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Cricket Discussion - Take Virat

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Old thread was large. Starting over now.

So this is the 2nd most popular sport in the world?
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re: Cricket Discussion Thread

Wow, the T20 match between Pakistan and Australia yesterday. Amazing, exciting. Kept one on the seats till the end of the super over ! Cricket at its best.

Pakistan, West Indies look good to win the World T20. And, South Africa too, if they don't choke :D
Re: Cricket Discussion Thread

People are quite excited for T20 World Cup in the place where cricket matters :D

Ironically, there will be more people watching T20 World Cup, in TV or otherwise, than some Just Another Meaningless Test series, including Ashes.

I can understand why Australians don't like it since they are below Ireland and Bangladesh in the rankings ! :lmao
Re: Cricket Discussion Thread

Because you Indians have a population of a billion and its the only sport you have. pound for pound the Ashes would smoke the holy hell out of it in the ratings
In two countries where cricket is declining :lmao

Majority of the cricket fans would watch T20 World Cup rather than Ashes series, which is just confined to two countries. If you are at an disadvantage, it is your problem, not ours. Fact stands that, most of the cricket fans don't want to watch JAM Test series.

More popularity, more viewership, more excitement, more fun = T20 World Cup
Re: Cricket Discussion Thread

Nope, pound for pound far more people watch the Ashes :troll Majority of australian and english cricket fans would prefer to watch the ashes.
Doesn't matter since it is a meaningless bilateral series for the rest of the countries :)

So, fact remains that the majority of the cricket fans prefer a T20 World Cup than a JAM test series and thus T20 is a more popular and more pertinent to cricket as a whole.

Especially when T20 is the future of cricket.
Re: Cricket Discussion Thread

T20 isn't cricket, its garbage to advertise shitty indian products. Enjoy watching your rubbish, we'll be watching cricket.
Heh, T20 is not only cricket but it is the future of cricket and you are going to get real disappointed when more and more T20 is going to be featured. Like how South Africa replaced their traditional Boxing Day test with a Boxing Day T20 match :lmao

Anyway, September and October are great for T20 fans.

September - T20 World CUp
October - Champions League

Entertaining times.
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Re: Cricket Discussion Thread

its the future of something, but thats not cricket. You Indians can keep wanking over meaningless games, we'll be watching cricket
Yeah, you can keep crying about it when T20 becomes the future of cricket. It has already started and I can already see the crying :lmao

Cricket is already being defined by ODIs and T20s and that is how it is going to be, whether or not deluded "cricket fans" try hard in defining their own version
Re: Cricket Discussion Thread

. you think fans of test cricket are trying to define their version? :lmao

Instead of taking all the three forms as "forms of cricket" deluded fans are now defining cricket to something related to their personal opinions.
Re: Cricket Discussion Thread

Nothing beats the Ashes, whether that's TV or being in the ground live.
Personal opinions.

I have never seen any celebrations or excitement in India as was witnessed when they won the ODI World Cup last year. Or when the whole city of Kolkatta went into a 3-day celebrations for winning IPL.

No, that is not Eden Gardens during a match. It was a full crowd for celebrating the IPL win 2 days after the final of the IPL.
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Re: Cricket Discussion Thread

It's because India and Indians have nothing better to celebrate other than meaningless crash and bash tournaments.
No, because we can celebrate for a meangingful, entertaining T20 win than losing out to a boring, meaningless test match whose results are forgotten the month after it is done :D
Re: Cricket Discussion Thread

That's how the atmosphere is for a good T20 match in any nook or corner of India.

Re: Cricket Discussion Thread

meaningful 20/20, the mother of all oxymorons.
A T20 tournament win is more meaningful than a bilateral win that nobody cares after a month.
Re: Cricket Discussion Thread

You get crowds when someone falls off a bike . No one outside of India gives a shit.
Right, someone who has no money to eat, comes to the stadium paying nearly $30 for the tickets. While test matches with $2 tickets go empty :D

This is the same Eden Gardens during a test match. Nobody cared (well a handful of people did and schoolkids) :lmao

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Re: Cricket Discussion Thread

just shows that indians are a bunch of frontrunners who leave when their team is garbage and jump on a team that doesn't completely suck. congratulations.
No, it just shows that Indians don't like boring tests but love entertaining T20s. T20s and ODis with the same India team were running full when tests were played on empty stands.

