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Criss Angel interviews Triple H

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Pretty neat interview tbh. I :lmao at the 2 of them constantly referring to a match between Trips and Brock and then backtracking because it hasn't actually been announced yet lol. He talks about Lesnar, his start in the business, his training regime, UFC, his name, his match with Taker and what the end of an era means to him, his most embarrassing moment in the ring, Jerry Lawler's most embarrassing moment in the ring (lulz) and BBQ's with the family among other things. Both of them share some pretty cool stories as well. I didn't know Angel was so influenced by WWE either which was pretty cool to find out. And how could I forget about DAT ARM BORK SELL LIKE A BAWSE. Good stuff for both HHH fans and non HHH fans alike...I think, at least on the latter anyways lol.
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Good stuff

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