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CR's Friday Night Raw

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Hey there folks, this is my first go at BTB so seeing as though us UK peeps have to wait until thursday's and friday's to see raw I thought, why not give this be the booker stuff a go, feedback is greatly wanted!!I am doing this to pass the time before I watch raw tonight so let me know what you guys and gals think! Every superstar on raw to date is on this show, same as their alignment (face or heel) and Bischoff is the General Manager.

The show kicks off with footage from last week's Raw when the whole locker room turned against Evolution.

The fireworks go off as we get a close up of J.R and The King

JR: What an action packed show we have for you tonight folks

King: I can't wait for the Intercontinental Championship Match tonight J.R or the main event, Evolution vs Orton, Y2J and HBK, what a match it'll be J.R

JR: I agree King, Both matches involve the Very best in our company and I am getting nervous thinking about it

Then all of a sudden Gene Snitsky's music hits as he walks down to the ring with a confident swagger about him tonight

JR: That no good son of a b-

King: JR calm down, we haven't saw anyone decimate Kane like that ever before

Snitsky: Well, I told you so, I told every single one of you! I told you i'd make Kane cry like his dead baby, waaaaaaa waaaaa, Lita, you and your freak of a husband Kane, underestimated the talent of Snitsky! Anyway enough about the freakshow husband and wife, tonight I want a match against William Regal! Regal, what do you think you were doing coming out here to interfere in MY match against Eugene 2 weeks ago? I think it's safe to say you deserve one hell of a beating Regal, no doubts about it and when I'm done with you tonight I will kick that retard's ass as well!

Snitsky leaves the ring to a chorus of boo's, he is busy taunting the crowd and getting more heat from them when all of a sudden........William Regal jumps him from behind and nails him with a clothesline, Regal then knees Snitsky in the face before throwing him in the ring.

J.R: Looks like Regal has heard enough King, he's dressed in his wrestling attire!

King: What a cheater, nailing Snitsky from behind, look, he brought a referee with him as well!

Commercial Break

William Regal Vs Gene Snitsky - Singles Match - Referee - Mike Choida

J.R: Folks if you've just missed us due to the commercial break, this is what happened so far.

A Replay comes up with Regal trying a diving shoulder block in the corner on Snitsky but Snitsky moves out of the way and Regal's shoulder hits off the turnbuckle.

King: That was the momentum shift Snitsky needed after Regal jumped him!

Snitsky starts to dismantle Regal, he gives Regal a vertical suplex and covers him 1......2 Regal kicks out, Snitsky goes right back on the offense and delivers 2 elbow drops to Regal before missing the third one. Regal gets to his feet and nails 2 punches on Snitsky who's stumbling all over the place, Regal runs off the ropes and delivers a high knee to the side of the head of Snitsky, Regal gets the crowd behind him as they chant his name, giving him a second wind, Regal goes for a double underhook suplex and nails it, he quickly covers Snitsky, 1.....2... Kick out by Snitsky, Snitsky is raging now and he blocks 2 punches and then clotheslines Regal, Regal is a little groggy after the clothesline.

JR: My god what a clothesline by Snitsky, he almost decapitated Regal

King: This Snitsky is impressive J.R!

Regal walks straight into a sidewalk slam by Snitsky. Snitsky then goes behind Regal and is looking for the Pumphandle Slam but Regal pushes Snitsky into the referee as both men fall to the canvas. All of a sudden Eugene comes out to the crowds approval, Eugene makes his way into the ring and waits until the 2 men are up.....


Eugene then stares at Snitsky.....as Regal slowly turns around, Eugene nails him with the Rock Bottom as the crowd boo Eugene, Snitsky covers Regal as the ref is shaken lose by Eugene, the ref counts, 1....2....3.

Lilian: Here is your Winner: Gene Snitsky!!! Snitsky bt. Regal at (10:27)

J.R: No way, what has Eugene just done?

King: I told you that you couldn't trust Eugene J.R, there was something about him recently!

J.R: Snitsky is still undefeated here in the WWE, what a cheating son of a bitch, him and Eugene, damn that pair to hell!!

We then see Captain Charisma in the back preparing for his Intercontinental Championship Match with Shelton Benjamin, then we hear a knock at the door and Tomko walks in.

Christian: Hey Tyson, you ready to accompany me to the ring?

Tomko: I don't know if I can Christian as i've hurt my knee pretty badly!

Christian: Come on man, I need you out there!!

Tomko: Ok then, but my knee is really sore!

Christian and Tomko then head out of the locker room as the show goes to a commercial break.

Christian's "Peep" music hits as he walks down to the ring with Tyson Tomko, Christian does his trademark smiling at the crowd who are actually booing him really badly tonight!

Lilian: Making his way to the ring, being accompanied by Tyson Tomko, from Toronto, Canada, weighing 225lbs, he is the Captain of Charisma.......CHRISTIAN!!!!

King: Why do people boo Christian J.R? Don't these people know he is Captain Charisma....The Showstealer?

J.R: I think they boo him because he's a CLB and a jackass King!

Ain't No Stopping Me hits the arena as the crowd cheer wildly for Shelton Benjamin, Benjamin slaps his head as he runs down to the ring.

Lilian: And his opponent, from Orangeburg, S.C, weighing in at 245 lbs, SHELTON BENJAMIN!!!

Christian Vs Shelton Benjamin (c) - Intercontinental Championship Match - Referee - Earl Hebner

Both wrestler's stare each other down at the start of the match. Christian backs off a little before running at Shelton, Shelton gives Christian a drop toe hold and Christian gets up and goes mad, Shelton begins to laugh at the CLB which just irritates Christian more. Shelton kicks Christian in the stomach several times as Tomko looks on with a face of concern.

J.R: So far it's been all Shelton Benjamin King, what's up with your CLB tonight?

King: Just wait J.R I have every faith in Christian tonight!

Shelton is just hammering Christian with right hands just now, Shelton then tries for a kick and Christian catches him and smiles at Shelton, Christian spins Shelton's leg around and gets hit with 360 Dragon Spin Kick. Christian gets up and is standing right beside the turnbuckle, Shelton goes for the Stinger splash but Christian moves of the way at the last minute. Christian then kicks Shelton 5 or 6 times in the corner and pulls him into the centre of the ring. Christian then gives Shelton an armbar hold as Shelton writhes in pain, the crowd start chanting CLB as Christian gets slightly pissed off, Shelton escapes the hold and hits Christian with a shoulder block. Shelton then picks Christian up and tries to nail him with a suplex but Christian reverses and falls behind Shelton and nails him with the Diving Reverse DDT. First cover of the match, Christian hooks Shelton's leg, 1.....2..... Kick out by Benjamin.

J.R: Christian seems to be coming back now King, he's making me eat my words!

King: I told you so J.R, Captain Charisma is coming back strong, he almost beat Benjamin there.

Christian then picks Benjamin up and kicks him in the gut several times and slaps Benjamin around the head to aggrovate him. Benjamin then kicks Christian's knee and Captain Charisma falls to the ground in pain, the referee goes over to Christian and asks him if he's ok and Christian looks in some amount of pain. Tomko then decides to interefere in the match-up and nails Benjamin with the Big Boot so Christian suddenly springs to his feet and covers Benjamin, 1....2.....No!!!

J.R: That was a close one King!! Your man nearly picked up a dirty win again!!!

