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As my WWE show has not been getting any replies, i have decided to start a whole new show with a whole new roster, staff and commentators. The show will consist of a mix of superstars from ECW TNA WCW and WWE


Owner: Vince McMahon
CEO: Mick Foley
Commisioner: Eric Bischoff
Members of the Board: Stephanie McMahon
Jesse Ventura
The Cat
Bobby "The Brain" Heenan
Sgt. Slaughter
Linda McMahon

Hell's Pit: Mean Gene Oakerland
Jim Ross
SmashLand:Michael Cole
Jerry "The King" Lawler


Main Eventers: CWF Heavyweight Title
Shawn Michaels
The Undertaker
The Rock
Stone Cold Steve Austin
Triple H
Scott Steiner
Brock Lesner
Kurt Angle
Big Show
Special Occasions:Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan, Kevin Nash and Bret Hart

Upper Midcard: CWF Capital Title
Eddie Gurerreo
Chris Benoit
Chris Jericho
John Cena
Randy Orton
AJ Styles
Matt Morgan
Booker T
Matt Hardy
Billy Gunn
BG James (Road Dogg)

Featherweight Division:CWF Featherweight Title
Rey Mysterio
Billy Kidman
Chavo Gurrereo
Shane Helms
Amazing Red
Fallen Angel
Ultimo Dragon
Paul London
Shannon Moore
Jamie Noble

Harcore Division: CWF Hardcore Title
Tommy Dreamer
Spike Dudley
Crash Holly
Hardcore Holly
Mike Awesome
Nathan Jones

Tag Team Division: CWF Tag Team Titles
Dudley Boyz (Buh Buh Ray and D-Von Dudley)
Hardy Boys (Matt and Jeff Hardy)
Edge + Christian
La Resistance (Rene Dupree + Rob Conway)
Worlds Greatest Tag Team (Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin)
Garisson Cade and Mark Jindrak
Los Gurrereos (Eddie and Chavo Guerrero)
New Age Outlaws (Billy Gunn and BG James)

Paul Bearer (Undertaker)
Paul Heyman (TBA)
Lita (The Hardyz)
Trish Stratus (TBA)
Teddy Long (TBA)


If i decide to add any more superstars during the series, i will post an alert that will tell you.
The first show may well be up later today, if not then definitely tomorrow.

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your ratings arent very good

u don't have a midcard, a lower midcard or any jobbers.

You've put BG Games in the same rating as Jericho an Benoit :no:

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the Hardcore Division is basically the Mid and Lower Midcard, plus the people that would be in Mid and Lower mid are also in the Tag team and The Feather weight divisions however if you prefer i could post a lower mid and midcard section.

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Hell’s Pit

A video package is displayed showing how all other wrestling companies failed, those many companies included WCW, ECW, NWA:TNA and most importantly and amazingly the WWE. Then one sole survivor of wrestling emerged and brought Sports-Entertainment back to the glory that it once was……….CWF!!!!!!!!!!

The show opens with a massive fireworks display to celebrate a new era in sports-entertainment, the era of CWF!

No Chance in Hell! Hits and out struts the brand new owner of CWF, Vincent Kennedy McMahon!
The packed crowd has a mixed reaction to Vince, some cheer, some boo and some are speechless.
Vince then grabs a mic and enters the ring.

Vince: Welcome to a new era in Sports-Entertainment!!!! Welcome to “MY” CWF!!!

Crowd cheer

Vince: If I can promise you one thing, it will be that the CWF will be one hell of a lot bigger than the WWE ever was! Just to prove this statement I have signed the very pinnacle of athletes to compete in my industry. To name a few: The Rock, Stone Cold, Sting, AJ Styles, John Cena, Kane, The Undertaker and Rob Van Dam. Oh but there is a whole bunch more to come. By the end of the night I garan-dam-te you that you will witness new feuds, great matches and overall great entertainment that will leave you wanting more.
I will now hand over to your new commissioner Eric Bischoff! For him to announce tonight’s matches. Goodnight everybody!

Vince then waddles up the entrance ramp as Eric Bischoff makes his way to the ring.

Eric: Why thank you Vince for that marvellous introduction.
Eric waits a moment for the crowd to stop booing him.

Eric: Finally once you people will let me talk!!! I have some good news for you tonight there will be 2 six men match-ups tonight, where the winners will face off for the CWF Featherweight Championship!

Crowd cheer

Eric: Oh but these 2 matches will be no ordinary matches, oh no no, the first will be a Six-Man Ladder match! And the second will be a Six-Man Table match!!

Crowd go wild

Eric: Also there will be a 16 Man Over The Top Rope Battle Royal for the CWF Capital Championship!!

Crowd Cheers

Eric: Oh and I forgot to mention that there will also be an on going King of the World tournament for the CWF Heavyweight Title!!! Where the opening rounds, will be tonight!!!!!!!!!

Crowd once again goes ballistic!

Eric: So lets get Hell’s Pit on the way with a Six-Man Table match!!!

1st Match Six Man Table Match
Rey Mysterio v Tajiri v Maven v Chavo Gurrereo v Fallen Angel v Jamie Noble

The competitors make their way to the ring ready for a brutal encounter.
The match begins with 3 pairs of wrestlers going at it. Rey takes Maven to the outside where he begins to work on Maven’s lower back. Tajiri stays in the ring with Fallen Angel and delivers some stiff right hands. While this is going on, Chavo has already taken advantage of an already set up table outside the ring, and has laid Noble out on the table. Chavo then heads to the top rope but is knocked off by Angel being whipped into the ropes. Rey and Maven meanwhile are still going at it hitting each other all over the body. Fallen Angel has taken control of Tajiri and is beginning to set him up for a top rope drop kick. Noble is still laid out on the table, Angel notices this and decides to eliminate Jamie who has gained no offence on any one.
1st Elimination
Angel performs a screw cork moonsault to send Noble through the table.

