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CWA: California Wrestling Association

Prelude: It’s after WWE Summerslam, one of the biggest events in the WWE. With Stephanie taking over the TV position that Vince McMahon had, her brother, Shane, is sick and tired of the way Stephanie has ruled over. Annoyed, Shane found a superstar who also believed he could find a better place to wrestle.

WWE superstar Kane, who currently was pushed into a mid-card feud with Maven, argued that that he could rise to a level of potential that is better than HHH. When Stephanie heard of this remark, Kane was taken away from a possible Intercontinental Championship shot against Muhammad Hassan and thrown into a useless feud with Maven. Five days after Summerslam, Shane and Kane abrubtly left the WWE to found a new company in California, called CWA: the California Wrestling Association.

The reason the two moved to California because they had the support of another former WWE superstar and current Hollywood actor – Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. The way WWE uninformed him of his contract status angered and persuaded himself to get a wrestling company going, with Shane and Kane.

Now with two superstars in this company, it was time to begin recruiting. Many people were amazed at what Shane had done with bringing the Rock and Kane into this CWA. These included AJ Styles, Kevin Nash, and Samoa Joe, each in dispute with their current companies. With enough persuasion, and the comfort of finding home in the Golden State, they jumped ship.

Kane, a good friend with Shane, decided that since Shane made Kane his first pick, he should return the favor. Two men who weren’t getting the push they deserved, Chris Beniot and Kurt Angle, talked with Kane and wondered how CWA would be any better and would get them into a lot better stardom. Kane promised them that being in the CWA would promise them a bright future as two of the best technical wrestlers in history.

So therefore, the wrestlers all re-located to the San Diego Sports Arena, and finally, on 18th, it was the official beginning of the CWA…

Owner Shane McMahon
Dwayne Johnson
AJ Styles
Kevin Nash
Samoa Joe
Chris Beniot
Kurt Angle

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He was just pissed and wanted to find a new company, CWA interested him. Now anyway...

CWA Preview (for August 18, 2005)
When CWA premieres in San Diego, it will be an action-packed night! Founder Shane McMahon has promised one of the best companies, but we have yet to see if that will happen.

Begenning this Thursday, CWA will begin a CWA Heavyweight Championship tournament. In a first round match, Chris Beniot will go one-on-one with Kane. Also, Kurt Angle will be facing Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

Also, Shane has a big announcement for the CWA title tournament regarding Dwayne's opponent. Who will it be? All this and much more on CWA TV, August 18, 2005.

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this looks good, you need another 40 or so superstars to have a good, healthy oster to build some good feuds and PPV's around but I cant wait for The Rock vs Kurt Angle, be sure to write your matches out though, cant wait! :shocked:

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Thursday, August 18, 2005
Announcers Bret Hart & Tazz (color)

“Enemy” by Fozzy plays, welcoming us to CWA!

Hart: It’s San Diego, California, and I can smell it! It’s the beginning of CWA: the California Wrestling Association. I’m Bret Hart along my broadcasting partner Tazz, and what a hell of a show we got tonight!

Tazz: Yeah Hart! Owner Shane McMahon has announced that tonight, there will be one match in the CWA Heavyweight title tournament. In what is sure to be one hell of a thriller, Chris Beniot faces off against Kane!

“Kevin Nash” hits the speakers as “Big Sexy” makes his way down to the ring.

Big Sexy: I know you want some of this…because it’s Big Sexy! (Crowd boos) It’s ok, I understand your feeble minds can’t intake me looking sooooooo good…that’s ok, I can handle (You Suck Chants and WHAT chants begin). I know that…

Suddenly, “Oh You Didn’t Know” hit’s the speakers, and the New Age Outlaws make their way to the ring to the roar of the crowd.

Tazz: Oh my god…it’s the return of the New Age Outlaws!

Bret: You’re right Tazz. I can’t believe this, what do the New Age Outlaws have any business doing here anyway?

Tazz: You got a point Bret.

Outlaw: You think you’re so tough, eh?

Kevin: Yeah, do you think you can beat me?

