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A very happy new year to everyone on Wrestling forum! May you all get used the new forum and have a successful year in the real clown world too.

My year started fine. I had to work but only a couple of hours, having to judge a competition of youngsters trying to express themselves in some obscure foreign language called English.

Oh yeah, I should mention! I'm an English teacher in China so that would help with some context.

Anyway I get a call from my Ukrainian friend who like Roman in GTA IV
says "PencilNeckFreak let's go bowling". Not being in the mood to cause mayhem in Library City, I agreed.

So we have a good time. Eventually he has to head home, the Mrs is annoyed he went out without telling her.

Having no one to answer to, I hit the arcade like it's 1990. Play some tekken 6, time crisses 4, Tofu delivery Simulator 2017 aka Initial D Arcade Stage Zero and a shit ton of arcade basketball. Going through tokens like my uncle at the casino swearing the next one is the jackpot!

Eventually I play some namco zombie shooter I forgot the name of it. It's in 3D and you sit behind a curtain and the seat rumbles. Pretty decent arcade experience. Anyway a girl asks to join me. Not being one to turn down the company of an attractive young woman I happily agree.

Now my Chinese is very limited, but we have a nice chat about the game while killing the sporn of Satan. We eventually we reach the last level.... Only a couple of tokens left, but sadly both of us get Game Overed.

Then we get chatting. Use a translator app to try make our conversation less confusing. We talk more about the game. Ask where I'm from and that. Tells me none of her friends are brave enough to play the game. I feel like we really bonded over all this. Anyway we both apologise for our lack of ability in either of our languages.

And then..... Reality hits like a frying pan in a Tom and Jerry cartoon. She tells me, she's in high school and so she will study English more.

So before Chris Hensen could come out of the woodworks. I thanked her, wished her a happy new year and I noped out of that situation so fast, she had to find me to return my beanie.

The sad part is this is the most romance I've gotten in a year. All work and no play has made PencilNeckFreak a lonely boy I'm afraid. But alas it's a new year. I'm going to work on the whole social life thing...

tldr: Bonded with a random female at an arcade. Turns out she was underage. Feeling morally and legally obligated to reject this, and GTFO.

Anyways if you made it this far, thank you for taking the time to read about my horrible love life.
Best of wishes to everyone on the forum. And of course I posted this on Rants so have a shitty year all your fucking ratpiss smelling, bloody tampon sucking, mentally challenged losers.

Lol But seriously Happy New Year everyone
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