Rey Rey is now dominating Maven, and throws him back into the ring where Chavo is waiting. Chavo nails Rey with a DDT upon entering the ring, he then begins to work on Mavens lower back, as Rey had done before. Angel finally comes to, after eliminating Noble, however decides to grab a chair before sliding in the ring. Tajiri then attempts a Green Mist on Angel, only to get a chair in his face for his efforts. Next Rey drop kicks the chair back into Angel’s face, Angel is now bleeding. Rey then exits the ring to grab a table. As he does so, Chavo throws Maven from the ring into the ring barrier.
Rey throws two tables in the ring, which Chavo sets up. Next Mysterio chucks Maven back into the ring and puts him lying on a table. Chavo then picks up Tajiri who is still knocked out, and places him on the other table. By this time Angel and Rey are on opposite turnbuckles and each jump.
2nd and 3rd Eliminations
Rey leg drops Maven through a table and Angel moonsaults to send Tajiri through a table.

Next Chavo heads to the outside to grab yet another table. Meanwhile Rey and Angel begin to struggle up, at this point Fallen Angel id busted wide open with blood everywhere. Chavo then begins to hit some right hands on Rey, to which Rey replies with a kick to the mid section. Angel begins to set up the table and is then attacked from behind by Rey.
4th and 5th Eliminations
Chavo and Rey attempt to double team Angel with a suplex trough the table, however Angel is having none of it and reverses to send both Rey and Chavo through the table!!!!
Winner: Fallen Angel

Mean Gene: What a match and what a way to start off Hell’s Pit!
JR: I completely agree! That was amazing!!

2nd Match Six Man Ladder Match
Billy Kidman v Shannon Moore v Amazing Red v Shane Helms v Ultimo Dragon v Paul London

With everybody in the ring and the crowd still incredibly hot from the last match, we begin to expect an even better encounter, but this time with ladders! We kick off the match with the heels (Kidman, Dragon and Moore) teaming up against the 3 faces (Red, Helms and London) with a huge fistfight. The first ladder comes into play when Red takes Kidman to the outside with a dropkick and then baseball slide into Billy’s face. Red takes down Kidman with a snap suplex; which really hurts Kidman. Red then grabs a ladder; which is propped up against the ring barrier, and takes Kidman down with a clothesline type move. Then out of nowhere, Shane Helms is sent flying over the ropes, into Red and the ladder, by Ultimo Dragon. With Moore and London still brawling in the ring, Ultimo climbs to the top rope and attempts a summersault into Red and Helms, however the end of the ladder, meets him in his face, courtesy of Helms. With Helms seemingly in control with 3 men down due to shots from the ladder, Shane decides to take London and Moore by surprise and attack with a chair. Helms grabs a chair and sneaks up behind Moore who is dominating London with suplexes, DDTs and stiff neck breakers. Helms creeps up behind Shannon, takes an almighty swing and cracks Moore around the head with it.

Paul London takes advantage of this and rolls out of the ring. Unknown to London, Shane Helms has climbed to the top rope and jumped with the chair at his feet, in a dropkick type manner. As London turns to grab a ladder, he is met by solid steel that cracks his forehead in two (not literally). By this time Billy Kidman has come to his senses and has thrown a ladder into the ring. Red is also back up and has thrown a different ladder into the ring. With all four of, Dragon, London, Helms and Moore down and bleeding, Kidman and Red exchange right hands, only for Kidman to get the better of Red with an eye rake. Billy then hits 3 snap suplexes in a row and then drags Red onto one of the ladders in the ring. Kidman then puts the other ladder on top of Red and goes to the top rope. Kidman then delivers his high-flying finisher “The Shooting Star Press”, onto a ladder that Amazing Red I trapped under. Amazingly Kidman appears to have ribs of steel when he rises from the mat and sets up a ladder in the middle of the ring. Ultimo Dragon is the first 1 of the 4 on the outside to realise and quickly slides into the ring. Ultimo is then closely followed by Helms, Moore and London who have all seen Kidman who is now half way up the ladder. The four then each lift up a leg of the ladder and toss the helpless Kidman out of the ring, with the ladder. Each man then looks at each other in turn and suddenly a brawl for all breaks out between the four men. Each men trade punches with the other and deepen their blood wounds. Eventually after a straight 30 seconds of trading punches, Ultimo Dragon and Paul London begin to beat down Moore and Helms. The two pairs then take their fights to the outside.

With 5 of the competitors out of the 6 outside of the ring, and only one competitor and one ladder in the ring, The Amazing Red slowly begins to rise to his feet; he then grabs the ladder and sets it up in the centre of the squared circle. Red slowly begins to climb the ladder when Paul London finally notices him. London dashes into the ring and very quickly climbs the ladder on the other side. Out of nowhere, Ultimo Dragon turns up and pushes both off the ladder and into Billy Kidman who has just risen to his feet. Dragon then sets up the ladder again and climbs to the top to retrieve the white flag that symbolises he has won.
Winner: Ultimo Dragon

Mean Gene: WOW that was incredible, even better than the tables match!
JR: I have to agree once again!

As the mess in the ring is cleaned up, Eric Bischoff appears on the TitanTron.

Eric: See I told you I had some good news for you! I hope you all enjoyed that incredible match that “I” organised!! Yes ME not Vince McMahon! I also organised this next match! Yeah the 16 Man Over The Top Rope Battle Royal! And now I’m gunna announce the competitors.
Eddie Gurrereo, Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho, John Cena, Randy Orton, AJ Styles, Edge, Mordecai, Matt Morgan, Booker T, Rhyno, Matt Hardy, Christian, Rico, Billy Gunn and BG James.
I hope you enjoy this match as much as I will!