Outlaw: Anytime, how about we take you on in a handicap match right now?

Kevin: Ok, but's it not going to be handicap…

Tazz: Huh?

“Samoa Joe’s theme” hits the speakers as Samoa Joe makes his way to the ring.

Jesse James: What the hell?

Kevin: You’re not going to get away with cheating you little outlaws, it’s going to be fair (crowd boos).

MATCH 1: Big Sexy & Samoa Joe vs. the New Age Outlaws (The Outlaw and Jesse James)
Samoa Joe and The Outlaw begin the match. They trade blows before Samoa irish whips him. Samoa is about to clothesline him, but Outlaw ducks and gives him a clubbing blow to the midsection. After he is taken down, Outlaw drops an elbow to the right knee, followed by another elbow (which Samoa looks to tender), followed by a leglock. Outlaw has it locked in, as Samoa wrenches in pain. But before the Outlaw could do any real damage, Big Sexy breaks it up with a punch to the back of Outlaw. Before Outlaw could go after Sexy, Samoa delivers an unexpected neckbreaker, slamming Outlaw into the canvas. Samoa takes advantage of Outlaw’s neck, picking him up and continuously backhanding and punching his neck, followed by a sleeper hold. Outlaw looks dazed and passes out. James tries to help, but the referee stops him. With the referee distracted, Sexy took it to himself to come in and get some punches in. But suddenly, Outlaw breaks out of the sleeper hold, irish whips Sexy out of the ring, and gives Samoa a belly to belly suplex. Now both men were on the mat trying to get the tags. Finally, both men get the tags as Sexy goes against Jesse James. Jesse and Sexy lock up, as Sexy backs off, playing his usual heel antics. The two lock up again, and Sexy takes James from the grapple position, picks and hits him down, and does it three times before he irish whips him, and gives him a big boot. Sexy continues his assault, and gives James a arm twist and slam, as James seems to be feeling the effects. After that, Sexy pulls James over to Samoa, and drives him into that turnbuckle before making the tag to Samoa. Samoa continues work on the arm, with an arm slam and an armbar on the ground. After he is forced out when James somehow manages to reach the ropes and is about to make the tag, Samoa drags him away and delivers a knee to the head, followed by a legdrop and a tag to Sexy. Sexy continues work on the arm, giving him the arm to knee (slamming his arm on top of Sexy’s knee) followed by an arm twist and slam. After, Samoa comes back in and delivers a dropkick.

Ending: After a successful dropkick to James, he delivers his Avalanche Muscle Buster. Miraculously, James popped out at two and broke out of the Choke Sleeper Clutch. With the two down on the ground, each two make the tag, but Big Sexy plays heel antics and will not face the Outlaw. After the Outlaw chases him and runs into the turnbuckle, he runs right into Big Sexy, who delivers the Jackknife Powerbomb and gets the 1-2-3 as Samoa Joe big boots Jesse James before James could break it up.

HERE ARE YOUR WINNERS, Big Sexy and Samoa Joe (9:54)

After the match, Big Sexy and Samoa Joe continue to beat up the Outlaws before Angle comes and clears house. “Medal” plays as we go to break.

Bret: Whoa, I never expected Angle to come to their aid, but I should of, seeing as though he will face Big Sexy next week.

Tazz: That Angle…Big Sexy shouldn’t be treated like that, Angle will be whooped next week.

Bret: Well, we’ll be right back, because when we get back, Shane McMahon has an announcement for us all. He says we will love it, but that remains to be seen.


“Here Comes the Money” plays on the speakers as CWA owner Shane McMahon makes his way to the ring to the cheers of the crowd.

Shane: Now I told you that I had a big announcement tonight. When I talked to this man about being the one to face Dwayne Johnson next week, he was a bit optimistic, but he later decided that it would be nice to come home. Please welcome…

Before Shane announces who his coming out, “If You Smell” hits the speakers as Dwayne Johnson comes out to the boo of the crowd.

