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Hello guys this is my first ever try at doing a fan fiction/be the booker wrestling company so your more than welcome to give me some helpful tips on how to improve my wrestling company.

OK first of all I will have about 1 show a week but might have a few this weekend just to hype up the start of CWF. My shows will be called Lightning

Ladies and Gentlemen this is my roster:

2 Cold Scorpio
AJ Styles
Alex Shelly
Billy Kidman
Cassidy O Reily
Chris Sabin
'Fallen Angel' Christopher Daniels
CM Punk
Danny Doring
El Generico
Essa Rios
Evan Karagias
Frankie 'Mr Cool' Kazarian
Grandmaster Sexay
'Jumpin' Jack Evans
Jason Cross
Jeff Hardy
Jerelle Clark
Jerry Lynn
Jimmy Jacobs
Kazushi Miyamoto
Low Ki
Matt Hardy
Michael Shane
Paul London
Petey Williams
'Primetime' Elix Skipper
Ron 'The Truth' Killings
Scotty 2 Hotty
Shannon 'The Prince Of Punk' Moore
Sonjay Dutt
Spike Dudley
Super Crazy
Taka Michinoku
Teddy Hart
The Amazing Red
The DJ
The Hurricane
Ultimo Dragon
X Pac
Zach Gowen

There is my roster of 45 superstars. The first show will be later tonight.

P.S Feel free to post what you think of the roster.

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Hello The Prince Of Punk this is a very good idea for a new wrestling federation. Good Luck with everything and I hope it all goes well with the writing if you need any help just ask me because I love doing things like this.

BTW Hello everybody at Wrestling Edge forums this is my first post i have read this site for a little while and so far like what I see you guys seem like a very friendly bunch of people so I hope that I will enjoy my stay here, Like I said so far and so good so WE Forum posters keep it up :cool:

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Total Madness said:
Hello The Prince Of Punk this is a very good idea for a new wrestling federation. Good Luck with everything and I hope it all goes well with the writing if you need any help just ask me because I love doing things like this.

BTW Hello everybody at Wrestling Edge forums this is my first post i have read this site for a little while and so far like what I see you guys seem like a very friendly bunch of people so I hope that I will enjoy my stay here, Like I said so far and so good so WE Forum posters keep it up :cool:
Hey thankyou dude in fact I do need help. Before writing this thread I realised I didn't have much time on my hands so if you want to do the first couple of shows you can.

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The Prince Of Punk said:
Hey thankyou dude in fact I do need help. Before writing this thread I realised I didn't have much time on my hands so if you want to do the first couple of shows you can.
Cool I'll get the first show of Lightning up tonight I have already wrote it before so it shouldn't be hard. I will also write the second show tonight if it is alright with you The Prince Of Punk.

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aks<19> said:
well i'm not a huge fan of cruiserweights but let's see how you pull this off. i guess you'll be having just 1 title in your show!!
Well... I don't know about how The Prince Of Punk will feel about this but I want to have an International Title, a Cruiserweight Title (Which of course would be like the WWE's world title) and the Cruiserweight Tag-Team title. So those are the titles that I want to see in the federation so like you said lets see how it will all work out.

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Lightning First Episode:

Michael Cole: Good evening Ladies & Gentlemen and welcome to the first ever event of Lightning I'm Michael Cole and I am joined my none other then The King himself Mr Jerry Lawler.
Jerry 'The King' Lawler: HaHa it's the begining of a new era in wrestling federations yeah that's right many people said that it never could be done but we have proved everyone that thought that wrong.
Michael Cole That's right king now we take you to Lillian Garcia with that national anthem.

Lillian Garcia sings the American national anthem.

Let The The Bodies Hit The Floor hits and out comes the brand new CWF general manager it is none other then...............Paul Heyman

Paul Heyman: Well...Well... Well... Just when everyone thought that could old Mr Paul Heyman was down and out look who it is. The WWE killed my creation of ECW but they will never be able to kill my other creation the CWF the Cruiserweight Wrestling Federation. Yeah that's right I said Cruiserweight Wrestling Federation you have to be under 230 pounds or your out of the buisness. This creation of mine is to bring the Cruiserweights who get shadowed out by the big guys of Vince McMahons WWE to the top. Just like ECW evry match here is ECW rules plus if I feel like it I will add more stipulations to the match. If you think that the named superstars on the roster is the only talent we have got well you are very wrong because I have a few more suprises.

