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Cruiserweight Show

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I made this awhlie ago before thr Royal Rumble
i will post another one depending on my responses

Yes i know they are not all cruiserweights

Heat: The Cruiser Weight Show
Sean O’Haire
Randy Orton
Kurt Angle
Ken Shamrock
Eddie Guerrero
Chris Jericho
Billy Kidman
Chris Benoit
Paul London
Ultimo Dragon
Rob Van Dam
Shannon Moore
Matt Hardy
Lance Storm
Chavo Guerrero
Shark Boy
Titles Announcers Authorities WWE Championship Al Snow Vince WWE Cruiser Weight The Coach Shane WWE Tag Team Titles

Ring Announcer
Howard Finkal

Heat The Pilot Episode

As the pyros go off Heat now has there own roster and is now a 2-hour show. Everyone is excited to see WWE’s first show with mainly cruiserweights.

Snow: I am really excited and I guarantee a great show for everyone.
Coach: It should with Vince being in charge with Shane O Mac.

Shane’s music hits as he enters the ring. “Tonight will be a night to remember for it is the start of my show,” said Shane continuing his speech, “In this ring we will see a tournament start and the winner of that tournament will become Heat’s first ever WWE Champion! Snow and I have made up the tournament with a few mystery men debuting throughout the tournament to try to win the title. Now please look up at our new and expensive titron to see the tournament out line!”

???------- /---------\----------\
???-------/---------\-----------|--------WWE Champion
Angle ---/---------/
Christain \
Benoit--- /--------\------------/
Chavo---- /------- /
Al Snow stands up and takes a microphone and makes an announcement, “And the RVD .vs. ??? is next.”

RVD vs ???
Rvd is in the ring waiting to see who he will face. It’s Ken Shamrock, one of the most dangerous intercontenal champion ever. Rvd is in for a challenge. Ken goes in with some fast punches until RVD gets pushed into a corner. Shamrock goes for a bell to belly suplex and uses it to throw RVD out of the ring painfully. RVD is hurt badly and may need some medical attention. Ken goes outside and tosses RVD into the ring RVD some how is back up and drop kicks Ken to the floor. Rvd picks him up and suplexes him. RVD is going for the rolling thunder, but when he turned his back to run towards the rope shamrock got back up and when Rvd turned around Shamrock gave him another vicious Belly-to-Belly suplex. Ken goes for the cover 1…2 ..RVD kicked out. Both men are on their feet. Rvd round house kicks Ken right in the mouth. Shamrock got up quickly and goes for the belly-to-belly but RVD reverses it into a DDT. Rvd is towards the corner and 5 star frog splash 1…2.. Sean O’Haire has interfered and just planted a Reverse Death Valley Driver on RVD. RVD has won by DQ.

Vince shows up and says, “RVD will not win by DQ so I have decided that this match shall continue.”
Shane enters and says “RVD is in no condition to continue.”
Vince: TOO BAD.
Ken goes for the ankle lock and RVD taps out Ken Shamrock wins thanks to Vince McMahon and Sean O’Haire.
WINNER and will go onto the next round of the tournament: KEN SHAMROCK

Coach: that was some match Al and a great way to start off the show
Al: You know it
Shane to Vince: what the F#CK are you trying to pull here RVD had the match won and force him to continue
Vince: Too bad for RVD, but I’ll tell you what next week we will see RVD vs. Lance and Moore in a handicap match and if Rob wins he will get a rematch against Shamrock in a stipulation of your choice son.
Shane: if you are going to screw around like this then maybe I should too. We will see the O’Haire vs Chavo match next week and the minute that match ends the winner of the Christain vs. Benoit match that is tonight’s main event and it will be a ladder match.

Eddie vs.???
Al: It is time for another qualifying round
Coach: But who is Eddie’s opponent
Al: For all we know it could be someone from RAW or Smack Down like Goldberg and Lesnar.
Eddie enters the ring and grabs a microphone and seems he wants to say something
Eddie: First I want to say hello to all my fans and everyone who can feel the Latino heat stirring up inside of me. Now whoever I am facing listen for a second homes. I am a former US champion, WWE World tag team champion, Intercontinental Champion, and the greatest European Champion ever and…
His unknown opponent who just happens to be a former European Champion interrupts Eddie…IT’S X-PAC. and X-Pac run into the ring and stares down Eddie and grabs the microphone.
X-Pac: there is no way in HELL that you are a better European champion and I’ll prove it