King: A win's a win J.R, it's only cheating if your caught!

Tomko looks in agony as he clutches his knee, realising he shouldn't of done that. Shelton manages to shake the cob-webs loose and comes back strong at Christian. Christian charges at Shelton who gives him a back drop and Christian holds his back, Shelton then scoop slams Christian and applies a headlock on the Showstealer! Christian looks out for the count and the ref checks on his condition, he raises the arm once....and it falls....he raises it a second time.....it falls again....he raises it a third time....it...Christian gets up, as the crowd are chanting Shelton,Shelton,Shelton, Christian elbows Shelton in the gut and punches him 2 in the head, he runs off the ropes and Shelton nails the T-Bone Suplex out of no-where, 1.....2.....th..No!!! Kick out by Christian!

J.R: What a match King, these 2 have given it there all!

King: What a fantastic match J.R, all we need is a Christian win!!


Shelton and Christian are both tired now, as the match has gone on for longer than 20 minutes, Shelton then goes for another T-Suplex, but Christian counters it and hits the Unprettier, the referee counts, 1.....2.... the crowd go absolutely nuts as they think Christian's going to win the title but...

J.R: Wait a minute, What the Hell??

King: What is Tomko doing?

Tyson Tomko storms into the ring and stops the referee's count, he then picks Christian up and smiles at him evily and gives him a low blow, the referee signals for the bell...Tomko then gives Christian another low blow and hits him with what looks like a death valley neckbreaker, the crowd booo Tomko loudly as he turns and smiles at them, Shelton gets to his feet and Tomko runs at him and nails the Big Boot on Benjamin. Tomko then smiles evily at the 2 in the ring and the carnage he left behind as he goes to the back!

J.R: My god what has Tomko done, he brutalised Christian and Shelton! I guess Tomko is through with Christian! What a low-life, I bet his injury was fake as well!

King: I can't believe it J.R, I really can't, Christian won't be happy about this one, nor will Shelton I guess, what a match it was though.

Lilian: The winner of this match by DQ...Christian, but still your WWE Intercontinental Champion, Shelton Benjamin!! Christian bt Benjamin by DQ at (22:09)

Todd Grisham is backstage trying to catch up with Tomko who looks to be leaving the arena!

Grisham: Tyson, why did you do that to your friend Christian and why did you brutalise him and Benjamin so badly?

Tomko: Who the hell are you? Christian wasn't my friend, never was, I was his problem solver, didn't mean he had to like me and I had to like him, I felt I was getting better than Christian and he was bringing me down, the crowd boo Tomko as they go crazy at him! This was the only way I could show him I don't want him anymore, as for Benjamin, wrong place wrong time bitch, now out of my way Grisham!

Tomko runs to his car as he drives off into the distance, the camera pans onto Grisham who is shocked.

Commercial Break

J.R: I'm still in shock with what happened King, but we've heard from Bischoff that next week, it will be Tyson Tomko vs Shelton Benjamin for the Intercontinental Title!

King: That looks to be a good match J.R, you can bet that Benjamin will want to open up a can of whoop ass on Tomko next week!

Bischoff is show in his office, Hurricane and Rosey are shown speaking to him, demanding a Tag Team Title shot against Benoit and Edge!

Bischoff: Ok superheroes, I'll give you your title shot, on one condition, if you lose, you have to do everything that I say, what I'm trying to say is, you two will become my henchmen if you lose, so make sure you do, as imagine what people would say if I had superheroes as henchmen, I'd be unbeatable! Now get out of my site the two of you! Oh and by the way....YOUR NEXT!!!!

Hurricane: Rosey, I got a bad feeling about this!

Hurricane & Rosey Vs Benoit & Edge(c) - Tag Team Title Match - Referee - Charles Robinson

Stand back, there's a Hurricane coming through hits the arena as the team of superheroes make their way to the ring. The crowd are booing the team of superheroes quite loudly!!

Lilian: First, on their way to the ring, at a combined weight of over 600 lbs, Hurricane and Rosey!

J.R: Basically folks, Hurricane and Rosey must win or else...they'll become Super Villans working for Bischoff

King: Serves them right J.R for demanding a title shot.

Chris Benoit's music hits the arena as he and Edge make their way to the ring, the two look like they'd tear each other's faces off! But nevertheless the crowd are cheering wildly for the pair!!

Lilian: And there opponents...at a combined weight of over 500 lbs, Chris Benoit and Edge.

Rosey and Benoit start off, the two tie up and Rosey outpowers Benoit into the corner, Rosey does a superhero taunt as Benoit looks slightly annoyed, Benoit comes back at Rosey and kicks him in the gut several times and gives him a hard clothesline, Rosey gets back up and Benoit tries to irish whip Rosey but Rosey reverse it and nails Benoit with a side walk slam. Benoit goes to tag Edge but Edge moves his hand out of the way again and yet again......Edge walks off and the crowd boo Edge like hell!!! The camera's show Edge driving off in a car as Benoit is left to fend for himself. Rosey takes Benoit into the corner and Hurricane goes up to the top rop and nails the overcastle on Benoit. Hurricane covers Benoit, 1....2 Kick out Benoit, Benoit gets up and leg trips Hurricane who hits his nose off the canvas, Benoit then gives Hurricane 2 snap suplexes, he takes Hurricane over to beside Rosey and Benoit gives Hurricane a suplex onto Rosey who gets knocked off the apron and cracks his head off the steel steps and looks to be knocked out.

J.R: The EMT's are going to help Rosey just now as that was a bit of bad luck, look at how his head hit off of the steel steps King!

King: Ouch, that had to hurt J.R, it's a little wonder the EMT's are here!!

The crowd cheer as Rosey is wheeled away to the back!! They hope he is Ok. Back in the ring, Benoit is in control of Hurricane, Benoit delivers 3 German Suplexes to Hurricane who looks out for the count, Benoit then signals for the Diving Headbutt and the crowd go wild!!! Benoit goes to the top rope and does the diving headbutt.....but Hurricane moves out of the way at the last second....Hurricane then shouts "Whats up wid dat?" and picks Benoit up and goes for the Chokeslam and hits it on Benoit and he covers him, 1....2....Benoit Kicks out at the last second....

J.R: My god, how did Benoit Kick out of that one King?

King: I think Benoit might be a superhero J.R!!


Hurricane picks Benoit up again and tries to go for another Chokeslam but Benoit counters it and puts Hurricane in the Crippler Crossface....Hurricane is screaming in agony as he tries to reach the ropes, but Benoit has the cross face locked in hard and Hurricane has no choice but to tap out and the crowd goes nuts!!!

Lilian: Here are your winners and still Tag Team Champions, Chris Benoit and Edge. Benoit and Edge bt. Hurricane and Rosey by Submission at (19:56)

J.R: You know what that means now, Hurricane and Rosey are now under Bischoff's full control!!

King: This means bad news for the Hurricane and Rosey J.R!!!

Commercial Break

J.R: Now for the much anticipated main event King!!

King: I can't wait to see Evolution beat those snot nosed punks!!

Main Event: Evolution vs Randy Orton & Chris Jericho & HBK - Referee - Earl Hebner

Evolution's music hits the arena as Ric Flair, HHH and Batista make their way to the ring, woooo's are heard in the arena but the boo's outweigh the wooo's as the heel's are getting quite a lot of heat from the crowd!

