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I gonna try to start a new show so tell me what you guys think



Randy Orton*
Bill Goldberg
Bret Hart*
Lex Lugar
Brock Lesnar*
Booker T
Diamond Dallas Page
Scott Steiner*
The Giant (Big Show)
Buff Bagwell*
Matt Morgan*
Ken Shamrock
Johnny Stamboli
Ron Simmons (Farooq)
Bubba Dudley
D-Von Dudley
Brian Adams*
Brian Clarke*
Kenzo Suzuki*
Rene Dupree*
Lance Storm*
Charlie Haas
Sean O’ Haire*

Rey Mysterio Jr. (no mask)*
Ultimo Dragon
Juventud Guerrera (no mask)*
Jushin Liger
Jeff Hardy
Matt Hardy*
Yoshihiro Tajiri
Spike Dudley*
Shannon Moore

I tried to use people who don't wrestle or don't get title shots, but the roster will grow as the show goes on.


CWL Heavyweight Championship
CWL Intercontinental Championship
CWL Television Championship
CWL Cruiserweight Championship
CWL Tag Championship

Weekly Shows

Monday – CWL’s Monday Night Main Event
Thursday- CWL’s Friday Night Fight Night
Sunday- CWL’s Saturday Night Scuffle


January – New Blood Rising
February – St. Valentine’s Day Massacre
March – March Mayhem
April – Spring Stampede
May – Over the Edge
June – CWL Clash of Champions equivalent to WWE Wrestlemania
July- Distribution of Retribution
August- Blaze of Glory
September- Fall Brawl
October- Extreme Halloween
November- Thanksgiving Day Turmoil
December- Winter Warzone

New match names

3 way dance(Triple Threat)

Final 4 match(Fatal-4-Way)

Owner: Shane McMahon*
GM: Mick Foley
Commissioner: Mick Foley

Shane Mcmahon decided to start his own wrestling organization and many superstars of the WWE followed. He decided to air the first show(Main Event) on Monday(May 30th, Memorial Day) to rival his father's WWE Raw. The second show (Fight Night)will be on Friday. On Main Event, he will name the comissoner. There will also be a Battle royal to determine the first CWL Crusierweight Champion, and a the start of a tournament to determin the first CWL Heavyweight Champion. The final match of the tournament will be the first PPV CWL Clash of Champions.

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I'm suprised that Trips, Rock, or some others aren't there, but hey it's your BTB. Nice backstory, and nice list of PPVs. I'll be reading your first show. 1!

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Re: CWL: Championship Wrestling League

The pyros start going off, and the band Papa Roach performs the hit song “Getting Away with Murder”. The crowd starts roaring and chanting C-W-L, C-W-L, C-W-L. The attention is then focused JR and Jerry Lawler.

Jim “JR” Ross: Wlcome to Main Event. First off, I would like to say I am proud to be with this organization.

The crowd starts chanting CWL again.

JR: And Boy do we have a bunch of great matches tonight. First off, the 10-man battle-royal to determine the first CWL Cruiserweight Champion.

Jerry “the king” Lawler: We have some of the greatest cruiserweights in the world. I mean we have SyxX-Pac, Rey Mysterio Jr., Ultimo Dragon, Juventud Guerrera, Jushin Liger, Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy, Yoshihiro Tajiri, Spike Dudley, Nunzio, and Shannon Moore.

JR: That’s gonna be one hell of a match.

Shane McMahon’s music comes on and Shane walks out to the arena. As soon as Shane gets in the arena, Vince McMahon appears on the big screen.

Vince: Shane please think about what you’re doing. Why don’t you just sell this corporation and come back to WWE and forget about all of this.

Shane: Thanks but no thanks. I hate the way you run your business. You don’t give a chance for all wrestlers like Booker T or Rhyno to show their true talent.

Vince: DAMMIT SHANE!!! You can’t be successful with those kind of wrestlers. You’re gonna regret this.

The screen cuts off and the crowd is chanting C-W-L louder than ever.