Jason Cross VS The Amazing Red

The Amazing Red enters the ring and climbs up on the turnbuckles. Jason Cross runs down the entrence ramp and into the ringThere was a bit of trash talking before the first bell Ding...Ding...Ding There goes the first bell and they're at it a swinging neckbreaker to Amazing Red by Jason Cross. Cross gets him back up and hits him with a few stiff right hands to the cheekbone of Amazing Red. Cross sends him into the ropes and hits him with the Lou Thesz press. Cross then with a virtical suplex that sends Amazing Red crashing down into the canvas. 1...2.. Kickout Amazing Red wiith a counter to another Irish wip and hits him with the Code Red. The Amazing Red gets up and goes to the top rope. Amazing Red hits him with the Red Edge and Cross is down. 1...2.. Kickout Amazing Red kicks Jason Cross in the face and tries the suplex but it is blocked by Cross. Jason Cross hits him with a brainbuster then goes to the top rope what could this be?.... CROSSFIRE OMG!! Jason Cross hits his finisher 1...2...3 And the winner is Jason Cross.

Winner: Jason Cross

Lets take a look at the replay http://www.wrestlingencyclopedia.com.../crossfire.WMV

We go backstage to Josh Matthews and he's with Paul London.

Josh Matthews: Paul what do you think about the CWF?
Paul London: Well now it gives me a chance to win something higher than just the Cruiserweight Championship and believe me I will.
(*Paul London walks away*)
Josh Matthews: Paul...Paul... Comeback we're not done yet.
Paul London: Oh yes we are.

'Jumpin' Jack Evans VS Petey Williams

Some Eminem song hits and out comes Jumpin Jack Evans doing backflips down the enetrance ramp he gives high fives to all of his fans.
Next out is Petey Williams he gets really heavily booed by this American crowd. Ding...Ding...Ding... There goes the bell and Jack Evans and Petey Williams tie up Petey gets the better of him first and puts Jack Evans in a devastating headlock. Jack Evans looks like he is passing out. Jack Evans tries to look for some momentem but he just can't seem to find it. The crowd start claping. This might be what Jack Evans needs. Jack Evans gets too his feet and gives Petey Williams a hard elbow. Jack goes to the top rope and gives Petey Williams a missle dropkick. Jack gets back up and hits him with the Standing Shooting Star Press. The crowd really pops for that. A loud Jumpin chant begins through out the arena Jack goes up to the top rope but before he could perform a move a got low blowed by Petey Williams. Petey Williams gives Jack Evans a Superplex. Both men are down 1...2...3...4...5...6...7...8...9.. Both men are now up Petey gives Jack Evans a knee to the gut and goes for the Canadian Destroyer. Suddenly before he could hit it he gets attacked by a Mystery Wrestler Jack goes to the top rope and hits him with the 630 senton.

Winner: Jack Evans

Lets take a look at the replay http://www.gv.net/~syd/Spydersfile/SpyderGifs/630.gif

Michael Cole: What a match.
Jerry 'The King' Lawler Yeah but who was that mystery attacker?
Michael Cole: Well I guess we will have to wait and see.

I See You At The Show by Nickleback hits the arena and out comes none other then Teddy Hart.

Teddy Hart: Well...Well...Well... Look who is back, it is the most contraversal wrestler in the whole wide world. I am hear to finally let out all my anger on any victim. I can do any move there is Shooting Star Press, Shooting Star Leg-Drop, Shooting Star Elbow Drop and even the Sp... I am hits the arena and out comes AJ Styles!
AJ Styles: I knew what you were going to say you were going to mention the move that I invented and that move is the Spiral Tap well I pulling that move off before you even started wrestling so don't give me this bullshit about you being able to pull it off.
The two men start brawling until Teddy hits AJ with a chair and then walks out.

Backstage and we see Teddy Hart driving away in a limo.

Back in the ring and AJ Styles is getting helped out by officials.