3rd Match 16 Man Over The Top Rope Battle Royal: CWF Capital Title
Eddie Gurrereo v Chris Benoit v Chris Jericho v John Cena v Randy Orton v AJ Styles v Edge v Mordecai v Matt Morgan v Booker T v Rhyno v Matt Hardy v Christian v Rico v Billy Gunn v BG James.

1st Elimination: 10 seconds
Matt Morgan: When everybody ganged up to throw the biggest man out.

2nd Elimination: 20 seconds
Booker T: Eliminated by Edge and Christian

3rd Elimination: 1:17 seconds
BG James: Eliminated by Chris Benoit

4th Elimination: 1:19 seconds
Chris Benoit: Eliminated by Eddie Gurrereo

5th Elimination: 2:14
Rhyno: Eliminated by Matt Hardy

6th Elimination: 2:56
John Cena: Eliminated by Mordecai

7th Elimination: 6:45
Edge: Eliminated by Randy Orton

8th Elimination: 9:32
Rico: Eliminated by Mordecai

9th Elimination: 12:45
Billy Gunn: Matt Hardy

10th Elimination: 15:32
Matt Hardy: Eliminated by Christian

11th Elimination: 16:49
Mordecai: Eliminated by Eddie Gurrereo and Randy Orton

12th Elimination: 20:12
Randy Orton: Eliminated by AJ Styles

13th Elimination: 22:34
Eddie Gurrereo: Eliminated by Chris Jericho and AJ Styles

14th Elimination: 25:58
Christian: Eliminated by Chris Jericho and AJ Styles

15th Elimination: 29:46
AJ Styles: Eliminated by Chris Jericho

Winner: CWF Capital Champion Chris Jericho

JR: Yet another phenomenal match Mean Gene!
Mean Gene: Hell’s Pit, what a show!

4th Match Triple Treat First Round King Of The World
Scott Steiner v Kane v Goldberg

3 of the best superstars in the company make their way to the ring preparing for he first round of the King of the World Tournament. We start the match with Steiner and Goldberg double-teaming the larger Kane with right hands followed by a suplex. Steiner and Goldberg then put the boots to Kane and lift him up for a double clothesline, only for Kane to reverse it and take out Steiner with a big boot and Goldberg with clothesline. Kane then decides to pick on Steiner with a pump handle slam and DDT. Next Kane picks up Goldberg and signals for an early Chokeslam, however Goldberg fights out with a kick to the mid-section.

Goldberg hits some hard shots to Kane’s kidneys and moves on to a suplex. Goldberg then throws Kane into the ropes and attempts a big back body drop, only for Kane to kick him in the face. Goldberg then turns around to a belly-to-belly suplex from Steiner. Scott then kicks Goldberg before Kane grabs him from behind and lifts him up for a gorilla press. Steiner falls to the mat and Goldberg is up again attacking The Big Red Machine, he attempts a schoolboy for a two count. Steiner eventually gets up and delivers a double clothesline to Kane and Goldberg. Kane rolls out of the ring to re-cooperate, Steiner then begins to dominate Goldberg with a full nelson slam and an abdominal stretch, which while applying uses the ropes to get more leverage. Then unbeknown to Freakzilla, Kane climbs to the top rope and dives with a clothesline. Goldberg then rolls out of the ring in pain; Kane follows him and hits his head on the ring post knocking him out. Kane then grabs 2 chairs and throws 1 in which the referee is only too happy to deal with. Kane then slides in the ring with the other and cleans Steiner’s clock with it, behind the referee’s back.

Kane lifts Steiner above his head for a chokeslam, when Goldberg darts into the ring, however Kane deals him a big boot and the slams Steiner to the mat and pins him for the 1,2,3!
Winner: Kane

JR: Wow Kane sure is strong hey Mean Gene?
Mean Gene: You got that right JR!

Main Event 5th Match Triple Treat First Round King Of The World
The Rock v Triple H v Kurt Angle

This huge match starts with each going for the other with right and left hands then Triple H gains the advantage with 2 eye rakes, one dealt to each of Rock and Angle. HHH then starts his attack on Rock taking him down on the mat with an arm bar, but Angle is straight in to prevent the submission. Kurt then lifts Trips up and nails a drop-toe-hold and then applies the Ankle Lock. It takes Rock a fair 5 seconds to take out Angle, Rock then begins to lay the SmackDown on Angle and then goes for a DDT. Once up, Rock receives a face crusher from Triple H and then is thrown into the turnbuckle with a catapult.

The Game starts to take control of Angle and Rock, delivering the same moves to each in turn so to keep both down, however after several minutes of continually using the same moves over and over again, HHH starts to get tired and gives Angle a chance to attack, which Kurt is only too happy to oblige to. Kurt nails 4 German suplexes in a row and then slaps on the Ankle Lock once more. The Game refuses to tap and The Rock makes the save for himself and HHH by applying a sleeper to Angle. With The Ceribal Assassin writhing in pain, The Peoples Champ had a chance to finish the match with a Sharpshooter.

With The Great One holding Angle in the sharpshooter, The Game was forced to make the save, and did. With all 3 men down, it was HHH who rose to his feet first, then, out of the blue Kurt landed the Angle Slam! Kurt rose to his feet in celebration and turned around to receive the Rock Bottom!! Rock then pinned Angle for the 1,2,3 and advanced to the next round of the King of the World tournament!
Winner: The Rock

The first ever Hell’s Pit ends with Rock standing tall on the turnbuckle

So what do you guys think of the first ever edition of CWF?
I made it extra long because it was the first ever show and there was a lot to explain and do.
Give me your feedback!

