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-Sorry this isnt in color or bold or italics, in a rush-

Championship Wrestling Federation is my new thread. I was supposed to do something with nabs a couple weeks back but I dont know what happened to him so Im moving on to my own show. Its called Championship Wrestling Federation and is a mixture of with some former WCW and some TNA wrestlers but is mostly WWE wrestlers (More WCW and TNA to come eventually). It is owned by Vince Mcmahon and has a contract with Fox Sports Net. It is one brand and is one show a week (for now). The show is called CWF Nitro and is every Monday night. Here is the roster..

General Manager-
Eric Bischoff

World Heavyweight Champion- Vacant
Intercontinental Championship- Vacant
United States Championship- Vacant (3rd ranked singles belt)
Tag Team Champions- Vacant
Cruiserweight Champion- Vacant
Womens Champion- Vacant

Heavyweight Division-
Triple H
Kurt Angle
Shawn Michaels
Chris Beniot
Chris Jericho
Randy Orton
Booker T.-Injured
Buff Bagwell
Billy Gunn
Shelton Benjamin-Injured
Charlie Haas
John Cena
Luther Reigns
Mark Jindrak
Bubba Dudley
D'von Dudley
Shawn Stasiak-Injured
Sean O'Haire
Rob Van Dam
Rey Mysterio
Eddie Guerrero
Chuck Palumbo
Rico- Inactive

Rey Mysterio
Billy Kidman
Paul London
Juvi Guerrera
Scotty 2 Hotty
Dean Malenko
Aj Styles- Injured
Ultimo Dragon
Elix Skipper
Hurricane Helms
Shannon Moore

Trish Stratus
Gail Kim
Stacy Keibler
Torrie Wilson

Tag Team Division
Rey Mysterio and RVD
Billy Kidman and Paul London
Hurricane Helms and Shannon Moore
Psicosis and Juvi
Reigns and Jindrak
The Dudleys
Jindrak and O'Haire

Evolutition- Triple H, Batista, Randy Orton

Also, if anyone could make me a banner, I would bow down on my knees to you. Just post a reply about it and Ill PM you with details.

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Not bad with the roster

you should put 3 more wrestlers into your roster, it should be The Kings Of Wrestling form TNA (Jeff Jarret, Scott Hall, and Kevin Nash) Just so they could fude with Evolutition see wat im saying man. The Kings Wrestling vs Evolutition

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:O I actually had that idea planned like months down the line lol. I will bring more and more wrestlers this is just a starting roster. Crazy that we both had the same idea.. But thanks guys for the replies and a preview will be up tommorow night with a show to be posted Monday, if not sooner.

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LoL oh u will Showstopper lol. Here is some the preview for Nitro.

IN the first edition of CWF Nitro, Vince Mcmahon will be on hand to introduce the product to the fans live in Atlanta, Georgia. You will find out about the champions and the stars of CWF. Who will be World Heavyweight Champion? With all the titles being vacant, this should be an exciting night. We have been told by special sources that the majority of the titles will be on the line but we only know one title match that will take place at this time.

Confirmed Matches-

Billy Gunn vs Buff Bagwell- United States Championship


Reportedly John Cena has a slight ankle injury. The injury is said not to be serious and John Cena is pushing to be at the debut show but management fears that it would be to early and the injury would become lingering so he will likely give it a month to heal.

The CWF management would like to announce the signing of Maven. We are proud to get a kid with this much talent and we are sure he will make an impact.

CWF management has been proud of the in ring work of Charlie Haas, in their "Closed Door" practices for Nitro. The Management is very high on this kid.

CWF is also happy with AJ Styles who is recovering from a seperated shoulder. Reportedly he will not miss to much longer and when he comes back, expect him to go for other gold besides the Cruiserweight Title. Apparently is in line for a nice push.

K Guys that is my preview/ news. Expect the first show Monday at the latest. I would say it will probably be up this weekend. Thanks for the replies and keep them coming :)

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First off here is my CWF NITRO banner made by RedCold (Stupidity)

Ok Here is the CWF PPV Schedule!! We are down in December at CWF Starcade! The three top ppvs are Starcade,Royal Rumble, Wrestlemania.