Dwayne: Finally, the Rock has come back, to San Diego, California! (Crowd Boos) Now I know you all came to see me, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson right? (Boos erupt in the arena) Well, let me tell you what you should be doing. You should be worshiping to the Rock’s feet, that’s what. Come on, get down, let’s go Shane, we don’t have all day.

Shane: This is my show; I don’t bow down to no one.

Dwayne: Did you just say no to me? Did you just say no to the Rock? Oh, you’re gonna pay, you’re gonna pay, that’s for sure.

Shane: Tell it to him…

“Real American” hits the speakers as Hulk Hogan makes his way to the ring to the eruption of the crowd.

Bret: Oh my god, it’s Hulk Hogan!

Tazz: Yes, it really is!

Hulk chases Johnson out of the ring, and does his usual taunts as we go to commercial.

Bret: What a big announcement!

Tazz: This is major news, Hulk vs. Johnson, here in CWA! We’ll see that next week!


We’re in the back where Kurt Angle is talking to Chris Beniot about their matches.

Chris: Kurt, you don’t have much to worry about. You are going in a one-on-one match with Dwayne Johnson with nothing on the line. I have a title shot on the line for me.

Kurt: You’re right, but a loss like this could be a major confidence loss for me.

Chris slaps Kurt hard with his right hand across Kurt’s face.

Chris: Get a hold of yourself god damnit. You are the best wrestler in the industry, and will prove it tonight and next week. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a match to get ready for.
Shane is in the back in his room saying that he’s got one hell of an industry going. The door stars being knocked on.

Shane: Come in.

Kane steps through the door as Shane’s eyes widen.

Shane: What do you want Kane?

Kane: Why the hell am I put in a match against Chris Beniot? I proved I’m one of the best, I don’t need to face him.

Shane: I chose the opponents by thinking of the big, final picture. What would be a good match? So I put you and Beniot against each other.

Kane: That’s messed up, but I’ll win.

Shane: Prove it tonight.

Kane is all mad, then leaves and slams the door shut.

Bret: Angle, Johnson, next!


“Medal” plays on the speakers as Kurt Angle makes his way to the ring. After, “If You Smell” plays as Dwayne Johnson makes his way to the ring for this one-on-one match.

MATCH 2: Kurt Angle vs. Dwayne Johnson
Dwayne Johnson began right away with a low blow before the match started, followed by some punches, then he irish whipped him to the ropes and gave him a People’ Punch. He continued his assault, giving Angle a splash and then taunting with his “just bring it” taunt. Angle was trying to get up, and slowly got up, but couldn’t start any offense as Johnson gave Angle a Samoan Drop. Johnson gave an elbow to the head, and went for the count but only got the 2. He tried again but once again, only 2. Johnson picked Angle up, but Angle fought out with elbows to the upper chest of Johnson, followed by a german suplex. Both men were down trying to get up, the count reached to 8 before Johnson got up. Angle got up soon after, and dodged a sledgehammer clothesline and gave him a shoulder to the gut and took him down. He started punching Johnson before picking him up and irish whipping him to the ropes. Angle goes for a big slam to him, but Johnson dodges and Angle flies out of the ring.


When we are back, Johnson has Angle in a sleeper hold when Angle gets out and out of nowhere gives Johnson the Angle Slam. He goes for the Ankle Lock, but Johnson trips Angle with his hand, picks him up, and delivers the Rock Bottom. He goes for the pin, but only 2! Angle slowly gets up, and Dwayne has Angle in a position for another Rock Bottom.

Ending: Johnson was about to give Angle another Rock bottom, but Angle got out of it, got behind Johnson, and have him an Angle Slam. After that, he put the Ankle Lock on him. Dwayne almost got the ropes, but Angle moved back and locked it in for good, as Johnson tapped out.


After the match, Angle gets a microphone.

Angle: I am the best wrestler in the industry, along with Beniot! I proved it tonight, Beniot will prove it tonight. This is just a taste of what I’ll do to you next week, Sexy. You’ll see…you’ll see…

“Medal” plays as Angle leaves.

Bret: What a match, Tazz!

Tazz: Damnit, Dwayne had it before Angle cheated.

Bret: Another great CWA match! We'll be back!