Lilian: Making there way to the ring, at a combined weight of over 700 lbs, EVOLUTION!

Lilian: And there opponents, Randy Orton, Y2J Chris Jericho and The Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels!!!

As Lilian says this, Randy Orton's music hits and the 3 faces make their way down to the ring to some amazing cheers from the crowd, I think we can tell who the crowd are wanting to win the match.

Batista starts off in the ring with HBK, who's still heavily injured, Batista goes over to Orton and Jericho's corner and Michaels turns his back on HHH and Flair, HHH comes into the ring and chop blocks HBK as Batista just laughs hysterically at him. Orton and Jericho try to come into the ring but the referee stops them, which lets Evolution double team HBK, HHH and Flair give him a wishbone legsplitter and Flair goes back into the corner before the ref turns around.

J.R: Already we can see Evolution zoning in on HBK's injured knee King!

King: There's no point him having a bandage there J.R as they all know about his knee!

HHH tags in the animal of Evolution...Batista who goes to work on HBK's knee, Batista drops the elbow on HBK's knee several times and HBK screams in agony!! Batista picks HBK up and HBK tries to kick Batista who grabs his leg, HBK hits an Enziguri on Batista and HBK tag's in Jericho, to huge pops from the crowd, Jericho gives Batista a flying clothesline, and continues the assault on Batista, giving him right hands and kicks to the gut, Jericho tries for the Walls of Jericho but Batista counters it into a small package, 1.....Kick out Jericho, Batista runs at Jericho and gives him the KO Clothesline, Batista covers Jericho again, 1.....2....3 No!!! Orton comes in and pulls Batista off of Jericho, Batista is angry and tags in Flair, a huge wooooooooooo goes through the arena as Flair picks up Jericho and chops him several times, Flair does his little dance and gives the crowd a wooooooooo and they give him a woooooo back, Jericho is in a bad way and Flair hesitates for a minute and Jericho nails him with the Running Enziguri, Flair falls down the cool way that he does and Jericho tags in Orton, the crowd cheer wildly for Orton who gives Flair 3 European Uppercuts.....

J.R: My god King, Orton is decimating Flair, what a youngster this man is!!!

King: Flair will come back just wait.....!!

Orton then nails Flair with a dropkick and Flair goes through the ropes and hits his head off of the apron, but HHH managed to tag him as he was falling through the ropes. HHH and Orton go at it, and Orton flies through the air at HHH and gives him a clothesline, Orton runs off the ropes and HHH hits the spinebuster on him, Batista jumps off the apron and Jericho comes over and the two scrap, they go over the security barrier and make their way out of the ringside area!!!

J.R: I guess that's Jericho and Batista taken care of each other for the time being, looks like it will just be a 2 on 2 tag match now! Folks don't miss the action here on Friday Night Raw as we have to take our last commercial!

Commercial Break

King: All you people at home missed was Batista and Jericho fighting outside the arena, what a time the cameraman had finding them, and also this happened...

A replay is show of Randy Orton hitting the RKO on HHH but Flair came in to save the Game and then Flair got Sweet Chin Music'd by HBK who landed awkwardly on his knee and had to be escorted to the back by EMT's.

Orton is now fighting two of the best in the business by himself now, HHH is getting pummeled in the corner by Orton as the crowd chant with the punches he's giving HHH, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9.......10, HHH stumbles out of the corner and Orton gives him an atomic drop, HHH slowly gets to his feet and Orton comes off of the ropes and HHH gets him with the Knee to the face. HHH tags in Flair to take care of Orton.


HHH is down and out for the time being, Flair is going for the Figure Four Leg Lock but Orton counters it into a small package but immediately releases it, Flair runs at Orton who moves out of the way, Flair stops just in time before he hits the turnbuckle, but Randy Orton jumps from out of nowhere and as Flair turns around, he nails him with the RKO and covers him, 1.....2......3!!!!! The Legend Killer did it again!

Lilian: Here are your winners Randy Orton, Chris Jericho and HBK!!!! Randy Orton, Chris Jericho and HBK bt. Evolution by pinfall at (26:34)

J.R: My god what a main even King, Orton did it again, he beat Flair!!!

King: HHH looks really pissed off now!!

Orton is still in the ring, HHH goes and pulls out a sledgehammer and goes into the ring and swings for Orton but Orton runs out of the ring celebrating! HHH has the sledgehammer in his hand and he helps Flair to his feet, he lifts Flair's hand above his head before smiling at Flair......and nailing him with the sledgehammer in the gut....the crowd boo the game like mad and he then runs at Flair with the sledgehammer and nails him in the head so Flair gets busted wide open! HHH goes for a microphone....

HHH: Flair, You've gone soft in your old age old man!! Evolution doesn't need a wimp and old gimp like you anymore, your finished Flair, this was your own doing!!

HHH throws the microphone to the floor as he walks off with the sledgehammer in hand, the camera zooms in on Flair's bloody face as the show goes off the air....
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Wow, and that was your first BTB show??
Jesus christ are you good, some great storylines there, however there might of been one to many heel turns there.

That was a fantastic first show and i hope you continue......9/10 and for a first show, that is incredible, i see potential in you!!

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Overall nice show but like others have said one too many heel turns. You could build up some good fueds leading up to Survior Series from the turns. For your first show though it was pretty good.
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Raw Card for 5/11/04:From Cleveland, Ohio

Gene Snitsky & Eugene Vs Regal & Mystery Partner

Hurricane Vs Benoit – If Hurricane wins, he and Rosey will get a Tag Team Title shot at Survivor Series

Stacy Keibler Vs Trish Stratus(c) – Women’s Championship Match

Chris Jericho’s Highlight Reel – Special Guest is HHH

Tyson Tomko Vs Shelton Benjamin(c) – Intercontinental Championship Match

Main Event: Number One Contender For WWE World Title – Y2J Vs Randy Orton


Survivor Series will be a Raw only PPV, I will try and build up feuds this week and next week! If any of you want a Raw spoiler, just PM me and I might tell you what happens!

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Nice card Christian Rules.


Gene Snitsky & Eugene Vs Regal & Mystery Partner

Hurricane Vs Benoit – If Hurricane wins, he and Rosey will get a Tag Team Title shot at Survivor Series

Stacy Keibler Vs Trish Stratus(c) – Women’s Championship Match

Chris Jericho’s Highlight Reel – Special Guest is HHH

Tyson Tomko Vs Shelton Benjamin(c) – Intercontinental Championship Match

Main Event: Number One Contender For WWE World Title – Y2J Vs Randy Orton

Can't wait to see how RAW turns out!

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I think you should get a few suprises this coming Friday, oh yeah and you can post your predictions here as well, but I'm still looking for someone to do a Smackdown show with me! I've written half of the Raw show already and will finish it on Wednesday(my night off from work)! Should I make this a sticky thread of just leave it?

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Didnt get a chance yo read earlier but finally has and damn, great show especially for your first. You will no doubt be a great additionto BTB. 9/10.
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Here it is peeps, 2nd week of CR's Friday Night Raw, let me know what you think again so I can improve, thanks in advance and hope you all enjoy it!!!

The show kicks off with a video segment from last week’s Raw showing most of the good action from the Intercontinental Championship match and the main event, which recaps on Tomko turning on Christian and HHH busting Flair open with a Sledgehammer after Evolution lost to HBK, Orton and Y2J.

