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Cricket Discussion - Take Virat

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Old thread was large. Starting over now.

So this is the 2nd most popular sport in the world?
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re: Cricket Discussion Thread

A game for gentlemen.

As stated in the old thread, T20 World Cup will be a laugh to see teams going all out for the crash and bash version of the game.
re: Cricket Discussion Thread

Cricket is sorta like baseball.
Re: Cricket Discussion Thread

It's because India and Indians have nothing better to celebrate other than meaningless crash and bash tournaments.

I'm sure I could sift through the archives and get a huge collection of pics from epic Ashes victories and epic Ashes moments, such as Freddy Flintoff consoling Brett Lee after getting the last wicket and reclaiming the Ashes for England. Test cricket emodies sportsmanship, a gentleman's manor, and exhibits the true skills of the great game. T20 is just a bang for your buck revenue raising shamble that diminishes quality cricket. Cling to whatever remnants of success you have, DarthSimian, for I would rather be #10 in the T20 rankings than being incapable of winning a test series away from home. 4-0, 4-0, 4-0!
Re: Cricket Discussion Thread

No, because we can celebrate for a meangingful, entertaining T20 win than losing out to a boring, meaningless test match whose results are forgotten the month after it is done :D
I'm sorry that your pitiful nation cannot win away from home, thus rendering the pinnacle of the sport 'boring and meaningless.' Take what you will from your crash and bash victories, nobody remembers them the morning after. Poor excuse for a fan.
Re: Cricket Discussion Thread

Oh please, why is the World Cup a 50 over game than? If Test was so great and entertaining, why did they get rid of the Test Championship?

I love watching Test matches but majority of the world hate Test matches, it wasn't interesting to most of the world so they got rid of the Test championship, what other reason was there to get rid of it?

Every human alive in India celebrated the WC win last year, WC's are 20 overs and 50 overs, nobody cares about "meaningless limited over matches", you guys say?
At least in the 50 over format there is a measure of skill and tactics implemented as opposed to the crash and bash format. The test championship was scrapped because the couldn't develop a sound infrastructure to hold it - schedule, venues, and a top 4 that was consistent. I'd much rather watch a test championship between England, South Africa, Australia and India, than 'classic' T20 fixtures such as Ireland vs Afghanistan.

Majority of the world? When India is included in that statistic, of course it's going to look flashy. However, in the real cricket countries (i.e not the bandwagoners), test cricket is viewed as the pinnacle of the sport - you bust your arse from a kid to bowl better, keep better, field better, and bat better, in the hopes to one day represent your nation in a test match. Not too sure how many kids would bust their arses and spend years of dedication honing their skills to crash and bash. Australians and the English worship the Ashes, it is the holy grail of cricket, the emotion etched onto a player's face when they get to debut for their country in an Ashes test is paramount to the heart and dedication they have given to reaching the pinnacle. I can't remember the last time, if ever, someone shed tears upon being selected for an ODI or T20 squad, but fondly remember several doing so for tests.

They have nothing better to celebrate - England have their football 8*D ; New Zealand have their rugby; the Caribbean have their athletics; we have our rugby union, rugby league, and hockey; south africa has their rugby; thus you don't see mass celebrations like you do when a developed nation wins a World tournament. When Australia reclaimed the Ashes in 2006, it was my greatest moment as a fan of cricket. When we failed to regain them in 2010, it was one of the worst moments. Nothing in the limited overs of the format, including 3 successive world cup triumphs, has even come close to reaching those levels.

India only care for T20 and ODI's because that is all they are good at, unless they're hosting a test series and can prepare their dusty roads to bat for three days and score 800 runs to bore the game into a draw. As soon as they leave the country, they are the whipping boys of world cricket, e.g. in 2011/12, their combined series result against England, then Australia, was 0-8. They weren't even within a whisper of competing in any of those 2 series.

Rated R, son, once you realise that cricket is more than hoping aboard the Pakistan board wagon based upon 2 wins in a format their opposition doesn't care about, and begin to understand the very fabric and essence of the game, then, and only then, will you hopefully begin to understand.
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Re: Cricket Discussion Thread

Wrong in the first paragraph itself fpalm

The test championship was cancelled because the broadcasters and sponsors were not seeing any benefit to them due to the low viewership of such a championship.