X-Pac throws a cheap punch to knock Eddie down. X-Pac does a roundhouse kick and takes Eddie down again. Pac throws Eddie into the ropes and tries to toss Eddie, but Eddie reverses it into a swinging DDT. Eddie goes for a quick pin, but doesn’t even get a one. Eddie drop kick Pac down and catapults Pac to the ropes and he goes right over the rope. Eddie from the ring runs to the opposite rope and goes for a spear between the second and bottom rope but Pac dodges the blow. Looking at the replay we see Eddies head just bounce off the guardrails. That may have led to a concussion. Pac takes advantage of the situation and goes inside the ring and wait for Eddie to be counted out. Eddie finds a way to get in by 7. Pac hits the X- Factor on Eddie who then rolls outside of the ring to avoid getting pinned X-Pac turns around to taunt and show off while Eddie gets up and back in the ring. Guerrero grabs Pac’s legs and goes for the Lasso from El Paso. X-Pac taps out and Eddie moves further in the tournament
WINNER: Eddie Guerrero

Al: I can feel that Latino Heat giving me a burn
Coach: Next up we have a tag team match and Vince is suppose to have some sort of a surprise for this match

Spank and Pull vs. Orton and Matt
Howard Finkal: The next match is a tag team match scheduled for 1 fall and is set to be a 3 on 3 match teaming up with Spank and Pull is Shane McMahon and teaming up with Orton and Matt is Vince
Shane come out and says: I am not a wrestler and you want me in the same ring in there with my Father
Vince: It is also a no DQ match\

Spanky and Paul London go and drop kick Matt down, but Matt ducks in time. Unfortunately Orton was right behind Matt and took the drop kicks instead. Shane and Vince are staring each other down until Vince pulls out some sand and throws it in Shane’s eyes. Vince holds Shane so that Orton can give Shane the RKO while Matt battles Spank and Pull. Matt pulls off the Twist of fate on Spanky while Randy does the RKO on Paul. Vince grabs 2 ladders and sets them up in the ring. Orton grabs Paul and drags him up the ladder while Matt drags Spanky up the other ladder. Orton and Matt signal that they are going to do their finishing moves off the top of the ladder to Spank and Pull. Shane close lines Vince and and shakes the ladders to distract Orton and Matt so Spank and Pull suplex them off the ladder and Orton and Matt fall outside the ring. Shane drags Vince into a corner and grabs a steel chair holds it against his face and Spank and Pull each dropkick the chair in his face. Spanky is now holding the chair and Shane drivers the chair into Vince’s face by doing a drop kick. Spank and Pull both do frog splashes onto Matt and Orton while Shane gets the 3 count on his Father.
WINNER: Spanky, Paul London, and Shane McMahon

Coach: the boss really took a beating
Al: I’m just surprised Spank and Pull won
Coach now we are going to see Christain vs. Benoit in a Ladder Match

Christain vs. Benoit (Ladder Match)
Both men are in the ring and each one knows what this victory can do for their careers and a chance at the WWE Championship. They start off grappling and Benoit takes advantage and cradle suplexes Christain who is able to get out of it. Christain grapples Benoit from the back and takes a page out of Benoit’s book and does a german suplex. Christain goes to grab the ladder and while bringing it inside Benoit grabs the ladder and is ready to take Christain’s head off with it. Trying to find a way in Christain grabs a microphone
Christain: Hold it right their Benoit. We are both Canadians and we should be working together to take out this US scum.
Benoit gets a microphone tossed to him.
Benoit: Shut the F*ck up and get in the ring you b*tchy Creepy Little B*stard.
Benoit drops the ladder to let Christain in. Benoit does the kitchen sink (knee to the groin) to Christain. Benoit grabs the ladder and sets it up in a corner. Christain grabs Benoit and throws him into the ladder followed by a suplex into the ladder. Christain goes towards Benoit to finish him off but gets put into the crippler cross face. Christain has now been tapping for the last few minutes and finally Benoit releases the hold. Benoit know german suplexes 5 times and the 3rd one landed on the ladder. Benoit sets the ladder up and gets super kicked by Christain. Both men are now climbing the ladder and at the top start brawling. During their brawl the ladder was right at the edge of the ring. Christain then falls off the ladder after taking a head butt from Benoit. Seeing that he is too far from the title to grab it so Benoit does a huge flying head butt from the top of the ladder in the ring to the outside where Christain is. Benoit finally gets up and sets the ladder up again and starts climbing. At the top Benoit grabs the title and stares at it
WINNER and will go onto the next round of the tournament: Chris Benoit

Al: he must be thinking that this will be mine
Christain has gotten back up and pushes Benoit over. Christain then got the impaler on. Christain walks away satisfied with what he did.
Coach: see you all next time on heat