The fireworks go off as we get a close up of J.R and The King.

J.R: Hell there folks and welcome to Friday Night Raw!! What a great night we have in store for you right here in Cleveland, Ohio. We knew last week that Tyson Tomko would be facing Shelton Benjamin for the Intercontinental Title, but don’t forget folks, Christian will probably still be pissed off with Tomko’s action with costing him the title last week. We also have a brilliant main event for you tonight in which Randy Orton will take on The Game, Triple H. What are your thoughts on this evening King?

King: I think tonight should be a benchmark for some of the matches that will happen at the Survivor Series J.R, I’m particularly looking forward to what Ric Flair has to say about last weeks beating from Triple H, it looks like Evolution will have to find a new member tonight to take Flair’s place!

Suddenly Christian’s Peep Music hits and Captain Charisma walks down to the ring looking very pissed off, none the less, he signals to his Peeps who are actually cheering him slightly tonight, he gives them his trademark smiling and pointing as he gets in the ring. He walks over to the ropes and asks for a microphone.

Christian: Firstly, I have to say…A Big Hello To All My Peeps, Right here in Cleveland Ohio! Man it’s great to be back here, as I’ve had some brilliant matches here over the years. Anyways, enough of the small talk, I’ve got a bigger fish to fry. Tomko, Tomko, Tomko, what the hell are you talking about. Last week you said I was bringing you down, now if that isn’t irony then I don’t know what is Goat Boy! The crowd cheer Christian quite loudly as we hear a Captain Charisma Chant. You have to be the worst wrestler I have ever seen in my life. Now Captain Charisma gives you the thumbs up for having the balls to attack me and turn on me, but don’t forget I will get you back Tyson, yes you were my problem solver and yes, I couldn’t stand you, but all you were interested in was money, you are nothing but a greedy piece of sh*t. Tyson I have a couple of questions to ask you, do you really think your better than me? Everyone knows that Captain Charisma is one of the best wrestler’s here on Raw, the crowd give Christian a mixed reaction for what he just said. You Tomko, are nothing! What have you done in your time here in the WWE except kiss my ass and ride that little slut Trish Stratus?

J.R: This is the most pumped I’ve seen Christian in years King, he’s determined to get revenge on Tyson Tomko!

King: Tomko deserves it J.R, no one can beat up The Showstealer and get away with it!

Christian: Tomko, we’ll all see how good you are tonight when you get beat like a little bitch by Shelton Benjamin, then I’ll make it my duty to beat your ass on Raw next week to get a little retribution after you beat the crap out of me last week! It shouldn’t be hard to beat you Tyson, guys in the back show the picture…….We see a picture of Tyson Tomko’s head on a goat’s body as the crowd laugh hysterically at the picture, Christian laughs with the crowd. You see it isn’t hard to beat a goat but still, I’ll make sure Tyson, no-one messes with Christian and gets away with it, for all my Peeps and to all the fools, say it loud….CHRISTIAN RULES!!!

Christian drops the mic and walks back up the ramp and is pointing to the crowd and slapping his chest, he turns around and walks up the ramp past J.R and The King when out of no-where we see Tyson Tomko run out of the curtains and nail Christian with a Big Boot, he points to Christian and says “No-one makes fun of me and gets away with it you CLB!” as Tomko walks to the back smiling evilly!

J.R: Not this week again! When Christian recovers from this, he’ll make sure he gets his revenge on Tomko next week on Raw!

King: What a nerve Goat Boy has J.R, that’s the second week in a row he’s gotten the better of Captain Charisma, we know Christian won’t take this lying down!

Commercial Break

J.R: What a start to the show King, I can’t wait to see William Regal get his revenge on Snitsky and Eugene after what happened last week!

King: I wonder who Regal’s mystery partner will be tonight, there have been rumors in the back that it might be Maven but we’ll have to wait and see.

Eric Bischoff is shown on the titantron, looking slightly annoyed tonight!

Bischoff: As you all know Regal has picked a mystery partner, he is a superstar returning from injury, however, if this superstar doesn’t win with Regal tonight he will be fired with immediate effect as we don’t like losers here in the WWE and especially on Friday Night Raw, also this superstar has been injured too much and if he wins then he can stay, enjoy your night…Regal’s mystery partner!

Bischoff laughs hysterically as the camera pans off the titantron and zooms in on the stage area!

Gene Snitsky & Eugene Vs Regal and ? – Referee – Mike Choida

Gene Snitsky’s music hits as he and Eugene walk down to the ring with evil smiles on their faces, they taunt at the crowd who boo the pair something chronic. They get in the ring and wait for Regal!

Lilian: Making there way to the ring, at a combined weight of over 500 lbs, Snitsky & Eugene!

J.R: I expected this reaction from the crowd here in Cleveland, what a traitor Eugene is, he is nothing but a two faced bastard King!

King: J.R calm down! He shouldn’t align himself with Snitsky after all he’s done in his short run in the WWE!

William Regal’s music hits as he gets a great reaction to the crowd, he walks down the ramp acknowledging the fans and he thinking about getting in the ring but he stays outside the ring to wait for his partner.

King: I wonder who his partner is J.R???

J.R: We’ll soon see King!

Suddenly…Regal’s music cuts off and there is a pause for about 15 seconds, then all of a sudden…..TEST THIS IS A TEST hits the arena, the crowd are absolutely shocked out of their skulls, this is the return of Test, Test walks to each side of the stage as the crowd cheer him so loudly the arena roof is about to blow, Test walks down the ramp with a purpose and he looks determined and focused. He shakes hands with Regal who is smiling away as the pair get in the ring and pose to the crowd.

J.R: My god King, it’s Test he’s finally back!! What an ovation from the crowd!

King: I’m glad to see Test back, let’s hope he hasn’t lost any of his ability J.R!!

Lilian: And there opponents, at a combined weight of 525 lbs, William Regal and TEST!!!!

Regal and Snitsky start off in the squared circle, both look determined to win this match, the pair hook up and Regal gives Snitsky a hammerlock, Snitsky reverse it and kicks Regal in the stomach, Regal holds his stomach as Snitsky then gives him a backdrop, Regal lands hard on his head and Snitsky starts laughing, he then gives 3 elbow drops and covers him, 1….2…Kick out by Regal. Regal gets up slowly and Snitsky tries to deliver a clothesline to Regal who was in the turnbuckle corner, Regal moves out of the way as Snitsky clothesline’s the turnbuckle. Regal then takes advantage of the rookie’s mistake and throws Snitsky’s shoulder into the ring-post, Regal then waves to the fans who cheer him, Regal then punches Snitsky in the face and waits until he comes out of the corner and gives him a double arm suplex. Snitsky writhes in pain as Regal runs off the ropes and delivers a running elbow drop but he misses, Snitsky then tags in Eugene, the crowd boo the socks off Eugene as he gives the crowd the bird!

J.R: What an arrogant, pompous ass Eugene is King, did you see what he just did?

King: Yeah I did J.R, but let’s focus on the match!

