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Which is your favorite format of Cricket

Cricket: T20 vs ODI vs Test

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Which is your favourite format of cricket.

Mine is T20, followed by ODI. While Test cricket is my least favourite.
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Tests by a fair distance. Highest pinnacle of the game and whilst it can be laboured in parts I don't find anything more riveting in Cricket quite like the final day/session of a test where the game is finely poised: i.e the bowling side needing 3 wickets to win. Every ball matters in that context, and speaking from personal experience watching tests in person I was never bored in the slightest and found the six hours absolutely flew by during the three sessions of play. Watching a batsman bat throughout a day and compile a century is also something I love to see, same with a bowler absolutely ripping through a top/middle order.

T20 is a fun hit and everything but I've never found there to be equivalent drama to that of a test match. I honestly didn't even pay attention to any of the ODI's or T20 internationals between England and Australia after the Ashes were finished. I'll watch it if nowt else is on, but for me it's just a simple and easy way to pass a couple of hours, but I've never considered it on par with the Test format in terms of tactics, drama, momentum swings or the precision/dedication required for batsmen and bowlers alike to perform throughout the entire day, as opposed to a set amount of overs.

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Test by a country mile. Sure T20 Cricket is unpredictable, but it's highly based on luck. I'm much rather watch someone courageously slug their way to a century (see Clarke vs. South Africa) then someone just belt the ball around with no technique to reach it (see Simmons in BBL). I'd also much rather watch Mitchell Johnson kill a timid English Test XI rather than Coulter-Nile do so to their T20 XI.

T20 Cricket can be fun to watch, Netherlands international games, in particular, but nor that or ODI's will ever top Test Match Cricket.

ODI's have their moments (Faulkner <3), but all the shitty changes made to it in the last decade have ruined them for me.

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Tests all the way. It's a human chess match. T20s are well and good to go down to the ground to have a piss up with your friends (Not this year, fuckern "Birmingham Bears" grumble, grumble....) and I have enjoyed watching some IPL this year but there is nothing that replicate a nailbiting Test match. Plus I adore the sense of bygone era about it, ringing of the bell, tea and lunch, all that stuff. ODIs are being squeezed out, tbh.

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Test cricket. It's much more accurate in determining which side is better. Not to mention, some of the greatest knocks have been played in Test cricket (my personal favourite, Michael Clarke's debut vs. India. Scored a brilliant 151 and then nabbed 4 wickets for 6 runs as well).

The better team will win more consistently in test matches, while I think T20's and ODI's are kind of anybody's game. Not to downplay them. I still enjoy ODI's and T20's, but I prefer Test matches.
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