January PPV- CWF Royal Rumble
Febuary PPV- CWF Bad Blood
March PPV- CWF Wrestlemania
April PPV- CWF Payback
May PPV- CWF No Holds Barred
June PPV- CWF King Of The Ring
July PPV- CWF Great American Bash
August PPV- CWF Summerslam
September PPV- CWF War Games
October PPV- CWF Halloween Havoc
November PPV- CWF Mayhem
December PPV- CWF Starcade

Also, School has been cancelled for today and Friday so expect Nitro up early. Maybe Friday.

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Surprise Surpise. What a treat huh? I worked hard this morning to get this up. Thats right its CWF NITRO Week 1 waaay early. I worked hard on this so please read and enjoy and maybe reply? :p

Till I Collapse" by Eminem, 50 Cent, and Nate Dogg plays as a video of numerous CWF wrestlers are shown. The video ends and the crowd begins to erupt in the sold out Philips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia. We go ringside with JR and The King.

Jim Ross- Well ladies and gentlemen, welcome to CWF Nitro. The first ever CWF Nitro and this will be one slobberknocker of a show if you know what I mean.

Jerry Lawler- You said it Jr. This will be a historic night. The first night ever of the CWF. This is going to be great. I cant wait!

Jim Ross- Me either King, and we wont have to wait long because Vince Mcmahon will address everyone and let us know about the title situations among other things.

Sure Enough "No Chance" explodes over the PA system and CWF owner Vince Mcmahon struts down the ramp to a mixed reaction. Vince gets in the ring and grabs a mic as the crowd silences down for the owner.

Vince Mcmahon- Thank you very much! And welcome to the first edition of CWF Nitro! I can assure you that CWF will provide you all with quality entertainment and will, as Stone Cold Steve Austin would put it, open up a can of whoop ass on the ratings! Now onto tonight and onto the championship situations. Every single championship in the CWF will be on the line tonight...except the World Heavyweight Championship. First off the Women's title will be on the line because it will be Trish Stratus taking on.. Lita taking on Jazz taking on Victoria!! Also for the cruiserweight championship it will be Kidman vs Hurricane Helms vs Juvi Guerrera vs Psicosis vs Paul London vs Elix Skipper! For the United States Championship it will be Billy Gunn vs Buff Bagwell! As for the Intercontinental Championship and the Tag Team titles, they will be announced later on. Now onto the World Heavyweight Title. The World Heavyweight Title will be decided in a 16 man tournament! 2 of the matches will occur tonight in this very ring. The first match will be Eddie Guerrero taking on Charlie Haas! And the second match will be The Undertaker vs Batista! Now onto the general manager, Eric Bischoff. He will not be here tonight because tonight is MY night. But Eric will make his debut next week on Nitro. So enjoy yourselves!

"No Chance" rehits and we go to commercial break.


We return an go back to Jr and The King at ringside.

Jr- Well some big announcements by the boss. All the titles on the line tonight except for the World title which will be decided in the tournament.

King- And what about the tournament matches tonight? Eddie Guerrero vs Charlie Haas and The Undertaker vs Batista! What matches!

We go to the ring where Jazz, Victoria, and Trish are in the ring. "LoveFuryPassion" hits and Lita comes to the ring to a huge pop.

Lita vs Jazz vs Victoria vs Trish Stratus- Womens Championship

The Finish- Jazz and Victoria battle outside the ring and Trish counters a hurricanrana by Lita into a rollup and grabs a handful of pants to get the three count.

Winner and NEW Womens Champion- Trish Stratus

Trish celebrates in the ring as Jazz and Victoria look pissed and Lita shakes her head at being cheated. We then go backstage where Vince Mcmahon is in his office. Rey Mysterio then walks in.

Rey Mysterio- Yo.. Mr. Mcmahon!

Vince Mcmahon- Yes Rey, can I help you?

Rey Mysterio- Yeah you can. I was just curious as to why I wasnt part of the cruiserweight match here tonight.

Vince Mcmahon- Ah, yes. I knew you would ask about that. And as much as I wanted you to be in that match, tonight you were already booked in a match.

Rey Mysterio- Oh Ok great. Those tag titles are coming home with me and Rob tonight!

Vince Mcmahon- We will see.

We then go back to a lockerroom where Chris Beniot and Chris Jericho are talking.

Chris Beniot- Yeah I talked to Vince and because of all the championships, we both have the night off.

Chris Jericho- The night off?

Chris Beniot- Yeah we are off but we both have a match next week.

Chris Jericho- Awesome

Suddenly Randy Orton walks up to the two.