It is not rocket science to come up with that :lmao
Re: Cricket Discussion Thread

I'm sorry that your pitiful nation cannot win away from home, thus rendering the pinnacle of the sport 'boring and meaningless.' Take what you will from your crash and bash victories, nobody remembers them the morning after. Poor excuse for a fan.
When a form of the sport is so boring that it puts you to sleep, you don't watch it. Simple. That is why tests are so unpopular in India and nobody cares about bilateral results after some time. Or maybe only those people go to a test match who want to waste themselves getting drunk and doing nothing else in life :lmao

It is so wonderful that ODIs and T20s came along or cricket would have been a sport of the minority.

(P.S That is besides the point that there is no country other than SA now who can convincingly win matches away from home)
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Re: Cricket Discussion Thread

Tests are for real fans of the sport. ODIs and mostly T20s are for the casuals.

You're not going to learn a lot about a team or players from T20s. It's why Test cricket is called Test. It tests the abilities of players and teams.
Not at all. There are many hardcore cricket fans who love T20 more than tests.The reason why they don't prefer tests is because it is boring to watch 5 whole days of cricket and is not as exciting/entertaining as T20s. You won't have such a huge fan following and celebration of wins if it were just casual fans.

I don't know why it is difficult to understand why some people prefer T20s over tests. T20 require a different skillset. That's all. Not that one form's skillset is better than the other. Otherwise even the Strausses or Trotts of the world would have shined in T20 cricket.
Re: Cricket Discussion Thread

no hardcore cricket fans love T20 more than tests. The sheer fact that they don;t love tests means they're not hardcore cricket fans.
Typical response of a misinformed "cricket fan" :lmao
If following cricket continuously for 20 years is not hardcore, nothing is.
Most of the T20 fans in India are those who have been watching cricket since they have learned to walk.

Trott has a T20 average of 37.17 at a strike rate of 114.90. How is that not shining at T20? Higher average than KP, Afridi, Dhoni etc etc
Obviously because of his strike rate and his lack of match-winning scores. BTW, those are his domestic figures fpalm
Re: Cricket Discussion Thread

btw im american when where and how watch cricket? i got nothin better to do for 5 days
ESPN3 telecasts some matches live and also replays.
The T20 World Cup which starts next week has full coverage in ESPN3.
Re: Cricket Discussion Thread

The test championship was scrapped because the couldn't develop a sound infrastructure to hold it - schedule, venues, and a top 4 that was consistent.
Wrong in the first paragraph itself fpalm

The test championship was cancelled because the broadcasters and sponsors were not seeing any benefit to them due to the low viewership of such a championship.

The question of scheduling didn't even come up because the people were not interested.

Majority of the world?
Take the total number of cricket fans. See what percent are test fans. Simple.

You can try to whine by bring whatever excuses you can - like bandwagoners etc - but that is not going to change the actual fact. And, that is exactly the metric the organisers will look at. If test cricket is preferred only by minority, then no need of test championship.

Oh, and Indians preferred T20 and ODI even when they were No. 1 in test cricket and when they were whipping those who can't bat a spinning ball :lmao

Anyway, all said and done. Can't wait for Sep 17. India vs Pakistan T20 - the best rivalry in the cricketing world. A warm-up match for the World Cup that brings more excitement than most matches.
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Re: Cricket Discussion Thread

Get your facts straight, son, it was due to the reasons I mentioned. Clutch to your tales though.
Yeah, all blank facts and no proof.

Get your facts straight. The test championship was cancelled because broadcasters and sponsors were not interested because the majority don't care any hoots about it.


That percentage would be more than those who are ODI/T20 fans. India don't factor into the stats because they account for 1/6th of the population and skew the data.
More convenient excuses :lmao
Clinging to a thread here.

When majority of the cricket fans remain glued to their TV sets when the greatest rivalry in cricketing world is being played out on Sep 17, the people who matter would know how important it is ;) Minority opinions don't matter .
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Re: Cricket Discussion Thread

Im more amused at rated r trying to argue about test cricket and what the rest of the world feels. The only nations where t20 is important is india and pakistan. Every other nation prefers test cricket.
Actually, the only countries interested in test cricket are England and AUstralia.

South Africa replaced their traditional Boxing Day test match with a Boxing Day T20 match. This shows how much importance South Africa gives to T20 vs test :D And this is not the first time SA has replaced a test match for T20.

And, if you are saying SL, WI or NZ gives more importance to test rather than T20, you are just embarassing yourself.
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