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PPV Names:
January: Caves of Doom
February: Diabolical Destruction
March: Hatred
April: Colonies of Evil
May: Wrestle Renaissance (CWF version of WrestleMania)
June: Ring of Privilege
July: Red, White and Bruised
August: Circuits of Retribution
September: Wild Warfare
October: Legion of Competition (CWF version of King of the Ring)
November: Oblivion
December: Mercy Series

Next and First PPV: Circuits of Retribution

The first SmashLand! Episode will be up tomorrow here is the card:

Chris Benoit v Rico

1st Round Triple Threat King of the World Tournament
Stone Cold v Big Show v Shawn Michaels

Open Hardcore Match: CWF Hardcore Title

Amazing Red v Rey Mysterio v Ultimo Dragon

Dudley Boyz v Hardy Boyz v New Age Outlaws v La Résistance

1st Round Triple Threat King of the World Tournament
Brock Lesner v Sting v The Undertaker

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I dont think your television and ppv names are that good but that's not important.

I thought your show was quite good, but you dont want to have too many matches that are stipulation, ie 6 man table matches, as it will leave you with too much to describe and it will come off not looking as good.

Also, try and add a bit more detail to matches like your battle royal, 2 or 3 lines for every elimination would make it much better.

I suppose it was the first show with a lot to describe, if, on the whole, the second show makes a few minor improvement I reckon it'll come off seeming a lot better.

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not too interested but my interest is to see how good your shows actually are. I will reead it.

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The show opens with a re-cap of Hell’s Pit. Then massive Pyros explode and the first ever SmashLand! Is underway!

Michael Cole and Jerry “The King” Lawler open the show telling us the shows line up.
Cole: Hello everybody and welcome to the first ever SmashLand! With me Michael Cole and The King!
King: WHOOOOOO its great to be back commentating on wrestling again! And plus I get to see my favourite thing, (cause I’m a sick pervert! LOL(JOKE)), PUPPIES!!
Cole: That’s right folks and tonight we have an amazing line up!

Chris Benoit v Rico

1st Round Triple Threat King of the World Tournament
Stone Cold v Big Show v Shawn Michaels

Open Hardcore Match: CWF Hardcore Title

Amazing Red v Rey Mysterio v Ultimo Dragon

Dudley Boyz v Hardy Boyz v New Age Outlaws v La Résistance

1st Round Triple Threat King of the World Tournament
Brock Lesner v Sting v The Undertaker

King: What a line up!
Cole: So lets get underway with Commissioner Eric Bischoff

I’m back and Better Than Ever hollas around the arena and Bischoff struts to the ring, and he looks to be in a foul mood.
Eric: Now shut up and listen, I said SHUT IT! As you can tell, I am in one FOUL mood, and you know why? Because of that of that completely arrogant idiot, and your so called “People’s Champ” whoops I meant the “People’s CHUMP!”

If Ya Smell, What the Rock is Cookin! And out runs the Great One who slides into the ring with a huge smile on his face. Rock struts around for a bit, taunting Bischoff and playing up for the capacity crowd. Rock finally grabs a mic and begins to talk trash to Bischoff.

Rock: So I’m the “People’s CHUMP!” The Great One, Scorpion King, Jabroni Beatin, Pie Eating, Trail Blazin, Eyebrow Raisin, Most Electrifying Man In Sports Entertainment, People’s CHAMP, THE ROCK! Is a CHUMP????????????????? Is that REALLY what you think?

Eric: Yeah it is. I think…..

And you know why? Because nobody wants to listen to a petty, small, brown nosing, suck up, stuck up PIECE OF CRAP!

Crowd go wild!

Rock: So Eric if you honestly believe that I am the “People’s Chump”, then you better think again. IF YA SMELL………..SMACK!

Triple H, runs through the crowd and clocks Rock round the head with a chair, and begins to beat down on him. The Game continues to beat Rock up with the chair. The Game then smiles at Bischoff and grabs the mic off of him.

HHH: How do you like it? Huh, Huh? How do you like to be humiliated in front of a live audience? It ain’t that nice is it? I had that Triple Threat won until you took out Angle! I was getting back up! Shut up I was getting straight back up! I could beat you blindfolded ROCK!
And do you know why? Because I AM THE GAME! And I am that dam GOOD!

Triple H hits The Rock a few more times with the chair, square in the head. Eric then laughs at Rock and leaves with HHH.

Cole: What a way to start the night!
King: Dam straight!

1st Match
Chris Benoit v Rico

As both men look to take out some anger after losing the 16 man Battle Royal, it seems that The Rabid Wolverine is the most stressed out of the two. Benoit starts the match in full control landing some vicious chops across the chest, and hitting a clothesline and powerslam. Rico then reverses a belly-to-belly attempt by grabbing Benoit’s ass. With Benoit off of his game, Rico delivers a chop-block and then strokes his head on Benoit’s chest. Chris does not take nicely to this and begins to take out some anger.

Benoit hits some more chops and then successfully hits the belly-to-belly. He then picks up Rico and delivers a snap suplex. He picks Rico up once more, smashes his head on the turnbuckle and then places him on the top of it. Benoit then nails a superplex. Chris then climbs back up to the top rope and attempts a Diving Headbutt, only for Rico to move. Rico then rises from the mat and lifts up Benoit. Rico hits a spinning wheel kick and knocks Benoit down.

Rico then throws Benoit into the ropes and attempts a clothesline, but Benoit catches Rico’s arm and brings him down for the crossface.
Winner by submission: Chris Benoit.
After the bell has rung, it takes a few seconds for Benoit to release the hold. Chris then grabs a mic and calls out Eddie Guerrero.

Benoit: Eddie Guerrero get your Latino ass in this ring.

Viva La Rasa and Guerrero is riding down to the ring in his brand new Low Rider.
Eddie enters the ring with a smile on his face.

Benoit: Take that smile off your face! You said you’d got my back last night! Why the hell did you eliminate me?

Eddie: Homes calm down man! You wouldn’t have won anyway! If anyone else was going to win it was going to be Latino Heat!

Benoit: What? You’re supposed to be my friend; we were supposed to work together!

Eddie: Homes, it’s a Battle Royal, every man for himself!

Benoit: And?

