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I use Paint Shop pro for this, but what the easyest program to use to cut, Paint shop pro just takes to long with me and it fustrates me lol.

So whats the easyest program i can download? which aint to big (MB)

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There is no actual 'Cutting Program.'
There are plug-ins you can buy for Photoshop that make it easier to cut.

Anyways, its fairly easy to cut in Photoshop, multiple ways:
- Use the magic wand on solid backgrounds and delete it that way.
- Use the eraser
-- Fine tip if you want a perfect cut
-- A feathered tip if you want it to fade into the BG
and save time.
- The lasso and magnetic lassos are another way to do it.
- And the extract tool is another good way to do it.

I think that's it.
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