Shane: Vince is right I can’t be successful. At least without champions. So were going to hold a tournament to determine the CWL Heavyweight Champion. The wrestlers that will be competing will be Scott Steiner, Raven, Booker T, Big Show, Randy Orton, Brock Lesnar, Rhyno, and Goldberg.

JR: Now for the Cruiserweights to begin.

*commercial break*

CWL Cruiserweight Championship

Match #1 – 10 man Battle Royal
SyxX-Pac, Rey Mysterio Jr, Ultimo Dragon, Juventud Guerrera, Jushin Liger, Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy, Yoshihiro Tajiri, Spike Dudley, Shannon Moore, Nunzio

Last 4- SyxX-Pac, Rey Mysterio, Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy

Jeff Hardy and Rey Mysterio are strangling each other by the ropes trying to throw each other over the rope. Then Matt Hardy, who had an alliance with Jeff Hardy throughout the Battle Royal, jumps off the top turnbuckle and dropkicks both Rey and Jeff out of the ring.
Rey Mysterio is eliminated!
Jeff Hardy is eliminated!

SyxX-Pac then kicks Matt over the rope, but Matt is still holding on to the rope. Jeff Hardy is walking up the ramp when he sees Matt barely holding on to the rope on the big screen. Jeff Hardy runs back to the ring and pulls Matt Hardy down.
Matt Hardy is eliminated!
SyxX Pac is the first CWL Cruiserweight Champion.

King: He can’t do that, that’s cheating. That’s Matt’s cruiserweight title.

Todd Grisham is interviewing Test backstage.

Todd Grisham: Test it was just announced that you were in a match for the Television Title.

Test: I know. It’s a bunch of bullshit.

Todd Grisham: What! What do you mean?

Test: I mean in the WWE I didn’t get title shots and I deserve one here. I DESERVE TO BE IN THAT TOURNAMENT. I mean come on they put superstars like Booker T in that tournament. BOOKER T.

Booker T then walks up to him and they have a staredown.

CWL Heavyweight Championship Tournament[/COLOR]
Match #2 – Goldberg vs. Rhyno

Goldberg and Rhyno exchange hard blows at the beginning of the match. This is then followed up by Rhyno throwing Goldberg into all 4 corners and clotheslines him. They then exchange hard slams and suplexes. Goldberg then goes for a hard clothesline and misses. Rhyno catches him with a Gore, but Goldberg falls into the referee. Rhyno realizes the ref is knocked out so he gets a chair and goes to nail Goldberg, but Goldberg spears him. He then picks him up and jackhammers him on the chair. The ref counts to 2 then sees the chair under Rhyno and disqualifies Goldberg.

Rhyno wins by DQ and advances to the semi-finals.

JR: Goldberg was screwed.

Jerry Lawler: That’s what he gets for doing that vicious move on a steel chair.

CWL Television Championship

Match #3 – Test vs. Rene Dupree

Near the end of the match, Test hits Rene Dupree with a big boot. Kenzo Suzuki tries to help, but the ref stops him. While the ref is distracted, Test has his head down talking trash to Rene Dupree. Booker T runs in the ring and gives Test a scissors kick. He then puts Rene’s arm on Test. The ref counts 1………..2…………………..3.
Rene Dupree wins via pinfall.

Todd Grisham: You have a match with Booker T tonight. You just saw Test fall to the Scissors Kick. Do this make you nervous ?

Randy Orton: There is a reason they call me the greatest. There is a reason I was the youngest WWE champion. There is a reason Shane McMahon called me to be on CWL. There also is a reason he put in this tournament. I am the future of wrestling, and I not about to let a scissors kick change that. Even if he does manage to hit with a scissors kick. My partner will make sure I win.

Randy Orton pulls Stacy Keibler closer him.

My God that’s Stacy Keibler. Is she with WWE or CWL?

King: I sure hope she’s with us.

JR: Out next match is supposed to be The Hardy Boyz vs. KroniK, but I don’t think that is going to happen.

Matt Hardy’s music comes on, and he walks to the ring with Sean O’ Haire.