Here Comes The Money hits and out comes Shane McMahon!!!

Shane McMahon: Just incase you don't know I'm the new commisioner so that means that I make all the matches around here and so I'm going toannounce that next week it will be Teddy Hart vs AJ Styles and there will also be a 30 man battle royal for the World Title.

The Show Ends...

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Lightning Episode 2

Ugly by The Exies hits and they show the highlights of last weeks event.
A huge fireworks desplay goes through out the arena and a loud CWF chant begins.

Michael Cole: Welcome to the second week of Lightning and if you thought that last weeks show was good then wait til you see this.
Jerry 'The King' Lawler: Yeah we have some huge matches booked for tonights event including the 30 man over the top rope battle royal!.
Michael Cole: Yeah I can't wait.

Here Comes The Money hits and out comes Shane McMahon

Shane McMahon: Tonight history will be made the first ever 30 man over the top rope battle royal will be the main event. Also Teddy Hart will go one on one with AJ Styles. And a suprise appearance by two unexpected men. But all that will be later on in the show. But lets talk about the first ever CWF PPV. it will be in three more episodes. That PPV will be called RingAssault and the winner of tonights world title 30 man over the top rope battle royal will be in the main event. Last week there was a lack of information about the CWF so I will run over a the titles which are in the CWF. First of all there is the World Cruiserweight Title which is the higest ranked title in the buisness. There is also the Cruiserweight Tag-Team Title, The International Title and The Lightweight Title (You have to be under 200 pounds to win that. Well that is about it so enjoy the show.

Shane McMahon leaves the ring.

Too Cool VS Three Count (Evan Karagious & The Hurricane)
Ladies & Gentleman the following match is for the Cruiserweight Tag Team Titles.
Too Cool come dancing to the ring and get a loud cheer.
Three Count come too the ring with a microphone and start singing (Everybody Blocks There Ears)
Ding...Ding...Ding... The match begins with Hurricane & Scotty 2 Hotty starting atie up into the corner. Referee tells them to break but then they come right back at it Hurricane gets Scotty in an ArmBar Scotty tries hard to get out of the hold but doesn't have the strength to do so. Hurricane with a snap suplex to Scotty 1...2.. Kick Out. Hurricane goes to the top rope but gets pushed off by Grand Master Sexay. Scotty with a bulldog and tags in Grand Master Sexay straight to the top rope he goes and hits Hurricane with the Hip Hop drop and that gets a loud pop from the crowd. A couple of vicious stomps to the gut of Hurricane. Grand Master Sexay takes Hurricane to the top rope and tries to hit a superplex but it is reversed into a front suplex Hurricane dives off with a frog splash and then makes the tag to Evan Karagious. Evan drags Grand Master Sexay to his corner and goes up top. Evan hits Grand Master Sexay with a Moonsault 1...2.. Kick Out Evan tags Hurricane back in and goes to the top rope to hit there double team move which is called the Final Song the hit it 1...2.. Kick Out Hurricane calls for his finisher He hits it he hits The Vertebreaker, Evan takes out Scotty 2 Hotty 1...2...3

Winner And New Tag Team Champs: Three Count

Ron Killings is shown backstage talking about how he will win the battle royal when he gets interupted by Primetime. The two go face to face and exchange words on who is the better wrestler. We will se in the battle royal says The Truth yeah we will says Primetime the two get into each others face even more.

Some music hits and out comes Dean Malenko & Mike Tenay. What do they want yells Michael Cole. Dean Malenko gets on the microphone and says tht since he retired from wrestling he has wanted to be an announcer but Jerry 'The King' Lawler and you Michael Cole have been standing in the way of us two. Lets get it straight we are better announces then you guys ever will be. How about this Me and Mike Tenay against you two at RingAssault winner gets the commentiating posistion. All Right yells The King you guys are on.

Teddy Hart vs AJ Styles
I am hits and AJ Styles starts walking down to the ramp but when he was about to enter the ring he gets hit in the back by Teddy Hart with a Kendo Stick. Teddy continues the assult and takes AJ Styles to the stage. Teddy with a suplex off the stage. AJ goes crashing down through 4 tables. HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT! chant goes through the whole arena.
Teddy Hart walks away with a very cocky grin on his face. "See you at RingAssult AJ" says Teddy Hart.