Eugene walks over to Regal confidently, he picks him up and gives him a scoop slam, Eugene picks up Regal again and gives a hanging vertical suplex, he then covers Regal, 1….2..Test comes in and breaks up the pin-fall attempt. Eugene then tags Snitsky back in who stalks Regal and then goes for the Pump handle Slam, but Test comes in and nails Snitsky with the Big Boot, both men are down and need to make a tag. Regal tags in Test and Snitsky tags in Eugene, Test is getting cheered very loudly as he mounts some offense on Eugene, Test hits a DDT on Eugene, he then goes to the top rope and goes for the Diving Elbow Drop and he hits Eugene right in the heart. Eugene is hurt badly and Test goes over to the corner to signal for the Big Boot…..


However, Gene Snitsky grabs Test foot and trips him up, Eugene then walks over to Test and delivers a Rock Bottom to him, Snitsky then attacks Regal so that he can’t interfere in the match but Regal pulls out the brass knucks and hits Snitsky with them. Test is down and Eugene goes for the People’s Elbow…But Test moves out of the way and Inside Cradles Eugene, but Eugene reverses the move and holds onto the ropes and Snitsky gets back up and hits Regal with the Pump handle Slam to the concrete floor and as Eugene covers Test, Snitsky holds Test’s foot down, 1…..2…..3!

J.R: God damnit, Regal and Test lost, those bastards cheated again King, I can’t believe the Referee didn’t see the cheating going on! Snitsky held Test’s foot down and Eugene had a grip of the ropes! Test is out of a job King!

King: I thought Test was going to clean house but Snitsky and Eugene had a game plan and it worked brilliantly! I guess this is the last time we’ll see Test!

Lilian: Here are your winners….Gene Snitsky and Eugene! Snitsky & Eugene bt. Regal & Test by pin-fall at (14:56)

Eric Bischoff is shown backstage speaking to his newly acquired Superhero Henchmen, Hurricane & Rosey look annoyed that they now have to take orders from Bischoff. Bischoff however is happy that Test is now out of the business.

Bischoff: Well well, looks like Test is out of a job, that’s 2 things I knew that would happen, the other was that I had a funny feeling that you guys would lose against Benoit & Edge last week, though technically you both got beat by Benoit seeing as though Edge walked out, now tonight, Hurricane you have a match against Benoit, should you win this match you will win a Tag Team Title opportunity for yourself and Rosey, DON’T SCREW IT UP!

Hurricane: Ok Mr.Bischoff, can Rosey come to ringside with me?

Bischoff: Yes and Hurricane?

Hurricane: Yes Mr. Bischoff?

Bischoff: Your match is next!!!

Commercial Break

Stand back, there’s a Hurricane coming through hits the arena as Hurricane walks down the ramp being accompanied by Rosey, the two Superheroes look really annoyed and angry, they are being booed loudly by the Cleveland Crowd.

Lilian: Making his way to the ring, being accompanied by Rosey, weighing in at 191 lbs, from Raleigh, North Carolina….The Hurricane!

J.R: This should be a fantastic match King, Hurricane is one of the most underrated superstars we have here on Raw!

King: He may well be J.R, but the fact is Benoit will easily beat him!

Chris Benoit’s music hits and he walks down to the ring looking as focused and determined as ever, he looks at the crowd and smiles as he makes his way to the ring. He is getting a great reaction from the crowd and it’s easy to tell who they want to win this match.

Lilian: And his opponent, from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, weighing in at 220 lbs, He is the Crippler…..Chris Benoit!

Hurricane Vs Benoit – If Hurricane wins, then he and Rosey will get a shot at the Tag Team Titles at Survivor Series – Referee – Chris Kay

Hurricane looks slightly nervous as he is in the ring with Benoit, Benoit is looking at Rosey telling him not to try interfering, Hurricane walks over to Benoit and extends his hand out….Benoit shakes Hurricane’s hand but Hurricane slaps Benoit in the face and laughs at him, this just irritates Benoit who runs at Hurricane and delivers a clothesline to him, Benoit gives Hurricane another clothesline and elbow drops Hurricane a few times.

J.R: Good start to the match from Benoit, King, Hurricane aggravated Benoit by slapping him!

King: I think that was stupidity from Hurricane, as we know how intense Benoit is without getting provoked like that!

Hurricane slips outside the ring, Benoit notices that Hurricane is beside the barrier, Benoit then decides to do a suicide dive through the ropes but Hurricane moves out of the way and Benoit misses and hits hid head straight into the barricade. Hurricane takes advantage and throws Benoit into the steel steps as Rosey laughs. Hurricane throws Benoit back into the ring and gives him a suplex, he then gives Benoit a leg drop and covers him,1….2..Kick out by Benoit.

J.R: What a momentum shifter that was, Hurricane is in complete control of the match now King.

King: I take back what I said, Hurricane is going to beat Benoit J.R!

Benoit sits up slightly and Hurricane delivers the Shining Wizard to Benoit who looks completely out for the count. Hurricane goes to the top rope and waits for Benoit to get up, Benoit gets up slowly and Hurricane hits him with the over-castle and Benoit holds his neck. Hurricane walks over to Benoit and Benoit goes for the small package and the referee counts, 1….2…Kick out by Hurricane, Benoit goes behind Hurricane and the crowd cheer because they know what’s coming, Benoit gives Hurricane a German Suplex….and another….and another, Benoit then signals for the Diving Headbutt as the crowd are going crazy for Benoit.


Benoit climbs up to the top rope, he stares at the crowd and smiles as he then goes for the Diving Headbutt, he hits the diving Headbutt on Hurricane but Benoit’s head and neck is still sore from earlier and the referee counts as both men are down, 1…2….3….4…..5…6…7.., Hurricane makes his way to his feet and so does Benoit, Hurricane runs at Benoit and Benoit goes for the Crippler Crossface but Hurricane goes behind Benoit and nails him with the Eye of the Hurricane, Hurricane knows he’s beaten Benoit but decides to punish Benoit, Hurricane then sets Benoit up for the Vertebreaker. Hurricane smiles evilly at the crowd and he nails the Vertebreaker on Benoit and covers him, 1….2….3!

J.R: My God, what an upset King, the turning point in the match was Benoit hitting his head off the barricade, has to be said though, Hurricane did well, the Vertebreaker is an impressive finishing move.

King: I told you Hurricane would win, he brutalized Benoit J.R, what a win!! I guess this means that Hurricane & Rosey get a Tag Team Title shot at Survivor Series now! What a finisher Hurricane has, it was the killer blow for Benoit!

Lilian: The winner of this match and who now gets a shot at the Tag Team Titles at Survivor Series…..The Hurricane! Hurricane bt. Benoit by pin-fall (10:45)

Stacy Keibler is shown stretching and warming up for her Women’s Title Match, Trish Stratus walks in and speaks to her.

Trish: Good luck Stacy, your going to need it, because when I’m done with you, you’ll be known for the rest of your life as my bitch! You have no chance in winning tonight, as you aren’t that great wrestler, all you have is a nice pair of legs, that’s it! See you out there next!

Trish walks off and Stacy just stares angrily as Trish walks away, Stacy goes behind a screen and we see her changing her clothes as the camera fades away.

Whoa It’s time to rock and roll plays throughout the arena as Trish Stratus walks down to the ring, she is getting booed quite badly and she is keeping a tight hold of her Women’s Championship and she seems cocky as she walks down to the ring, she then poses with the title before waiting for Stacy!

Lilian: Making her way to the ring, from Toronto, Canada, she is the Women’s Champion, Trish Stratus!