Hogan is in the back talking to Styles, who will face Samoa Joe in two weeks.

Hogan: You know something, when I saw you in TNA, you were the best there was. I think you could be the future of the CWA. But remember, I’m here too, and if we both win to the finals, it will be me and you.

Styles: Well may the best man win.

Hogan: Yes, we should. (They shake hands)

After, Samoa Joe passes by and has some words for Hogan and Styles.

Samoa: You think you guys are so good huh?

Styles: Actually yes.

Hogan: Ditto.

Samoa: Well let me tell you something. AJ, you cannot beat a level you are not even at. And Hulk, how old are you? 85, 86…

Hogan: 52 @$$hole.

Samoa: Close enough. Anyway, you old hag, I don’t think you can even get out of the first round.

Hogan: We’ll see about that.

After that, Samoa clotheslines Styles and gives Hogan the Choke Sleeper Clutch which Hogan taps to. He holds it in before about 25 security members break it up.

Bret: Oh my god...well, Beniot-Kane, next!


Tazz: What a show it’s been so far! Hulk Hogan in the CWA, the New Age Outlaws return, what an action-packed night.

Bret: Well to remind everyone at home, next week, it will be “The Immortal” Hulk Hogan going one-on-one with the Rock! Also, Big Sexy will face off against Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle!

“Chris Beniot’s theme” plays as Chris Beniot comes out to a big pop. “Slow Chemical” plays and Kane slowly makes his way to the ring looking very angry.

MATCH 3: Kane vs. Chris Beniot
Kane began the match with some punches, followed by an irish whip and an over the shoulder body slam. After that, Kane gives him a kick to the face, and picks him up. He irish whips him again and delivers a thunderous clothesline. Kane continues his assault, and one again picks him up. This time, he gave him a sidewalk slam and continued to work on the back and neck using kicks to the back, followed by a choke hold that was stopped at 4 (seeing as it was illegal). When Kane picked up Beniot the next time, Beniot punched Kane at the face and gave him some blows to the head before irish whipping him and going for a school boy with a long 2 count. Beniot picked Kane up, but then Kane low blowed Beniot.

Ending: Kane delivers a low blow, followed by a chokeslam. He goes for the cover, but only gets the two. He is about to do the tombstone, but he reverses (gets behind Kane) and gives him an irish whip and headslam. He slashes his throat, and then gets up for a headbutt, but misses because he didn’t make it all the way. After, Kane was going to do the chokeslam, but Beniot got out of it and gave him the Crippler Crossface. Kane couldn’t reach the ropes, therefore tapping out.


After the match, Beniot celebrates in the ring as he continues his road to the title.

Tazz: Could this be our next champion? We’ll see next week.

Bret: For all of CWA, this is Bret Hart with Tazz, be here next week, it’ll be a killer.

Owner Shane McMahon
Dwayne Johnson
AJ Styles
Big Sexy
Samoa Joe
Chris Beniot
Kurt Angle
Bret Hart
The Outlaw
Jesse James
Hulk Hogan

CWA Heavyweight Championship Tournament (1st Round): Dwayne Johnson vs. Hulk Hogan
CWA Heavyweight Championship Tournament (1st Round): Big Sexy vs. Kurt Angle

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Good first show, I like that you have started with a small roster and you're building it up, adds to the realism. I think Dwayne Johnson should be known as The Rock, because people know that name better, but a very good start. Keep it up.

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CWA TV Preview (for August 25, 2005)
After a hellacious first week, what is left to expect for CWA TV this week?

With Kurt Angle coming off an impressive win over Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, can he continue and beat Big Sexy? What will Big Sexy have in store for Kurt? In the other matchup, returning Hulk Hogan will have a major match, as he goes one-on-one with Dwayne Johnson in the tournament, who will definatly be hungry coming off a huge loss to Kurt Angle.

Also, Kane will look to come off the rebound from his loss to Beniot last week, as he goes one-on-one with AJ Styles. What will see of Styles in his CWA debut? All this and much more this Thursday on CWA TV.