Winner: No Contest

I'll do the battle royal once I have a rest from typing.

Can Someone Review The Two Shows?

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The shows are too short in my opinion. I think you guys have a lot of potential and I like the pictures but I also don't. It's interesting to see the moves but it's also uninteresting because it's obviously unoriginal if you're copying something you've seen before. I like the idea of only Cruiserweights and I hope we can see more from WCW later on. Those guys defined Cruiserweight wrestling.

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Cruiserweight Battle Royal!

Entrant #1 weighing in at 172 lbs PUMA!
Puma sprints down to the ring and is waiting for his next opponent.
Entrant #2 weing in at 147 lbs The Amazing Red!
The Amazing Red slides into the ring and straight away the two men start to brawl. Red with a powerbomb to Puma. Red lifts him back up gives him an Irish wip and then a Tilt-O-Whirl back breaker. Red starts to kick away at Puma until he is interupted be the third entrent.
Entrent #3 weighing in at 229 lbs 2 Cold Scorpio!
Scorpio knocks Red down and does the Flying Somersault Leg Drop which gets a loud pop by the fans. Scorpio gets back up and delivers a stiff right hand and than a standing dropkick. Puma gives 2 Cold Scorpio the low blow which sends him down to the mat. Puma goes to the top rope and hits The Amazing Red with a moonsault.
Entrent #4 weighing in at 165 lbs Jack Evans!
Jack Evans wastes some time doing backflips down the entrence ramp. He then goes to the ring and starts stomping away at The Amazing Red. Jack Evans then Eliminates 2 Cold Scorpio.
Entrant #5 Mystery Opponent that attacked Petey Williams last week!
He comes down to the ring and he and Jack Evans work together to Eliminate Puma. They then turn their attention to Amazing Red where they double team him for a little while.
Entrent #6 weighing in at 225 lbs Matt Hardy!
Hardy comes in and starts to attack both Evans and his mystery friend. But in a little while they out number him and try to Eliminate him until...
Entrent #7 weighing in at 215 lbs Jeff Hardy!
Jeff Hardy comes to the save and even out the numbers. It is a good battle for a little while until Jeff Hardy goes to the top rope.
Entrent #8 weighing in at 202 lbs Kid Kash!
Kid Kash pushes Jeff Hardy off the top rope which eliminates him. Matt then goes after Kid Kash for a little bit of revenge.
Entrent #9 weighing in at 209 lbs Chris Sabin!
He runs down to the ring to a chorus of boos by the crowd. Straight away he eliminates The Amazing Red. Mean while Matt Hardy eliminates Kid Kash
Entrent #10 weighing in at 221 lbs Michael Shane!
As soon as he gets into the ring he gets eliminated by Jack Evans and the mystery guy. Straght after that the mystery guy Eliminates Jack Evans! The Mystery guy takes off his mask to reveal Jerelle Clark! Jerelle Clark continues to trash talk Jack Evans until he gets eliminated by Chris Sabin
Entrent #11 weighing in at 159 lbs Zach Gowen!
He slides in the ring only to get stomped down by Chris Sabin.
Entrent #12 weighing in at 217 lbs X Pac!
He runs into the ring and hits Zach Gowen with the X Factor. Chris Sabin then Eliminates Zach Gowen
Entrent #13 weighing in at 175 lbs Shannon 'The Prince Of Punk' Moore! He runs in and eliminates both X Pac and Chris Sabin
Matt Hardy then eliminates Shannon Moore!
Entrent #14 weighing in at 205 lbs Paul London!
London comes in and does his backflips but is then back suplexed by Matt Hardy.
Entrent #15 weighing in at 215 lbs Billy Kidman!
Billy hits the Shooting Star Press on Paul London.
Entrent #16 weighing in at 195 lbs Jason Cross!
Jason Cross climbs the top turnbuckle and hits Paul London with his own Crossfire. Billy Kidman looks jealous so he eliminates Jason Cross.
Entrent #17 weiging in at 190 lbs Super Crazy!

I'll finish the rest later.
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