King: Oh my J.R, Trish is looking hot here tonight, what a match this will be, 2 of the sexiest women in wrestling and the world!!

J.R: Calm down King!

She’s got legs plays around the arena as the lovely Stacy Keibler makes her way down to the ring; she is getting a good reception from the Cleveland crowd. She waves to the crowd before walking up the steps and doing her trademark in ring bending over, the crowd cheer as Stacy gets in the ring!

King: My god what ass-ets she has J.R

J.R: That was poor King!

Lilian: And her opponent, from Baltimore, Maryland, Stacy Keibler!

Stacy Keibler Vs Trish Stratus(c) – Women’s Title Match – Referee – Earl Hebner

The 2 girls start off by staring at each other in the ring, Stacy has been soo close to beating Trish Stratus prior to tonight’s second title match up between the two in the last month, Trish turns and stares at the crowd and looks cockily at them, she then out of no where charges at Stacy Keibler who drop toe holds Trish. Trish looks angry as she gets up and walks up to Stacy and slaps her face, Stacy looks irate now as well, so she slaps Trish back. Trish pokes Stacy in the eye and gives her a hard clothesline, she then elbow drops Stacy a few times and covers her, 1….2…Kick out by Stacy, Stacy tries to reverse a right hand but Trish catches Stacy on the chin, Trish is taking it to Stacy Keibler and gives her a standing dropkick.

J.R: Stacy isn’t getting in much offense King is she?

King: No J.R, It’s easy to tell which one is Championship Material!

Trish tries to whip Stacy into the turnbuckle but Keibler reverse it and Trish hits her back off of the turnbuckle, she clutches her back in agony as Stacy chokes Trish with her very long legs. Stacy pulls Trish to the middle of the ring and kicks her in the guy and delivers a DDT to Trish, Stacy knows she must capitalize and covers Trish, 1….2….th- No! Kick out by Trish, Stacy gets right back on the offense and gives Trish a leg drop, she then picks Trish up and gives her a standing dropkick which she executes perfectly!

King: Stacy’s coming back J.R, puppies, I love this match!

J.R: It’s good to see how well Stacy’s improved in the ring King!

Trish looks knocked out cold, Stacy decides to go to the top rope and it looks as if she’s waiting for Trish to get up to give her a missile dropkick, Trish makes her way to her feet and slowly turns around, Stacy goes for the missile dropkick but Trish moves out of the way. Trish throws Stacy into the corner again and Trish goes to the opposite turnbuckle and charges at Stacy, Stacy just jumps and sits on the top rope but Trish quickly turns around and gives Stacy a kick to the face, Trish runs back, then charges at Stacy and gives her the Stratusfear! Stacy lands awkwardly on her back and Trish looks as if she’s going for the Stratusfaction, she puts Stacy in a headlock and signals for it.


King: Looks as if Trish has one in the bag J.R!

J.R: Don’t count Stacy out King!

Trish pushes herself off of the ropes but on her way back round, Stacy pushes Trish off of her, Trish lands hard on her head and Stacy knows she must take advantage. Stacy gives Trish an almighty slap and Trish looks groggy as she walks around the ring, Trish then tries for the Chick Kick but Stacy ducks and gives Trish a Spin Kick To The Face and Trish falls to the canvas, Stacy decides to cover Trish, 1….2…..3!

J.R: I told you King, I told you! What a shocker folks!

King: What a women’s match J.R, looks like we have a new Champion in Stacy Keibler, this is a shocker!

Lilian: Here is your winner and NEW Women’s Champion……Stacy Keibler!
Stacy Keibler bt. Trish Stratus by pin-fall at (8:41)

Commercial Break

A replay is shown of Stacy Keibler beating Trish Stratus to become the new Women’s Champion!

J.R: King, I have been looking forward to this week’s Highlight Reel since it was announced that HHH would be on it this week!

King: Me too J.R, I still can’t believe what The Game did to Ric Flair last week!

5….4….3…2…1…BOOOOOOM! Chris Jericho’s music hits as he makes his way down to the ring, Jericho is looking confident and cocky as ever tonight, he is getting a great reception from the fans tonight here in Cleveland, Ohio. Jericho gets into the ring and grabs a mic, as the Highlight Reel is about to start.

Jericho: Ladies and Gentleman, welcome to…RAW IS JERICHO!!!! More importantly, welcome to my Highlight Reel. Now we have a very special guest here tonight, none other than the Big Nosed Ass Kisser, Triple H, but let’s not talk about him yet, let’s talk about the Highlight of The Night, Y2J! The crowd, are going nuts for Jericho tonight. Now you all know I have to face…Randy Orton here tonight to get a shot at The Game-ahhhh, I will give it my best shot as I want to be the man to take that gold away from Bischoff’s favourite ass kisser. Anyways, put your hands together ladies and gentleman as we welcome the soon to be ex-WWE World Champion….TRIPLE H!

Time To Play The Game hits the arena as the fans boo Triple H right out of the arena, he is looking very angry at Jericho and is slowly but surely making his way to the ring. He won’t take his eye off of Y2J and his face has gone bright red with anger. Triple H then gets into the ring and grabs a mic from Lilian at ringside.

J.R: This place could explode at any minute!

King: What an ego Jericho has! I hope Triple H knocks some sense into him.

Jericho: First things first Mr. Champ or should I say….CHUMP! Let’s talk about that Title of yours, which opponent would you least like to face at Survivor Series out of Randy Orton and myself?

HHH: Why should I answer to you Jericho, your nothing but a snot nosed punk! I know what we can talk about let’s talk about Wooo The Nature Boy Ric Flair? Now Flair I had to, that’s the simple reason, I had to kick your old crummy ass out of Evolution, you see Flair, you’ve lost it, your not even half as good as what you were, your just a little insignificant man now!

A big wooooo is heard throughout the arena as well as a chorus of boo’s for Triple H!

HHH: You see, tonight, we will be announcing a NEW member of Evolution to take over from your retired ass and thing is Flair, Batista and I, have handpicked this superstar and he already knows about it, but I’m sure you all will be shocked but the fact is, he is much better than you, has unlimited potential and doesn’t have wrinkly balls either! That last week, was the only way I could show you out of the door of Evolution, as you haven’t taken the hint any other week! Which brings me on to the other idiots that I hate as much as Flair, Orton and yes YOU JERICHO! Now I really don’t care which one of you two get the title shot as it’ll be easy pickings for me, but to make it fair, I have asked Eric Bischoff if I can “Officiate” this match and guess what, IM THE SPECIAL REFEREE!

Jericho: That’s all well and good Preparation H, but I will make sure I beat Orton so I can take that gold from around your waist, as I know you love it so much! As far as your new member of Evolution, who cares, Evolution is run down with jackasses now!

As soon as Jericho says that, HHH decides he’s heard enough and attacks Jericho, HHH low blows Jericho and Pedigree’s him!

J.R: What a minute King It’s….


Ric Flair comes through the crowd, sledgehammer in hand and hits HHH in the back with it, HHH goes down in agony as Flair hits HHH in the head with it, The Game is busted wide open as Flair grabs Jericho and takes him to the back!

J.R: My god, Flair got his revenge on HHH!

King: You can guarantee HHH will be fuming at the Main Event tonight King, how can he referee with a busted open head?