Randy Orton- Ah yes the two best technical wrestlers in CWF. Chris Beniot and Chris Jericho

Chris Beniot- What the hell do you want?

Randy Orton- Well I just got back from Vince Mcmahon's office and he has told me my match for next week in the tournament. He is also going to announce the whole tournament later but he already informed me of my match.

Chris Jericho- And..

Randy Orton- And.. next week it will be me in one corner and Chris Jericho in the other! So Chris.. Good luck because you are going to need it

Orton then spits in Jericho's face and walks off laughing as Beniot holds Jericho back.


We return as we are in Evolution's lockerroom where Batista and Triple H are talking.

Triple H- You got this Dave. You got this. Tonight is your night man.

Batista- Damn right. Tonight The Undertaker is going to wish he really was a deadman! So who are you going to face in the tournament?

Triple H- I dont know yet, Vince will announce it later on. But does it really matter? I mean I am The Game! It could be anybody on the planet and I would advance.

Randy Orton then walks in with a smug look on his face.

Orton- Whats up guys?

Batista- Just getting ready for my match.

Triple H- Where you been?

Orton- Just sending a little messege to Jericho. So the plan still good for tonight?

Triple H- Oh Yeah!

We return to Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler.

Jim Ross- What? What plan? What is Evolution planning tonight?

Jerry Lawler- Im guessing it has something to do with The Undertaker?

"The One" hits as Billy Gunn makes his way to the ring to a nice pop. He taunts as "The Stuff" hits and Buff Bagwell taunts his way to the ring to a nice pop as well. Buff then takes a sign thats says "The One and Only" and rips it in half and gets booed. He rolls in and Billy immediately goes on the attack as the bell rings.

Jim Ross- What a jackass!

Jerry Lawler- I know Billy not giving Buff a chance to get ready!

Jim Ross- Im not talking about that King.

Buff Bagwell vs Billy Gunn- United States Championship​

The Finish- Buff has cheated and taunted all the way through but cant put Gunn away. Buff goes for the Blockbuster but lands on his back. As he gets up, he gets hit with the Fame-Ass-Er!

Jim Ross- Billy did it! Billy is the United States Champion!

Jerry Lawler- What a cheater!

Jim Ross- Cheat? Are you crazy?

"The One" rehits as Gunn celebrates with the title. Chuck Palumbo then walks out on stage and looks in the ring at Billy, who looks back at him. Chuck nods his head and walks to the back.

Vince Mcmahon is then shown on the titantron as Billy walks backstage.

Vince Mcmahon- Well. Well. Well. It has been a great night so far if I say so myself. Now first what I would like to do is announce the match for the Intercontinental Championship match later tonight. In that very ring it is going to be Christian... taking on his brother...EDGE! But that isnt all. Another thing I would like to mention is that I know that Evolution has some plan tonight to screw The Undertaker out of the tournament. Well that just is not going to happen. Because tonight, when Batista takes on The Undertaker, Evolution is barred from ringside! Now last but not least lets finish with the brackets for the World Heavyweight Championship Tournament. Already 3 of the 8 first round matches were announced. Those being Eddie Guerrero vs Charlie Haas, Batista vs Undertaker, and Orton vs Jericho, as for the rest, in no order here they are, Edge vs Kane, Shawn Michaels vs Christian, Kurt Angle vs Rey Mysterio, Rov Van Dam vs Triple H, and Chris Beniot vs a superstar that will take the place of an injured John Cena, a man who was just signed and I would like to give a chance. So it will be Chris Beniot vs Maven. Thank you and enjoy the rest of your evening.


Jr- Wow, fans what a match we have up next for you, the first main event of the evening! Charlie Haas vs Eddie Guerrero.

King- This is going to be great, and remember this is a part of the World Title Tournament.

World's Greatest" hits as Charlie Haas comes out in a red and silver wrestling singlet to a big pop for the first main event of the evening. He rolls in and taunts the crowd as "Lie, Cheat, Steal" hits and Eddie Guerrero makes his way to the ring to another big pop. He rolls in the ring and the two shake hands as the bell rings.

Charlie Haas vs Eddie Guerrero- First Round

The Finish- High paced match with a lot of high spots mixed with some wrestling. Eddie goes for the Three Amigos but after two suplexes, Haas counters into a fisherman's suplex. Haas rests as Eddie gets up and then he catches him with a T-Bone Suplex! He covers quickly for the three count and the upset victory!

