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According to my profile, my last BTB was in 2006. Makes me feel old. But then again, I was a silly young'un back then and I'm ready to do this properly and see how far I can roll with it. Hopefully quite a long way. So, er... Allons-y?


It's late 2010 in an ever-so-slightly altered Universe. TNA has been critically panned for weeks and months on end, and now they're even struggling to attract enough paying fans to the shows: the promotion's awful brand of WCW-lite, which unfortunately doesn't seem to taste better with age, just doesn't appeal to the market anymore. Bad booking, reliance on expensive pensioners and a diminished sense of value placed on staples of the company, such as the ever-popular X-Division, have led TNA into a dead-end from which it could now be too late to escape. Amidst the chaos and ensuing financial concerns, the promotion has also lost its television slot, with the future of their Pay-Per-View events looking dubious too.

Meanwhile, things don't seem to be going so badly for ROH, who have been locked in ongoing takeover talks for an unknown period of time - and it finally looks set to move ahead. A wealthy consortium are interested in expanding into the Professional Wrestling market to challenge WWE's decade of nigh-unrivalled dominance. Even if they don't quite succeed, with the sudden news of TNA's woes, they're undoubtedly guaranteed to become at least the second biggest promotion in the States.

However, as time ticks by and the world rolls into 2011, one last twist was forthcoming to turn the wrestling world on its head; TNA has been saved by a last-minute purchaser, and may have a future yet. But therein lies no coincidence, just a business move to put the sweats on the McMahon family. TNA and ROH haven't been bought by separate people, they're under the same ownership. And, as confirmed in late January, to merge into a single entity. As of this year, neither TNA nor ROH will continue to trade - instead, the CWA - or Combat Wrestling Alliance - will stand tall, funded and operated not by madmen and idiots, but by genuine businessmen looking to change the industry forever.

Swathes of lesser-valued talent from each company depart mutually in order to cut the number of wrestlers contracted to the new company to a reasonable level. Most major talent are offered unconditional contracts with the CWA, but not all are happy to sign. Realising the salary reductions, their reduced backstage influence, and the knowledge that they may no longer be headliners and champions, the likes of Ric Flair, Kurt Angle, Sting, Kevin Nash, Hulk Hogan and Rob Van Dam choose to leave - some returning to the WWE, others to the indies, and some retiring from the game.

On January 27th 2011, on the new and heavily advertised CWA website, it is announced that a weekly, two-hour primetime slot has been given to the brand's flagship show, "Asylum" - and that the debut episode, a three-hour 'Supershow Special' will ring in the new era. Also confirmed is "CWA: Total", an hour-long online broadcast summarising events, showing match highlights, and hosting discussion about recent events and possible future directions.

On January 29th 2011, a 'tentative' roster list is announced via the website. It lacks many of the marquee names associated with TNA, and seems to miss a fair few talented ROH performers as well - not everyone, it seems, shares in CWA's vision and optimism. However, more than just a mesh of TNA and ROH midcarders, the final roster is bolstered by some unique additions. Bryan Danielson, released for the second time by the WWE on amiable terms, is the biggest example. The beloved ROH alumnus jumps ship to the new promotion, instantly adding whole new levels of hype to the upcoming debut night. In addition, both the X-Division (which retains its name) and Women's Division find themselves packed with talent from neither of the two merged companies - with the likes of Scotty "Too Hottie" Taylor, CZW's Sabian, The Human Tornado and Paul Birchall joining the former, and Jazz, Allison Danger, MsChif and April Hunter joining the latter.

The final roster, though open to tweaks and changes throughout the early weeks and months of the new promotion, is as follows (divided loosely into Main Event, X-Division, Womens, Uppercard and Undercard):

Main Event (7):
Bryan Danielson
Matt Morgan
Mr. Anderson
Roderick Strong
Samoa Joe
Mark Henry

X-Division (10):
Human Tornado
Jay Lethal
Chris Sabin
Alex Shelley
Paul Burchill
Kenny Doane
Kyle O'Reilly

Womens (8):
Awesome Kong
Allison Danger
Mickie James
Sara Del Ray
Kat 'Winter' Sweeney

Uppercard (9):
Desmond Wolfe
Christopher Daniels
Tyler Black
Chris Hero
Claudio Castagnoli
Shelton Benjamin
Charlie Haas
William Regal

Undercard (6):
Steve Corino
Robert Roode
James Storm
Chris Harris
Scott Taylor
Dave Finlay

Tag Teams/Factions (6):
The Murder City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin)
The World's Greatest Tag Team (Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas)
The Briscoe Brothers (Mark Briscoe and Jay Briscoe)
Kings of Wrestling (Claudio Castagnoli, Chris Hero and Sara Del Ray)
Beer Money (James Storm and Robert Roode)
Grim Britain (Desmond Wolfe, Paul Burchill and Kat Sweeney)

Currently Inactive (9):
Chris Jericho
Jeff Hardy
Swaggerin' Jake Dallas
Nathan Jones
Mark Briscoe
Jay Briscoe
Chase Stevens

The CWA operates under strict health policies: Wrestlers get regular breaks throughout the year in a rotational system - a few superstars will have time off, they'll return and a different set will take time off, and so on. This keeps all talent fresh, fit and in good physical and mental shape.

As per titles, many former ROH and TNA talent hold alternatives of the same essential title. The titles, at present, are as follows.

CWA World Heavyweight Championship: Vacant (TNA = Mr. Anderson, ROH = Roderick Strong)
CWA Television Championship: Vacant (TNA = Abyss, ROH = Christopher Daniels)
CWA X Division Championship: Frankie Kazarian
CWA Women's Championship: Vacant
CWA Tag Team Championships: Vacant (TNA = Beer Money, ROH = Kings of Wrestling)

Confirmation of the debut Supershow's airdate is to follow.


If I've missed anything, I'll add it soon. First few cards are planned out, just need writing (or finishing, in the case of the debut show). PPVs will be fully written, normal shows in recap or 'finish' style. Expect plenty of emphasis on the X-Division scene, and the simmering tension between ROH and TNA wrestlers.

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very interesting topic here to write a btb on. it looks like it will be a lot of work for you but i am hoping it will be a great btb. i love the backstory and it really gives the btb something good looking about it. i like how motor city machine guns are now murder city machine guns as it sounds cool. good luck :)

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Combat Wrestling Alliance said:
Live on Sunday 2nd February, the first edition of CWA: Asylum hits an international audience with a three-hour Supershow debut special. Expect to see appearances from Mr. Anderson, Bryan Danielson, Samoa Joe, Homicide, Tyler Black, the Murder City Machine Guns, and many more. Every title will be on the line, every wrestler will be in attendance, and every match will blow you away! Make sure not to miss Asylum, starting February 2nd - it's where Wrestling begins again...

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There's a lot of good wrestlers here with a strong roster that seems like it will produce some amazing shows, The tag team and X divisions look really great so I'll be interested in seeing how you book them. The overall concept is nice as well and I'll be interested in seeing if they'll compete with the WWE in the future. Good luck.

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Combat Wrestling Alliance said:
CWA has agreed terms with Andrew "Luke Gallows" Hankinson, Kenny Doane, Chase Stevens and Mark Henry. Some of these competitors may even appear as early as the brand's debut show. However, we regret to announce that Monty Brown has parted ways with the company. CWA: Asylum begins this weekend, be sure not to miss it.
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