We cut to the back to see Tyson Tomko psyching himself up for his match with Shelton Benjamin, Tyson hits himself in the head several times to pump himself up and he slams the door hard as he leaves the locker room.

Ain’t No Stopping Me hits the arena as Shelton Benjamin makes his way down to the ring, he slaps himself softly in the face several times before posing for the crowd, who are cheering him like crazy! Shelton gets in the ring and holds the Intercontinental Championship above his head.

Lilian: Ladies and gentleman here is your Intercontinental Champion, weighing in at 245lbs from Orangeburg, South Carolina…..Shelton Benjamin!

J.R: I hope Shelton beats Tomko tonight King, Tomko doesn’t even deserve a title shot, I dunno what Eric Bischoff was thinking!

King: I dunno J.R, I hope Shelton wins too but I think we are underestimating Tomko!

The words Tyson Tomko are heard as Tomko makes his way down to the ring with new entrance music and new titantron video, Tomko looks at the crowd with an evil smile as he laughs at the crowd, Tomko gets booed really loudly as he gets in the ring.

Lilian: And his opponent, Tyson Tomko!

Tyson Tomko Vs Shelton Benjamin(c) – Intercontinental Championship Match – Referee – Mike Choida

The two men have a stare-down to start off with, Tomko extends his hand but Shelton just pushes his hand away as he doesn’t trust Tyson. Shelton and Tomko then walk around the ring before tying up with each other. Tomko backs Shelton into the corner and then raises his hands to show the ref that he can fight fairly, Tomko then strikes Shelton in the stomach several times with hard right hands. Tomko then picks up Shelton and lifts him above his head and gives him a hard military press slam. Shelton holds his lower back as Tomko lifts him up and kicks him in the stomach before hitting Shelton in the back with a clubbing blow. Shelton squirms over to the corner and leans against the bottom turnbuckle pad, Tomko runs at Shelton, looking as if he’s going to knee Shelton in the face but Shelton shifts out of the way at the last seconds and Tomko’s knee hits the turnbuckle at some speed.

J.R: Tomko came out of the blocks early King, but now Shelton has to capitalize!

King: Yeah I think that might have been the break Shelton needed J.R!

Shelton runs at Tomko and gives him a chop block as Tomko holds his knee. Shelton puts Tomko’s leg on the bottom rope and jumps up in the air and lands an elbow right on Tomko’s knee, as Tomko squeals in pain. Shelton picks Tomko up slowly and kicks him in the knee again before setting Tomko up for a DDT, Shelton hits the DDT and then covers Tomko, 1….2..Kick out by Tomko! Shelton goes right back on the attack, he whips Tomko off the ropes and hits a Spinning Wheel Kick to Tomko’s face. Shelton then stomps on Tomko several times before whipping him off of the ropes again and nailing a Spine buster on Tomko. Tomko looks out for the count as he gets back up to his feet slowly, Shelton climbs to the top turnbuckle and goes for a Diving Cross Body and hits Tomko, but Tomko rolls through, 1….2…Kick out by Benjamin.

J.R: Tomko has impressed me so far tonight King, he’s matching every move Shelton makes!

King: This Tomko was taught by Christian J.R, how could he not be impressive?

Tomko gets back up quickly and hits a clothesline on Benjamin, Tomko smiles at the crowd before taunting at them, to which he gets a bad reaction from the Cleveland fans! Shelton slowly gets up and Tomko hits in with another clothesline, Tomko picks up Benjamin and goes behind him and hits a backdrop on Shelton who lands awkwardly on his back, Tomko realizes that Benjamin’s back might be hurt so he picks Benjamin up again before giving Benjamin 2 consecutive backbreakers, Tomko then pins Benjamin, 1….2…th- No! Benjamin kicks out at the last minute. Tomko whips Shelton in the corner and goes for a clothesline but Shelton ducks out of the way and Shelton goes for a kick but Tomko ducks and Shelton kicks the referee in the face and Mike Choida falls to the ground…..


Shelton is worried about the referee which lets Tomko take advantage and he is setting Shelton up for the Big Boot, Shelton turns around and Tomko goes for it but misses, Shelton goes for the T-Bone Suplex but Tomko kicks Shelton right between the legs and throws him off of the ropes and hits him right in the chin with the Big Boot, Tomko covers Benjamin but the referee is still down, then all of a sudden the crowd cheer really loudly and we hear Christian’s music go off, Tomko stares at the stage waiting for Christian to come down but Christian comes through the crowd and slides into the ring and low blows Tomko and sets him up for the Unprettier, Christian smiles just before he hits it and the crowd go mad for Christian as he nails Tomko with the Unprettier, Christian thinks that isn’t enough and he goes for 2 chairs….

King: We haven’t seen this in a while J.R!

J.R: He must be going for the con-chair-to King!

Christian positions Tomko’s head on one of the chairs and has the other one in his hand, Christian stares at the crowd and slaps his chest and a big smile spreads across his face as he smacks Tomko in the head with the chair! Christian rolls Tomko over and puts Shelton on top of Tomko as Christian leaves the ring the referee counts, 1…2….3!

J.R: My god King, Christian got his revenge on Tomko but he still owes Tomko one beating yet….What a match, what a finish, what an Unprettier, what a con-chair-to King!

King: Captain Charisma left a message for Tomko J.R, No-one messes with The Showstealer and gets away with it, what an exclamation mark Christian put on Tomko, he hit an Unprettier and nailed Tomko with the one man con-chair-to! I bet this feud isn’t over J.R!

Lilian: Here is your winner and still Intercontinental Champion…Shelton Benjamin! Shelton Benjamin bt. Tyson Tomko by pin-fall at (15:23)

Triple H is shown in the back putting on his referee’s shirt and we get a close up of Triple H’s head, there is a plaster over where he got busted open by Flair but the blood is seeping through it.

The camera then pans to Eric Bischoff who looks as if he’s going to say something.

Bischoff: Ladies and gentleman, some of you might be thinking Friday Night Raw is getting stale and a bit boring, with that being said, next week, 10 superstars who don’t appear on the active roster every week will fight it out and the last 5 people will save their job, however, the first 5 to be eliminated will be fired on the spot! Thanks for your time!

J.R: My god King, what a bombshell Bischoff just dropped on us!

King: I can’t believe it J.R! This is bad news for some of the non-active wrestlers on Raw’s roster!

Time To Play The Game plays as we await Triple H to come to the ring to referee the match, he appears on the stage area to a chorus of boo’s and douses himself with water before spitting some out, he walks down the ramp with an arrogant swagger and he sips some water and pours more on his head before throwing the bottle away, he gets on the apron and does his trademark water spitting before getting in the ring.

Lilian: On his way to the ring from Greenwich, Connecticut, weighing 260lbs, he is your World Heavyweight Champion and Special Guest Referee…..Triple H!

King: The Game looks angry still J.R! I wonder how he’s going to call this match cleanly?

J.R: I don’t know King, I’m still wondering who Evolution’s new member is!

5…4…3…2…1 BOOM! Break The Walls Down hits the arena as Y2J makes his way to the ring, Jericho looks confident and cocky as ever as he makes his way down the ramp way, the crowd are cheering Jericho loudly as he soaks up the cheers, he gets to the ring apron and does his trademark leaning back on the ropes before getting in the ring and getting right in HHH’s face!

