against wrestlers that were slower than him. I’ve always been a bit of a mark for Vader though, so whilst I don’t think he deserved to win here, I hope you use him well. Anyway, a pretty unique ending to the match which was nice to read, and I’m intrigued to see where you go with Mankind and Michaels. The attack from DX afterward was nice to add some heat to the situation, plus the smartest way to end this show is with DX on top, as they truly are running the company, at the moment.

Overall, whilst there’s PLENTY for you to work on, including characterisations, and doing some research, there’s enough here for me to have faith and want to keep reading. New Age Outlaws have come up pretty quick, as has the Shamrock/Cornette pairing so I’d say don’t be afraid to build things up and take your time with things. Again, a solid-ish show, heaps to work on, but you seem to have the potential, so keep it up, I’ll be reading.
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