Eddie: Look homes, if you are gunna stand here and bitch, moan and whine then I’m leaving!

Benoit blocks Eddie’s path.

Benoit: I want an apology first!

Eddie: An apology for what? Kicking your ASS?

Benoit looks away and then lays a right hand to Eddie! The two begin to brawl and Eddie fights back. Benoit then flees the ring, Eddie gestures for him to get back in but Benoit walks back up the ramp. The crowd boo Benoit as he walks to the back.
Viva La Rasa sounds and Eddie celebrates in the ring.

We cut to the back where Rock is receiving medical treatment from the EMT’s.
Eric Bischoff then approaches with a wicked smirk and a glint in his eye.

Eric: I would say, “Oh how is he?” or “Is he OK?” but since I’m apparently a piece of crap! I’m got going to bother! Instead I’m going to stand here and laugh my ass off, cause you deserved every bit of that beating!

Rock then suddenly manages to raise his hand at Bischoff and signals “Just Bring It!” Rocky then puts his middle finger up to Eric and his hand then collapses.

King: Whoa, can you believe The Rock?

Cole: That is pretty amazing.

2nd Match 1st Round Triple Threat King of the World Tournament
Stone Cold v Big Show v Shawn Michaels

The match begins with Austin and HBK double teaming Show to attempt to get an advantage. First they stomp on Show in the turnbuckle, the two the throw him into the ropes and attempt a double clothesline, unfortunately they do not manage to knock Show down. The big man then grabs both of them and nuts them, each in turn. Show then tosses Shawn over the top rope and begins to work on Austin. Show uses his strength for a Gorilla Press. Next he picks Austin up and delivers a knee to the gut. With HBK still on the outside, Show is dominating Austin. The 500pounder then picks 3:16 up for a powerslam, only for Austin to slip off of his back and deliver a chop block. Unluckily for Stone Cold, Show is not knocked down and now looks angry. Finally HBK gets up and climbs to the top rope to deliver a dropkick to the back off Show, who falls onto Austin. As Show falls, he falls on top of Austin in a pinning predicament, 1,2.. Michaels pulls Show off of Steve.

With Steve completely knocked out from Show landing on him, HBK has time to earn the upper hand. Shawn hits a few elbows to the face and then lands a DDT. HBK then heads upstairs to try for an Elbow Drop. HBK leaps from the turnbuckle and lands on Show! Cover 1,2.Kickout. HBK grabs his long hair in despair, yet stays focused. Shawn then drags Show up and goes for another DDT, but it throw over Show’s shoulder. Next Show grabs Austin from the mat and throws him into the turnbuckle. HBK then jumps onto Show’s back and attempts a sleeper hold. Show backs into the other turnbuckle where the referee is standing and crushes Shawn and the ref!

With Shawn outside the ring after being thrown off of the 7foot monsters back, Austin had a chance to capitalise. 3:16 then, noticing the referee was down, creeps up behind Show and delivers a Low Blow. Austin then runs round the front and delivers the Stone Cold Stunner!
Another referee then runs down the ramp and Austin gets the cover! 1,2,3! Pinfall!
Winner: Stone Cold Steve Austin

Aftermath: Big Show finally gets up and stares at Austin who is celebrating outside of the ring. He then moves his eyes to HBK Shawn Michaels who is still out cold at ringside. Show then climbs out of the ring and Austin scatters. Show then picks up Michaels and throws him into the ring barrier. He then throws HBK like a javelin into the ring post, Shawn is busted open BAD! Show then grabs a chair and smashes it into Michaels’ lower back. With Shawn screaming in pain, blood in his eyes and mouth, Show throws him into the ring and delivers a vicious Chokeslam on the chair. Show picks Michaels back up and attempts another, only for BG James and Billy Gunn to make the save and help Shawn away from Show by delivering yet another Low Blow to the big man.

Cole: Thank God for the New Age Outlaws!

King: Awe that was just getting fun!

Big Show then walks up the ramp looking completely enraged.

Cole: Something tells me that you don’t want to get in the way of Big Show tonight!

King: I certainly don’t!

Cole: I can’t wait for this next match! Hardcore Open! Anything could happen!

3rd Match Hardcore Open: CWF Hardcore Title

With the title located at the top of a tall flight of stairs, the competitors must beat their opponent to progress to the next stage.

The first to competitors are Crash Holly and Tommy Dreamer.
1st Progresser: Tommy Dreamer
Tommy beat up Crash with a Singapore Cane so badly that Crash was knocked out.

Second Step: Tommy Dreamer v Raven
2nd Progresser: Raven
Raven had a whole box full of weapons that he used to beat Dreamer up with. Tommy did gain the upper hand at one point however Raven landed an Eye Rake to stop the attack. Raven finished off Dreamer with a DDT onto a chair.

3rd Step: Raven v Hardcore Holly
3rd Progresser: Raven
Holly dominated Raven in the opening minutes with clotheslines, shots with a trash can lid and an Alabama Slam. Raven began to fight back after kicking out of Holly’s finishing Manoeuvre, Raven landed a dropkick on Holly and then hit Bob with a STOP sign to progress after the pinfall.

4th Step: Raven v Bradshaw
4th Progresser: Bradshaw
Raven did not land one move on Bradshaw, who nailed the Clothesline From Hell straight away.

5th Step: Bradshaw v Spike Dudley
5th Progresser: Bradshaw
Spike landed some early shots and had a table already set up to plant Bradshaw through with the Dudley Dawg, only for Bradshaw to throw Spike through the table himself. Cover 1,2,3

6th Step: Bradshaw v Jeff Hardy (Matt was furious with Jeff’s participation due to them having a Tag Match later in the night)
6th Progresser: Bradshaw
Jeff hit some great highflying moves and looked to have the match over, only for Bradshaw to kick out and smash a chair over Jeff’s head. Pinfall

7th Step: Bradshaw v RVD
7th Progresser: RVD
RVD hit Bradshaw with the Five Star Frog Splash after nailing the Van Daminator with a chair early on in the encounter.