(Side note: It's kind of funny that CWA is on Thursday, makes it the Thursday Night War...lol...)

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Well, I think that you shouldn't just use old hasbeens like Kevin Nash, The Outlaws, Samoa Joe, etc. I think you should push your younger talent slowly like I'm doing with UWEF. But anyway great start for a good promotion. I also think Bret shouldn't be an announcer and that JR or Cole replace him and Bret can just be a GM, Director of Authority, etc. Other than that, great start! I'll give you a 7/10. It could have been higher.

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Thursday, August 25, 2005
Announcers Bret Hart & Tazz (color)
Backstage Announcer: Ron Simmons
Ring Announcer: Tony Chimmel

“Enemy” by Fozzy plays as it’s CWA TV!

Bret: I welcome you all to CWA TV! We are here from San Diego, California, here in the San Diego Sports Arena! What a night we have for you tonight!

Tazz: That’s right Bret! Hollywood legend Dwayne Johnson…

Bret: Legend?

Tazz: Look at his movies man. It speaks for himself.

Bret: You have to be kidding me…

Tazz: From someone that doesn’t know nothing about anything, I take that as a compliment for Johnson. Now anyway…

“Oh You Didn’t Know” hits the speakers as Outlaw comes down for one-on-one action. “Samoa Joe” plays as Samoa Joe comes down. They staredown, and then Samoa slaps him before Outlaw toe kicks him and body slams him before the match officially begins.

MATCH 1: The Outlaw vs. Samoa Joe
After the body slam, Outlaw picks him up and delivers a couple of punches before irish whipping him to the turnbuckle. After that, the Outlaw runs at him and gives him a clothesline and a pin for only 2. He picks him up and then gives him a few punches before irish whipping him and delivering a running slam. After a few gut kicks to Samoa while he was on the ground, he went for the pin, but only got 2 again. He then picks him up again and puts him in a sleeper hold. The sleeper hold is held in for a while before Samoa finally gets out of it simply by powering out. After the power out, he takes Outlaw; irish whips him into a turnbuckle, and does a flying crossbody. With Outlaw on the ground, he got rid of the black turnbuckle cover, and went for the cover on Outlaw, but it was only a 2 count. He picked Outlaw, and tried to slam him into the coverless turnbuckle, but he was stopped, and Outlaw irish whipped him into the opposite corner. Outlaw then did a taunt, then ran at him for a flying shoulder, but Samoa got out of the way, and he ran into the pole, then fell to his two knees. Samoa then did a taunt, then ran and gave him a knee which sent him out of the ring.


When we are back, Samoa still has advantage, although the momentum shifted during the commercial (Outlaw threw Samoa into the steel steps, Samoa got it back with a counter). Samoa has Outlaw in a armbar, which Outlaw cannot get out of. He is about to tap, when he is finally able to reach the ropes, and then gets up and flies him out of the ring. Outlaw taunts some more before Samoa gets back in and gets a thunderous clothesline, but for only a 2 count. Samoa picks him up, and a big uppercut to the jaw, but once again, only a 2. He then is ready for the dropkick, pounding his leg on the floor faster and faster and faster until Outlaw gets up and he gives him the dropkick.

Ending: After the dropkick, Samoa Joe goes for the Choke Sleeper Clutch, but Outlaw dodges and gives him an eye poke followed by a Fame-Asser. He goes for the pin, but Big Sexy interferes and hits Outlaw with a steel chair.

Tazz: What the?

Bret: Oh my god, it’s Big Sexy!


After the match, they continued their assault before Jesse James and Kurt Angle came in to chase them out. After that, Angle taunts and says without the microphone that Nash will lose, it’s the end of the road for Sexy.

Bret: Thank god James and Angle came in.

Tazz: How can you do this to someone like Sexy?

Bret: Shutup Tazz, Sexy will learn his lesson later tonight.

Tazz: Yeah right.

Bret: Well, we’ll be back!


We’re in the back with Dwayne Johnson and Ron Simmons.