Matt Hardy: Obviously, Jeff Hardy can’t be my partner simply because he’s jealous of me.

King: That’s right Matt. Tell it to them.

Matt Hardy: He’s always known that I’ve been the better Hardy Boy. That’s why he screwed me for CWL Cruiserweight Title, but enough of him. I would now like to introduce the new Hardy Boy Sean O’ Haire.

The crowd starts booing until KroniK’s music comes on.

CWL Tag Team Championship

Match #4 – KroniK (Brian Adams & Brian Clarke) vs. The Hardy Boyz (Matt Hardy & Sean O’ Haire)
Finish: Matt Hardy & Brian Clarke are in the ring. Matt Hardy catches him with a Twist of Fate and a Leg Drop from the top rope. After Matt Hardy hits the Leg Drop, Sean O’ Haire goes on top rope to hit a Seanton Bomb. Jeff Hardy and SyxX-Pac run in with a chair. Jeff Hardy hammers Sean O’ Haire with a steel chair. Matt Hardy is yelling at Jeff from the inside of the ring when Brian Clarke tags Brian Adams. They both hit Matt with a double chokeslam. Brian Adams pins him.
KroniK wins via pinfall.

King: Jeff screws Matt again. This madness has to stop.

JR: If you ask me, he deserves it.

King: Matt’s right Jeff is jealous of him.

CWL Intercontinental Championship

Match #5 – Ken Shamrock vs. Kenzo Suzuki

Very easy match. Kenzo Suzuki taps out to the Ankle Lock.
Ken Shamrock wins via submission.
After the match Kurt Angle runs out in WWE T-Shirt and puts Ken Shamrock in a deadly ankle lock.

JR: My God, he not letting go. Somebody get help.

After about 3 minutes Mick Foley comes out with security.

Kurt Angle: This will never the WWE. This isn’t real talent. These guys are has-beens. I can make every guy in that locker-room tap out.

Mick Foley:
Get him out of here.

CWL Heavyweight Championship Tournament

Match #6 – Booker T vs. Randy Orton

Big Finish: Booker T goes for a Super Kick but misses and hits the referee. Then gets another opportunity to get Randy Orton with a Scissors Kick, but Vince McMahon comes in with Kane in WWE shirts and hits Booker T with a chair hard busting him open. Shane McMahon then runs out with a chair but gets big booted by Kane. Vince then drops the chair and repeatedly punches Shane. Randy Orton picks up the chair hits Kane knocking him out of the ring. Then Vince McMahon charges at him but runs straight into and RKO. Booker T is waiting for Randy Orton to turn around and when he does Bookler T gives him a Book End. Test then runs in and Big Boots Booker T, and puts Randy Orton on Booker. 1……….2………………..3!!
Randy Orton wins via pinfall!!!
JR: Vince’s attempt to destroy CWL failed.

Test then grabs a bloody Shane and a very fatigued Randy Orton and they walk out with their fists up. Vince McMahon has a very disappointed look on his face.

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Wow great show. You need to add way more detail to your matches. I like the Randy Orton interview. Also it seemed like your Ken Shamrock vs Kenzo Suzuki was a joke match. You had 2 sentences for that match. Just a tip. Im just saying you should do more.

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Re: CWL: Championship Wrestling League

Thanx!! I try to add more detail on Friday night Fight Night. The next 2 matches in the tournament will be Raven vs. Big Show & Lesnar vs. Steiner. Also, THe Hardy Boyz V1 (Matt Hardy & Sean O' Haire) vs. Team Extreme (Jeff Hardy & SyxX-Pac)

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Thats pretty good. Looking forward to the Lesnar vs Steiner match. That should be good and should be added with much detail. Great job. Cant wait.

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Looking good man, sad that there was barely any promos. Need to put more detail in the promos you do have and make them more incharacter. But for a first show, it wasnt bad. Ill be looking for an improvement on your next show.

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as mikebibby said there werent any promos, bu it was a fair attempt for a first show, thought you should put more detail in your matches, and have more then 3 colours in the whole show, apart from that, not bad attempt. 6.5/10
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