8th Step: RVD v Nathan Jones
8th Progresser: RVD
The Colossus of Boggo Road hit some tremendous spinning wheel kicks on RVD and was only half a second away from winning, but RVD kicked out and nailed his own spinning wheel kick, followed by the rolling thunder onto a chair placed on Jones.

Final Step: RVD v Mike Awesome
Winner: Big Show
The match started like many of the others, the two traded blows, Awesome nailed a huge powerbomb, and then, Big Show crept up behind Mike and smashed him with a chair. Big Show then chokeslammed RVD Down the flight of stairs and covered Awesome.

Cole: Big Show wasn’t supposed to be in that match!

King: Neither was Jeff Hardy!

4th Match
Dudley Boyz v Hardy Boyz v Edge + Christian v La Resistance
Winner: Match was abandoned due to Jeff Hardy being unable to participate.

5th Match
Amazing Red v Rey Mysterio v Ultimo Dragon
Winner: No Contest
Big Show interrupted the match right in the middle purely to display his newly won CWF Hardcore Title. When he got in the ring, Amazing Red pushed him and told him to get out of the ring. Big Show responded with a huge Chokeslam, he then Chokeslammed both of the other competitors.

Cole: What is up with the Big Show? Just cause he lost he’s in a bad mood?

King: Wouldn’t you be if you’d got hit in the nuts twice? Oh that’s right you don’t have any!!!!

Main Event 1st Round Triple Threat King of the World Tournament
The Undertaker v Sting v Brock Lesner

Brock Lesner starts the match by delivering some right hands to Sting, only for Taker to pull him off and nail a clothesline. Sting then hits Taker in the stomach with a high knee. Sting then hits a DDT on Taker and starts to stomp on his legs. Lesner gets back up and hits a neck breaker.

Lesner hits a belly-to-belly on Sting and Taker creeps up on Lesner and hits a shot to the ribs. Taker then hits a powerslam on Lesner and begins to take control of the match. Taker picks up Sting and hits a reverse Death Valley and goes for the pin 1,2 Lesner breaks up the pin. Lesner then hits an uppercut on Taker and goes for the F-5. While Taker is on Brock’s shoulders, Sting delivers a spear to Lesner who drops Taker over the top rope.

With Sting in total control of Lesner and Taker on the outside, it looks like Sting will be the winner. Sting slaps on the Scorpion Deathlock and Lesner is in immense pain. Brock uses his tremendous strength to reach the ropes and breaks the hold. Taker then gets back in the ring and hits a HUGE Chokeslam on Sting! Cover 1,2…yet again Lesner breaks up the pin! Taker grabs Lesner for the Tombstone Piledriver, but Lesner fights out and turns it into an F-5!!!
Lesner nails his finisher and covers Taker 1, 2,3!!!!
Winner: Brock Lesner

Ending moments go to Undertaker who is devastated in the ring while Brock celebrates.


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The first thing I'm going to say before I read your last show is that you don't have to have the matchw written under headings (beginning, middle and end) and also if you could use bold to make each match stand out that would be good. To get the bold add [*B]X vs. Y[/*B] but without the *'s. Now on to your show, there were some spelling mistakes like: 'dam' and 'got' (instead of not) but they don't mean anything, but it is something to improve on. The show was alright, except for:

-No interviews
-Only one backstage segment
-The tag team match not going on
-The Big Show interfering in two matches.

Overall Grade: 6/10

The only reason it is so low is due to no backstage action or interviews, but add them in and it can go up to 8 or 9 out of ten.


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Thanks for the advice A-Dust and Wolf Beast

Breaking News- see i know how to use bold now!
After seeing the first two CWF shows, Ron "The Truth" Killings a.k.a K-Kwik
has decided to join the CWF on a short term deal. Ron WILL appear at Hell's Pit!
Killings made his decision after seeing the first two shows and decided that he was the rightful owner of the CWF Capital Title and it is suspected that he will push for a title shot in the coming weeks.

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^^^ What he said. I thought the matches were pretty good. But having no backstage stuff really takes away from the show. It's not too bad though.
Event names are pretty rubbish though. No offence.
Overall, 7/10.

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Hell’s Pit

Show opens with a recap of SmashLand, and the Big Show’s dominance.
Pyros go off, video plays and Mean Gene and J.R welcome us to the show.

J.R: Hello Ladies and Gentlemen to yet another exciting night in CWF!
Gene: Yes indeed tonight is a night of excitement!
J.R: The debut of Ron “The Truth” Killings!
Gene: That will be HUGE!
J.R: So lets get things started with a match that should of taken place at SmashLand! But due to Jeff Hardy’s participance in the Hardcore Step Match, it did not happen.