Ron: Well, I’m the new backstage announcer Ron Simmons, also known as Farrooq, and I’m here with a man who will face the Immortal Hulk Hogan, and I’d have to say, how do you…

Dwayne: Ron, you don’t deserve to stand anywhere near me. Now anyway, Dwayne Johnson is CWA’s next champion, and that’s the bottom line. I am the best there is. I am a Hollywood legend!

Ron: But you will still have a challenge with…

Dwayne: Shutup Ron. This is my interview…

Ron: No, it’s mine. Now if you don’t shutup and answer my questions…

Dwayne: What are gonna do, give me one of your little [email protected]$$ punches?

Ron: No, this!

After, Simmons gave Dwayne a Dominator (one-handed spinebuster) and left saying don’t mess with me.

Bret: Wow, Ron Simmons as our backstage announcer, but look at what he did to Dwayne Johnson!

Tazz: Simmons gotta learn that Dwayne is a Hollywood legend, and he has to shutup and listen to the wise words of Dwayne Johnson.

Bret: Hogan vs. Rock, next!


“If You Smell” hits the arena as Dwayne Johnson comes down for one-on-one action with chest tape. “Real American” plays through the speakers to the eruption of the crowd as Hulk Hogan comes down with his American flag and his red, white, and blue fuzzy things (what are they?).

MATCH 2: Hulk Hogan vs. Dwayne Johnson
Rock and Hulk begin by staring down before Rock slaps Hogan. After the slap, Hogan for a punch, but Hogan blocks it and gives some punches of his own. After, Hogan goes for an irish whip, but Dwayne reverses it and shoulder clotheslines him to the ground. He then stepped on his face and smashed it like a cockroach before picking him up. He gives him some people’s punches before giving him a big punch to make him fall to the mat. He goes for the pin, but gets a 1. He goes for another pin, but once again, only 1. He goes for a third pin, but once again, only a 1. He then picks him up and punches him before irish whipping him and getting Hogan into a side headlock. He holds the side headlock on the mat, at times Hogan’s shoulders on the ground for unsuccessful pins. He holds in for a while, then Hogan slowly tries to get up, and then tries to shoulder out, and gets out and irish whips, but is reversed and is given a thunderous clothesline, looking like it knocked him out. The Rock started taunting, but somehow, Hogan gets up and looks pumped. Dwayne goes for a punch, but Hogan doesn’t seem to be hurting. He does it again, but to no avail. He tries one more time, but Hogan grabs the hand and delivers some right hands and a big boot. He picks him up, and gives him a legdrop. He is about to do the legdrop, but Dwayne moves out of the way before he can hit it. Dwayne then gets Hogan, and gives him a Rock Bottom. He then gets ready for the People’s Elbow.

Ending: Dwayne is about to win, but Ron Simmons runs down. He is about to come in, but is clobbed out of no where by Samoa Joe. With Hulk and the ref distracted, Dwayne low blowed Hogan and then gave him the Rock Bottom followed by the People’s Elbow to the dismay of the crowd. Dwayne covered Hogan and got the 1-2-3.


After the match, Ron Simmons and Hulk are ambushed by Dwayne and Samoa Joe, no one comes out to help as Dwayne and Joe leave very cocky.

Bret: That Dwayne…he has to get his @$$ straightened up…

Tazz: Dwayne did what he needed to do.

Bret: This is wrong...


In the back, Shane is talking on the phone to someone. He is somewhere backstage.

Shane: So, we have a deal?

Shane: Ok, I’ll see you next week. I think your opponent will be someone you know very well.

AJ Styles passes by when he has something to say.

AJ: That Samoa has to learn something. I want to make our match next week a big one.

Shane: How do you suppose?

AJ: I think I want Samoa and I…in a cage! (Crowd erupts)

Shane: Ok, you got it. By the way, you have a match against Kane, and that’s next.

AJ: Ok, see ya Shane.

As AJ leaves, Hulk passes by with Ron Simmons.

Hulk: What the hell? That Samoa cost me the match, and Dwayne and Samoa are pissing me off.

Ron: Yeah, that’s totally right.

Shane: Well, Samoa has a match next week, but Dwayne is open…so Ron, you will face him next week.