Jr- Haas did it! Haas beat Eddie! What a win!

King- What a match! This kid is for real Jr!

Haas celebrates in the ring as Eddie rises to his feet. The two staredown and then Haas extendes his hand and Eddie shakes it. He then raises Haas' arm as we go backstage where Josh Matthews is interviewing Christian.

Josh Matthews- Well tonight Christian you take on your brother Edge for the Vacated Intercontinental Championship and..

Christian- Blah! Blah! Blah! Jackson, Im going to tell you..

Josh Matthews- Um, its Josh.

Christian- Oh right. John tonight I am going to beat my brother Edge to a bloody pulp! You see its always been about Edge. Always since the day we walked into the WWE. Well all that is about to change! This is my night and this is my time. Tonight I will show you why the whole Peepulation is behind me!

Josh Matthews- But Trish Stratus is no longer by your side..

Christian- Like I need her? I kicked her to the curb! Its ALL about CHRISTIAN! Im Captin Freeking Charisma, you think I need her? And..

Shawn Michaels is then shown walking by drinking a bottle of water.

Christian- And look at this hasbeen! After I beat Edge, next week I take on this chump. Im going to be on a roll.

Shawn Michaels- Christian do you think it is going to be that easy? You think Im a hasbeen? Well let me tell you something Christian. Im better then you anyday! But if you dont think so... lets take this to the ring TONIGHT! Why wait?

Christian- Oh I would love to whoop your washed up ass here tonight, but if you remember.. I have a match.

Shawn smirks and walks off as Christian looks on, fuming.

Jr- Whoa. If Christian thinks Shawn Michaels is just going to back down and take that, well I guess HBK proved him wrong.

King- What are you talking about? Shawn Michaels interupted Christian's interview!

We then go back stage in the hallway infront of a door that reads "THE UNDERTAKER". Kane is then shown walking by and walking in the room.

Jr- Whats that about?

King- Who knows with those two.

Jr- Well ladies and gentlemen when we get back, the tag titles will be on the line.


"Drop The Bombshell" hits and The Dudleys sprint to the ring to a nice pop. They taunt the crowd as "Perfection" hits and Mark Jindrak comes to the ring followed by Luther Reigns to some heat. "619" hits and Rey Mysterio and RVD come to the ring to a huge pop!

Rey Mysterio/RVD vs Jindrak/Reigns vs Dudleys- Tag Team Championship

The Finish- Back and forth match between the three with Rey hitting a 619 to Jindrak followed by a 5 Star Frogsplash and a three count.

Winner and NEW Tag Team Champions- Rey Mysterio and Rob Van Dam

Jr- Well what a match. Congratulations to the new tag team champions!

Rey and RVD celebrate as the two other teams go backstage. Suddenly Triple H comes from the crowd and clotheslines RVD in the back of the head. Kurt Angle then runs to the ring and beats down on Rey. The two beat down their seperate opponents as Randy Orton runs to the ring to help Triple H double team RVD. Angle has Mysterio in the ankle lock as Jericho runs to the ring and attacks Orton! Suddenly coming from the curtain Edge comes flying. Kane then walks out and apparently he attacked Edge. The two fight to the ring as Shawn Michaels runs out to help. This brings out Christian and those two begin brawling. Each man battles with their opponent as Chris Beniot and Maven are shown watching a moniter laughing. Suddenly Vince Mcmahon walks out on stage.

King- Finally someone will put a stop to this.

Jr- This is insane King.

Vince Mcmahon- STOP!! PUT A STOP TO THE RIGHT NOW! I said stop damnit!

Everyone stops brawling and looks up at Vince Mcmahon.

Vince Mcmahon- This is going to stop right now! As of right now, noone can put a hand on their opponent until their match takes place.If you do.. you will be disqualified from the tournament! Now everyone get out of the ring except for Edge and Christian because their match is next!


Jr- Well welcome back everybody. This has been one hell of a night and just moments ago there was a brawl featuring most of the people involved in the World Heavyweight Championship Tournament.

King- Vince Mcmahon then came out and ordered everyone out of the ring but Edge and Christian and said that if anyone touched each other prior to their match, they would be kicked out of the tournament!

Jr-Well during the break, the superstars were escorted backstage and we are now ready for the Intercontinental Championship match. Edge vs Christian, brother vs brother.

King- This is going to be great.