1st Match
Dudley Boyz v Hardy Boyz v La Resistance v New Age Outlaws

As all four teams make their way to the ring, the crowd begin to hot up. Jeff Hardy and Billy Gunn start us of with their partners and the Dudleys plus La Resistance, each on a different turnbuckle. Jeff starts with a dropkick to the knee of Gunn, followed by a Russian leg sweep. Hardy then nails some right hands followed by a DDT. Jeff then tags Matt in. Matt works on the back of Gunn with a suplex followed by a backdrop. Matt then bounces off of the ropes and hits a flying elbow. Cover 1,2.Kickout. Matt takes Billy to Jeff’s corner and slams Billy’s head into the turnbuckle. Matt then puts Billy on the top rope facing outwards and hits a top rope backdrop, he tags Jeff back in. Jeff climbs to the top rope and lands a leg-drop. Cover 1,2..BG James breaks up the count. Jeff hits BG with some elbows to the face and a tornado DDT. Jeff lands next to Bubba Ray who tags himself in, much to Jeff’s dismay. Bubba picks Billy up but receives a kick to the mid-section. Billy then goes for the Fame-Ass-Er but Bubba moves and Gunn goes flying to the mat. Bubba picks Billy up, throws him into the ropes and clotheslines him over onto the outside. Rob Conway and Rene Dupree begin to beat down on Billy until Matt Hardy and BG James interfere and take down La Resistance. Matt hits a DDT on Conway, on concrete but Rene kicks Matt in the face while he is down.
Back in the ring, Jeff Hardy flies off of the top rope onto Bubba with a cross body. D-Von gets involved and hits a neckbreaker on Jeff. Billy Gunn then crawls back into the ring to watch Jeff suffer a 3-D! On the outside, Conway and Dupree hit a double clothesline on BG James and Matt Hardy followed by hitting Matt with a straight shot onto the ring post. Dupree and Conway then get on the ring apron only for D-Von and Bubba Ray to knock them off into the ring barrier. Billy Gunn then attempts a roll up on Bubba but D-Von breaks up the count. D-Von then hits a fisherman suplex on Billy and goes back to his rightful turnbuckle position. BG James gets back on the ring apron and gets the crowd behind Billy Gunn. La Resistance then make it back to the ring apron and begin to watch the match. Matt and Jeff eventually make it back. Bubba then gets up and staggers to the wrong corner! Rene Dupree tags himself in and hits a clothesline. Dupree picks Billy up and dares him to tag BG but pulls him away at he last second. Rene then lands a powerslam and an elbow to the neck. Dupree drags Billy to his corner and tags in Conway. Rob gets in the ring and knocks all of his fellow competitors off of the apron. Conway goes to the top rope and goes for a big splash but is knocked off by D-Von. Everyone then enters the ring and a brawl for all begins with only Billy Gunn and Rob Conway not participating. Eventually the ring is cleared and Conway and Gunn are left to battle. Billy gets the better of Conway with a quick take down followed by a kick to the gut. Billy then lands the Fame-Ass-Er! Cover 1,2..Out of nowhere Edge breaks up the count and the referee calls for the bell.
Winners: By DQ New Age Outlaws

Christian then runs to the ring with two chairs and E+C clear house knocking all competitors down and hitting a ConChairToe on Matt Hardy and D-Von Dudley. E+C then stand tall on the turnbuckles with their music blaring and the crowd booing immensely.


We see a Limousine pull up with “The Truth” on the front, and out steps the newest member of the CWF, Ron Killings!
Josh Matthews: Ron can we get a word?
Killings: Sure what is it?
Josh: Thanks; do you know whom you will be facing tonight?
Killings: I’m not sure but whoever he is doesn’t stand a chance against “The Truth”!!!!
Josh: Well you seem pretty confident!
Killings: Damb right I’m confident! There is no one that can beat m……..

The CWF Capital Champion Chris Jericho then shows up.

Jericho: Junior will you Please, SHUT THE HELL UP!!!!!!!!!!!! What was that? Huh? No one can beat who? No one can beat me! No one can beat the highlight of the night, King of the World, Sexy Beast CHRIS JERICHO!!!!!!!! And if you honestly believe that you can take MY title from me, you better think again!!!
Killings: I don’t BELIEVE that I can, I KNOW that I can!
Jericho: Then why don’t you just prove it!

Killings and Jericho start to brawl and security break the up.

Commercial Break

2nd Match: CWF Hardcore Championship
Big Show v Raven

Raven’s music blares through the arena as he makes his way to the ring. Pyros then explode and Raven is scared out of his wits as The Big Show makes his way to the ring. Raven darts out of the ring and throws as many weapons as possible into the ring including 2 trash cans and lids, a STOP sign, a kendo stick, a fire extinguisher and a chair. Show immediately grabs the stop sign and smashes it over Raven’s head as he enters the ring. Show then picks Rave up and hits a powerslam through the trashcan. The 500 pounder lifts Raven above his head and releases him from 7 feet in the air, in a Gorilla Press. Show then grabs the chair and hits Raven in the back with it. Suddenly, Nathan Jones and Mike Awesome attack the Big Show from behind! Jones hits a spinning wheel kick while Awesome hits a spear to send Show into the corner. Jones then grabs the Kendo Stick and begins to beat Show with it. Awesome grabs the chair and nails Show straight in the skull with it! With the combined strength of Awesome and Jones, they manage to pick Show up for the double team powerbomb! The two plant Show into the mat and Raven flies off of the top rope with a leg drop for the cover! 1,2,3!!
Winner: New CWF Hardcore Champion Raven

J.R: Oh My Gawd! Oh My Gawd! New Hardcore Champ!!!! Nathan Jones and Mike Awesome just screwed the Big Show! Oh My Gawd!
Gene: The combined strength of Awesome and Jones lifted 500 pounds above their head!
J.R: Oh My Gawd!

Don’t Try This At Home video plays

We see the teams of Tajiri and Ultimo Dragon, Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels with his partner Billy Kidman, heading towards the ring for their next Featherweight Tag Team counter.

J.R: Here we go then Gene, the winner of the six-man table match from last week and the winner of the six-man ladder match also from last week, will go head to head for the first time in CWF!
Gene: This should be huge J.R!

3rd Match
Ultimo Dragon and Tajiri v Fallen Angel and Billy Kidman.