Hulk: What about me?

Shane: I have a special man coming into the industry that I want you to go one-on-one with.

Hulk: Well as long as I can unleash some pent up anger, that's fine.

Ron: Thanks, but who will cover backstage?

Shane: Well I think “Smackdown’s #1 announcer” can take the job.

Ron: Ok…

Hulk: Thanks man…and for my opponent next week…whatcha gonna do…when the Hulkster run wild on you…whatcha gonna do brotha?

Hulk poses as we go to commercial.

Tazz: Major news, Farrooq vs. the Rock!

Bret: Major news man. When we come back, it will be AJ Styles going one on one…with Kane!


“AJ Styles” plays as AJ Styles makes his way to the ring, pumped and ready to go. “Slow Chemical” plays as an angry Kane makes his way to the ring and doesn’t even taunt as he starts punching Styles.

MATCH 3: AJ Styles vs. Kane
Kane begins with some punches then irish whips him quickly into the turnbuckle to start the match. AJ Styles became dazed then soon fell to the floor. Kane, without wasting anytime, goes to Styles and starts kicking him before picking him up, irish whipping him against the ropes, and delivering a big boot. Kane, in need to give punishment, picks him up again, and gives him a sidewalk slam. He continues the assault with some stomps before he picks him and rams him into the turnbuckle, then coming in and running right into him. After that, he hits him on the turnbuckle 10 times, and then he falls to the floor. After Styles falls to the floor, Kane picks him up and gives him a submission move we’ve seen many times by the Undertaker, the Dragon Sleeper Hold. It was held in for a while, with Styles’ numerous escape attempts failed. Finally, AJ Styles got some offense going as he reversed it into a DDT. Styles tried to get up, but Kane sat up and continued to assault Styles. Kane then threw Styles on the outside and went out for more pain. He elbowed Styles a few times, then picked him and rammed him into the steel steps. After, picks him and knocks his head into the ring pole. With Kane in tact to win the match, he still wanted to deliver pain. With AJ Styles knocked out cold, Kane picks him up and tombstones him into the steel steps. AJ, now bloodied in the head, was rolled back in, and Kane looked like he wanted to finish this match.

Ending: Kane took AJ and big boot, and then signaled that the end was near. Kane set up Styles for the Chokeslam, but AJ reverses, gets out of it. and out of nowhere gets The Styles Clash and the 1-2-3 for the win.


Bret: Oh my god he did it! He beat Kane! Through all the pain, he found a way to win!

Tazz: What a win for Styles…this will be good coming into…wait a minute…Kane has a steel chair!

After the match, Kane rolled out to get a steel chair, and then whacked AJ with it a few times before throwing the chair on him and leaving through the ramp.

Bret: Oh my…oh my…

Tazz: That Kane is a mad man! You don’t want to get in his way.

Bret: This is downright awful! That Kane should be punished, that is no way to treat a superstar that beats you, he needs to control that temper.

Tazz: We’ll be back…wow…


Tazz: We’re here live on CWA TV, and did you see what I saw? That was downright vicious.

Bret: You got that right Tazz. Let’s see that assault again, for those who just tuned in.

(Replay of Kane assault is played)

Bret: Downright vicious.

“Here Comes the Money” plays as Shane McMahon comes out looking a bit angry. He steps in the ring.

Tazz: This is odd.

Bret: I think this has to do with what just happened.

Shane: What we just saw of Kane is a disgrace to what the CWA is all about – the best wrestling in all of world. Actions like that cannot be allowed. That’s why next week, in handicap match, it will be Kane against the New Age Outlaws!

“Slow Chemical” hits as Kane comes out and stays on the stage, looking very angry.

Kane: You cannot do this to me…you cannot do this to Kane!

Shane: You asked for that with that after-match assault. You put on a good show in the ring, I was proud, until you went ahead and hit Styles with the chair after the match.

Kane: You want to be next?!

Shane: You lay a finger on me…

Kane: What are you gonna do? What do you think you can do?

Shane: I am the law, you don’t follow it, you’ll pay.

Kane: Try me.