Both men are in the ring and have a staredown before the bell rings and the two begin to fight.

Edge vs Christian- Intercontinental Championship

The Finish- Back and forth action with Christian trying to cheat the whole time but not being able to put Edge away. The ref gets knocked down and Christian nails Edge with a DDT. He then rolls out of the ring and grabs the title. He rolls back in and waits as Edge gets up and Christian nails him with the title!He covers as the ref comes back to and counts the three count.

Winner and NEW Intercontinental Champion- Christian

Jr- Damnit! Christian has cheated his way to the Intercontinental Championship.

King- What are you talking about? He did it for the peeps around the world!

Christian celebrates in the ring and bows to his knees and kisses the title. HBK then walks out on stage and looks at Christian, who looks back and raises his title. HBK then shakes his head and smiles before walking backstage.


We return as all of the participants for the Cruiserweight 6 man elimination match are in the ring.

Jr- This is going to be explosive.

King- This match is going to be high-flying galore!

Kidman vs Helms vs London vs Guerrera vs Skipper vs Psicosis- Cruiserweight Championship​

The Finish- A high flying match with a lot of expected high spots. Psicosis was eliminated first, followed by Hurricane, then London, followed by Juvi. Final two are Skipper and Kidman. Skipper goes for a powerbomb but Kidman reverses into a hurricanrana and then nails a Shooting Star Press! 1,2,3!

Winner and NEW Cruiserweight Champion- Billy Kidman

Jr- What a match and what a win for Billy Kidman!

King- Kidman is the new cruiserweight champion and the first cruiserweight champion.

Kidman celebrates but it is short lived as CHAVO GUERRERO comes from the croud and attacks him from behind! He picks up the title and nails him in the face with it! He then lays it down and picks him up before executing a brainbuster on the title! Chavo celebrates to boos.

Jr- What a cheap shot! Chavo has assaulted the champion! He wasn't supposed to be here tonight.

King- Well he was, and his impact was felt.

Jr- Well ladies and gentlemen, our main event is up next. Batista takes on The Undertaker, Evolution is barred from ringside and by God.. its next!


Jr- Welcome back ladies and gentlemen and this main event will not be for the weak at heart.

King- This is going to be one hell of a fight and one hell of a brawl.

Jr- Put the women and children to bed, folks.

"Batista" hits as Batista makes his way to the ring alone. He gets a decent pop despite being a heel and rolls in the ring and taunts the crowd. The lights then go out and "" hits as blue smoke fills the arena. After a minute or so The Undertaker appears on the stage to a HUGE pop. The Undertaker walks down the ramp but Batista doesnt look scared. Undertaker gets in and Batista immediately goes on the attack as the bell rings.

The Undertaker vs Batista- First Round of Tournament​

The Finish- Basic brawl match with a nice moveset from Taker. Batista put in a lot of power moves but couldn't put him away. Batista charges at Taker, who ducks and he knocks out the ref. Batista turns around and is hit with a CHOKESLAM!! Undertaker then picks up Batista and throws him over his shoulder and nails the Tombstone! Taker covers but there is no ref. The lights then go out and "Slow Chemical" hits and Kane makes his way to the ring to a nice pop. Kane rolls in the ring and picks up Batista. He grabs him by the throat and as does Taker and they are about to hit a double chokeslam. Then Kane lets go and grabs The Undertaker?! He then lifts him up and nails a chokeslam! He picks him up and nails a tombstone to him and places Batista on top of him. The ref comes to and counts the three count!

Winner and Advancing- Batista!

"Evolution" hits as Orton and Triple H run to the ring to celebrate with Batista. The three continue to beat down Taker and celebrate as the first Nitro comes to a fade.

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Good job for a first show. Commentary was good and the idea for a World Title tournament is a good one. Interesting to see both Eddie and Undertaker out in the first round but it should lead to a good fued between Taker and Kane. A possible area for improvement could be the promos making them longer.

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Nice Roster there! And a great first show.
Every wrestler was used great!
I can see your a WCW Mark, like me....and it shows. Great to see Buff on the roster as a heel. I would have prefered him to win the title. I think Chuck may turn on Billy Gunn...we will just have to see.

The backstage promos were great, especially Christians.
And it was excellent with Christian getting the win. Charlie Haas has a huge push, lets see where it takes him.
Good to see great CW's on the roster, and Kidman capturing the title.

Nice Work Mike!

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