We start the match with Tajiri and Kidman squaring off. Tajiri hits a swift kick to the knee followed by a kick to the head. Kidman is knocked down and Tajiri hits a leg drop to the back of the head. Tajiri picks him up and lands a snap suplex. The Japanese Buzzsaw kicks Billy in the head and tags in Ultimo. Dragon starts with a swinging neckbreaker, followed by a swift chop block. Ultimo heads up top and lands another leg-drop to the back of Kidman’s head. Cover 1,2..Fallen Angel breaks up the count. Tajiri runs in and clotheslines Angel. Ultimo then picks up Daniels and delivers a tornado DDT. Ultimo tags in Tajiri and holds Kidman, so he can deliver a straight kick to the temple. Tajiri picks Billy back up and attempts a suplex but Kidman blocks it and hits one of his own. Billy begins to crawl to the corner but Ultimo runs in and pulls him away from Angel. Tajiri picks Billy up and goes for a spinning wheel kick but Billy ducks and hits a DDT. Kidman then finally reaches Daniels and tags him in. Angel comes in like a house on fire and hits clotheslines on Dragon and Tajiri. He throws Dragon out of the ring and pulls Tajiri to the corner. Angel goes upstairs and nails a springboard moonsault. Cover 1,2..Dragon breaks up the count. Fallen Angel catches Ultimo and hits a bulldog followed by a standing Shooting Star!! Meanwhile Billy Kidman heads to the top rope and hits a Shooting Star of his own but on Tajiri! Angel gets the cover 1,2,3!!
Winners: Fallen Angel and Billy Kidman!

J.R: Folks that was a great Featherweight contest and Ultimo and Fallen Angel will meet at Circuits of Retribution for the Featherweight Title!!
Gene: What a contest that will be!


Ron Killings bursts into Eric Bischoff’s office and demands a match with Jericho!

Killings: Bischoff! Give me that jackass Jericho in the ring NEXT!!!!!
Bischoff: Whoa whoa whoa! You don’t just come charging in here running your mouth!!!! I’m Eric Bischoff!!!! Have some respect! I’ve already assigned you to a match! Now get out there and win it!
Killings: WHAT???????

Commercial Break

We come back to see Ron “The Truth” Killings arrive in the ring awaiting his opponent. Suddenly GOLDBERG’S music hits!!!!!!!!!!!

4th Match
Ron “The Truth” Killings v Goldberg

Goldberg runs to the ring where a shocked Ron Killings stands. The two begin to brawl and Goldberg easily overpowers Killings. Goldberg hits a powerslam followed by 3 elbows to the ribs. Goldberg picks Ron up and nails the Spear!!!!! Goldberg picks Killings up again and nails the Jackhammer!!!! Cover 1,2,3!!!
Winner: Goldberg

Immediately after the bell has rung, Y2J makes his way out to the ring, gets a mic and begins to taunt “The Truth”

Jericho: Dear oh dear oh dear! Did you just get your ass kicked by Goldberg??????? I think so!!!!! I thought you said no one could beat you!!! You’re a joke Ron!!!! You couldn’t beat a fly!!! You couldn’t even beat, say Randy Orton!!!!

Then Randy Orton’s music hits and the Legend Killer makes his way out to the ring.

Orton: What? Your damb right he couldn’t beat me! But neither could you!
Jericho: Sure I can’t!
Orton: Go on then Mr. Yes 2 Jackass!!!
Jericho: Wait a minute; are you challenging me to a match?
Orton: Yeah with your title on the line!
Jericho: Oh is that right?
Orton: Yeah that’s right since I am the most deserving challenger!

AJ Styles then appears on the top of the ramp.

AJ: You are the most deserving challenger???? I don’t think so! I was the last to be eliminated in that Battle Royal last week! The title shot should be mine!

Eric Bischoff then appears on the TitanTron.

Eric: Hold it right there! I’m the guy who makes the decisions around here so I will say who the No.1 Contender is! And it is none of you guys! No instead it is all of you!!!! That’s right and COR it will be Chris Jericho defending his CWF Capital Title against Ron “The Truth” Killings, AJ Styles and Randy Orton!!!

Crowd go wild

Eric: So all of you get the hell out of my ring! Because next ladies and gentlemen is the first semi-final of the King Of The World Competition between Brock Lesnar and The Rock!

Commercial Break

Main Event King of the World Semi-Final
Brock Lesnar v The Rock

The Rock enters the ring to a HUGE ovation. The two lock up in the centre of the ring and the larger Brock over powers The Rock and sends him into the turnbuckle. Brock then smashes his huge shoulder into Rock’s mid-section. Brock puts the Great One on the top rope and attempts a belly-to-belly but Rock pushes him off and hits a flying elbow of his own. Rock picks Lesnar up and lands a DDT. The People’s Champ hits a knee to the gut followed by a double axe handle. Rock throws Lesnar into the ropes and attempts the Rock Bottom but Lesnar fights back, this time hitting a belly-to-belly. Brock picks The Rock up and hits powerful scoop slam. Brock begins to dominate Rock with multiple suplexes followed by a gut wrench powerbomb. Cover 1,2..Kickout. Lesnar keeps his cool and lifts Rock up for a Gorilla Press. Rock is completely out of it and it appears that Brock will win, however Rock begins to fight back with a desperation DDT. Rock is the first to rise to his feet and the two begin brawling. Rock lays the SmackDown on Brock and nails the Rock Bottom!!!! Cover 1,2..Brock kicks out!!!! Rock then goes for the People’s Elbow and lands it!!! Cover 1,2..BROCK KICKS OUT AGAIN!!!!!!
Rock can’t believe it and goes for another People’s Elbow but Lesnar springs to his feet and nails the F-5!!!!!!But Rock’s legs hit the referee!!! Then Triple H runs out of the crowd with a chair and begins to beat the crap out of Rock while Brock wakes the referee!!! Cover 1,2,3!!!!!!
Winner: Brock Lesnar

Triple H continues to beat the Rock up as Hell’s Pit goes off of the air.
The last images are of Brock celebrating, Triple H throwing the chair out of the ring and a lifeless Rock being attended to by EMT’s.
Sorry it has been so long but I had my hands full with my other show!!!
Give me your feed back!!

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Pretty good show. Your matches are extremely good. I really hate the show names though, for me it takes a lot away from it.
Some good feuds coming along also, it's getting interesting.
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