Shane: Go right ahead, ruin your career, lose your chance at stardom.

Kane: Watch me…

Kane gets in the ring, but before he can touch Shane, a gong runs through the arena as the lights turn dark. On the titantron, a weird static video comes on, and the only words that come out is 7 days. When the lights come back on, Kane looks scared as the crowd is going wild, Kane then slowly steps out as Shane’s look has changed to a smile.

Bret: Oh my…

Tazz: That’s right. I wonder what Shane has in store for Kane next week.

Bret: I can’t wait!


Kurt Angle is shown heading to the ring entrance.

Bret: Angle-Sexy, next!


“Medal” hits as Kurt Angle makes his way to the ring to the roar of the crowd. “Big Sexy” hits as “Big Sexy” Kevin Nash comes down to the ring.

MATCH 4: Kurt Angle vs. Big Sexy
Kurt Angle and Big Sexy stare down, then slowly walk up to each other, and then get nose-to-nose. After, Sexy slaps Angle, then Angle takes him down and punches him a couple of times before getting him in a quick headlock. He keeps him in the headlock until he goes for the pin, but only a 1, but keeps the headlock in tact as he goes for a couple of more pins, both 1 counts. He keeps the headlock in tact, and then stands up and keeps the headlock in. Sexy tries to get out of it, but still unsuccessful. After about a minute, Sexy gets to the rope and Angle is forced to let go. Angle then gives Sexy a chop block that sends Sexy out of the ring. Angle gets out and rams Sexy in the ring before going back in. Angle goes for a leglock, but Sexy dodges and trips Angle up and goes for a pin, but only 1. Sexy picks up Angle and punches him a couple of times before irish whipping him and clotheslining him. He taunts, and pins but only gets a 1. He goes for a modified DDT, but while in the air, Angle gets out of it and gets behind him/

Ending: Angle goes for an Angle Slam, and gets it. He thinks about what he should do, and finally decides to give Sexy the Ankle Lock. He holds it in for about 30 seconds before Sexy taps.


After the match, Angle celebrates in the ring.

Bret: What a match Tazz!

Tazz: Almost Sexy, you’ll get it back!

Bret: An amazing match by an amazing competitor, Angle pulls off another win! What a night, tune in next week for CWA TV!

Owner Shane McMahon
Dwayne Johnson
AJ Styles
Big Sexy
Samoa Joe
Chris Beniot
Kurt Angle
Bret Hart
The Outlaw
Jesse James
Hulk Hogan
Ron Simmons
Tony Chimmel

Ron Simmons vs. Dwayne Johnson
CWA Heavyweight Championship Tournament (1st Round): AJ Styles vs. Samoa Joe (Cage Match)
Hulk Hogan vs. ???
Kane vs. New Age Outlaws

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Way better than last time. Kane vs. AJ shouldn't have happenede. Kane should be up to the CWA high satus. I think the Samoa/Outlaw match was great but Kevin shouldn't have inerfered. Everything else was great. 8.5/10. Way better than last time.

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CWA TV Preview (for September 1, 2005)
If you thought things were hot, wait until you see this week.

After Chris Beniot, Dwayne Johnson, and Kurt Angle advanced to the 2nd round, who will be next? On Destruction, two possible contenders, AJ Styles and Samoa Joe will square off in CWA's first ever steel cage match! These two men will be battered and bruised when they square off. Who will come out as the winner and face Kurt Angle next week.

In other news, an angry Kane looks to take revenge for his first two losses, when he goes into a handicap match against the New Age Outlaws. How will he fend for himself against a bunch of outlaws? You never no what to expect. But what will be running through his mind? A eerie voice before and after static came to "7 Days...". Will Kane survive?

Ron Simmons will look to shut Dwayne up when he faces him one-on-one. Speaking of Dwayne, this week, him and his friend Samoa Joe said they have a suprise for everyone this week in an exclusive interview with CWA.com. What will that suprise be? And what role will Samoa have in it?

Hulk will also be in action against an unknown opponent. Who will it be? Watch CWA TV, this Thursday!
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