Lilian: Making his way to the ring, from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, weighing in at 231lbs….Chris Jericho!

Then Suddenly Randy Orton’s music hits as the young superstar makes his way to the ring, the crowd as going nuts for Orton, who is getting a bigger pop than Jericho did, Orton does his trademark pose and then the pyro goes off behind him as he makes his way down to the ring, he looks cockily as well, as he gets into the ring and climbs the turnbuckle to do his pose.

Lilian: And His opponent, from St. Louis, Missouri, weighing in at 245lbs…..Randy Orton!

J.R: What a match this should be King, I can’t wait for it to get underway

King: Me too J.R, I’m getting goose bumps.

Number 1 Contenders Match For WWE World Heavyweight Title – Y2J Vs Randy Orton – Special Guest Referee – Triple H

Y2J and Orton both walk up to Triple H and get in his face, the pair are looking at The Game who isn’t intimidated by them, Triple H calls for the bell to start this match off. Orton and Jericho shake hands before tying up in the middle of the ring, Orton backs Jericho into the turnbuckle corner before giving him a couple of Ric Flair like chops, the crowd make a Woooooo sound as Orton hits Jericho with another, Jericho’s chest is like a beetroot as Jericho gives Orton a couple of chops, the crowd make another Woooooo sound, Jericho then gives Orton a couple of right hands and hits a standing dropkick on Orton. Orton is lying in the middle of the ring, Jericho runs to the ropes and comes back and hits an elbow drop on Orton, Jericho decides to do his little dance taunt as the crowd cheer Y2J,Y2J,Y2J! Jericho mounts Orton and hits him with right hands and he then goes to the top rope, Orton gets up slowly and Jericho goes for the Missile Dropkick but Orton ducks and Jericho lands hard on his left leg, Orton grabs Jericho’s left leg and drives an elbow into the kneecap, Jericho screams in agony as Orton kicks the hell out of Jericho’s leg.

J.R: This has been a pretty even match so far, Triple H’s refereeing as been good as well King!

King: Of course it has been, he’s The Game J.R!

Orton leg trips Jericho and Orton slips outside the ring and pulls Jericho over to the turnbuckle, he wraps Jericho’s left leg around the Steel Post, Jericho yells in agony again as Orton is targeting Jericho’s knee. Orton then picks up Jericho and gives him a suplex, he then goes to Jericho’s head and applies a chin-lock on Jericho, Jericho gets up to his feet with Orton on his back now, almost giving him a sleeper hold, Jericho runs backwards into the turnbuckle and Orton hits his head off of it. Triple H comes over and see’s if Orton’s ok and Jericho charges at Orton, who’s sitting in the corner and gives him a knee to the face, Orton lies flat on his back and Jericho covers him, 1……….2…….Kick Out! Jericho looks at Triple H and asks him why he counted so slowly, Triple H pretends he’s hurt his shoulder before telling Jericho to turn around, Randy runs at Jericho, but Jericho ducks and Orton clotheslines HHH, Orton and Jericho laugh but Orton runs at Jericho and hits him with a clothesline, Jericho gets up and ducks another clothesline attempt by Orton as he gives him a bulldog, Orton is lying in the center of the ring and Jericho attempts the Lion Sault but Orton gets his knees up and Jericho’s rib-cage is hurt.

J.R: What a match so far King, I think tonight’s Raw has been the best yet!

King: It has been a good night J.R; let’s hope neither of these 2 win as they don’t deserve a title shot!

J.R: Sorry folks but we have one more commercial break to take, join us after the break!

Commercial Break

We see a replay of Orton putting his knees up for the Lion Sault, we then see Orton hit a cross body on Jericho but Jericho kicked out.

Triple H is now back up to his feet and is really angry, Orton puts Jericho up on his shoulders and gives him the Orton Neck breaker, the crowd gasp in astonishment as Orton gives them a cocky smile and covers Jericho, 1………….2..Kick out by Jericho! Orton then goes up to Triple H and pushes him in the chest, the crowd go wild for Orton, Triple H pushes Orton back, Jericho then rolls up Orton, 1……2…..Kick out by Orton! Jericho picks up Orton and gives him a backbreaker, Orton holds his back in pain and Jericho goes back to the top rope, Orton is groggy but slowly gets to his feet and turns around, Jericho hits him with the Diving Reverse Elbow, Orton lands with his head on the middle rope and Jericho does his duke and jive dance and runs at Orton and lands on his head, Orton falls off the ropes and Jericho covers, 1…..2…..Kick out by Orton.

J.R: What an action packed match this has been King; it’s been the best match of the night so far!

King: You’d expect it to be J.R; it’s two of the best in the business!

Orton gets up slowly, Jericho is holding his knee and whips Orton to the ropes and tries to give Orton a back-drop but Orton just falls behind Jericho and gives him a Russian Leg Sweep, Orton then goes for a Single Leg Crab on Jericho but Triple H breaks up the hold straightaway, Orton moans at Triple H and turns around to get a Running Enziguri from Jericho, Jericho then goes for the Lion Sault and hits it, 1……..2……th- No! Kick out by Orton……..


Triple H then decides enough is enough, he then kicks Jericho in the gut and Pedigree’s him, Orton gets up and Triple H kicks him in the gut and delivers a Pedigree to Orton, then suddenly…..Ric Flair comes out from the crowd and goes behind Triple H and gives him a low blow, he then gives “Trips” another low blow and puts him in the Figure 4 Leg Lock, Jericho covers Orton so Flair uses HHH’s hand and counts, 1…..2….No!

J.R: Who’s that King?

King: I think it’s……

Simon Dean comes from the ringside as well with a chair in hand and hits Flair in the back to stop the pin-fall, Dean throws the chair to the floor and picks Flair up, he hits a DDT onto the chair and Flair’s head is busted open, Dean then picks up Orton and gives him what looks like an Emerald Fusion Slam, he then places Jericho on Orton and Triple H slowly counts, 1….2….3! Jericho won!

Lilian: Here is your winner and the person to get a title shot at Survivor Series, Chris Jericho! Jericho bt. Orton by pin-fall at (23:12)

J.R: What a no good bastard Simon Dean is King!

King: What a night J.R, what an impact from Simon Dean!

Simon Dean gets a mic from ringside and begins to speak….

Simon: You see, the reason I joined Evolution is simple, a) To get respect and wrestle with the best in the business!, b) I wouldn’t need to worry about anything with Triple H and Batista by my side, c) Have you seen how powerful Evolution is? you see Flair, I HATE YOU! Jericho I HATE YOU, Orton I HATE YOU TOO!!! I wanted Jericho to win because it would make it easier for Triple H at Survivor Series, Orton, wrong place wrong time, but I would of kicked your ass anyway tonight as you’re a snot nosed punk and don’t deserve another chance at that Title! Flair, you’re a nothing, just retire and be done with it, your nothing but a old man with man boobs and you suck now, when did you actually last win a match? Tonight is Simon Dean’s night, next week you people better watch out, because I have a debut match against Flair and I will retire the Legend of Ric Flair, then, I’ll take out the Legend Killer Randy Orton, Simon Dean throws the mic down before spitting on Jericho and Orton and Flair, he rolls Triple H out of the ring before Triple H raises his hand and the camera cuts to Dean’s face as Raw goes off the air!
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