The question of scheduling didn't even come up because the people were not interested.

Take the total number of cricket fans. See what percent are test fans. Simple.

You can try to whine by bring whatever excuses you can - like bandwagoners etc - but that is not going to change the actual fact. And, that is exactly the metric the organisers will look at. If test cricket is preferred only by minority, then no need of test championship.

Oh, and Indians preferred T20 and ODI even when they were No. 1 in test cricket and when they were whipping those who can't bat a spinning ball :lmao

Anyway, all said and done. Can't wait for Sep 17. India vs Pakistan T20 - the best rivalry in the cricketing world. A warm-up match for the World Cup that brings more excitement than most matches.
Get your facts straight, son, it was due to the reasons I mentioned. Clutch to your tales though.

That percentage would be more than those who are ODI/T20 fans. India don't factor into the stats because they account for 1/6th of the population and skew the data.

There isn't a need for a test championship as it's kinda settled on a quadannual basis when England, Australia & South Africa play one another.

Not all Indians

India vs Pakistan, oh great, a bilateral series that nobody gives a shit about, in the format that nobody gives a shit about. Joyous joy.
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Re: Cricket Discussion Thread

DarthSimian just digging himself deeper and deeper into this shit pile.
Re: Cricket Discussion Thread

Indian cricket authorities have terminated debt-ridden Indian Premier League side Deccan Chargers for failing to comply with a deadline for overdue player fees, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) said on Saturday.

Among the leading players signed up by the franchise, which won the tournament in 2009 but finished second-last this season, are Kumar Sangakkara of Sri Lanka, South African fast bowler Dale Steyn and Australian batsman Cameron White.

The decision, the BCCI said in a statement, was "only due to the absolute inability of the franchise to effectively run the team".

The BCCI added due to the "stated position of the Deccan franchise to refuse to rectify the various defaults including payments to players... a decision was taken to forthwith terminate the Deccan Chargers franchise".

Deccan Chronicle Holdings, a media company that bought the team for $US107 million ($A102 million) before the inaugural IPL in 2008, sought to sell the cash-strapped Hyderabad-based team this week, having placed advertisements in newspapers inviting bids.

It received just one proposal when bids opened Thursday, which it rejected.

The company has been ordered by banks to reduce its debts, according to Indian media.

The rapid disposal of the Chargers has been widely blamed on economic pressure affecting its current owners, but it also reflects the stormy history of the IPL.

The BCCI threw the Kochi Tuskers out of the league last year over their failure to meet financial requirements.

A separate attempt to eject the Rajasthan Royals and Kings XI Punjab in 2010 over murky ownership disputes was blocked after a court battle.

The IPL has become a major event in the international cricket calendar, attracting the world's most exciting players to entertain large domestic audiences.

But it has also been hit by a series of financial scandals, and its founder Lalit Modi was sacked in 2010 following allegations of corruption and money-laundering.

The sixth edition of the IPL will be held in April-May next year.
T20 going strong in India, right?

Only a matter of time before the attraction fades and the interest flickers away.
Re: Cricket Discussion Thread

Er, where does that say IPL is in trouble.

It is Deccan Chronicle, owners of Deccan Chargers, who are in financial trouble - because of matters unrelated to T20 or cricket ... because of their debts in their core business fpalm
"But it has also been hit by a series of financial scandals, and its founder Lalit Modi was sacked in 2010 following allegations of corruption and money-laundering."

The downfall is beginning. The IPL cannot sustain itself for the long haul.
Re: Cricket Discussion Thread

That was two years back :troll
There have been 2 IPLs since then and it has shown no signs of quitting
In fact, the crowd and online viewership increased this year.
Yes, it's been floundering for two years amid the turmoil of corruption, match fixing and dwindling interest. Sugar coat it all you want, it's going to happen.

That's from a test match 8*D
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Re: Cricket Discussion Thread

Deny it all you want, match fixing is rampant in the IPL. More will break eventually.
Re: Cricket Discussion Thread

Befits the format really 8*D
Re: Cricket Discussion Thread

Results from a previous tournament should have no bearing on any future tournaments. The whole fabric of that notion is asinine. Doesn't surprise me though, given it is T20 and it is Sri Lanka organising it. The depths of DarthSimian's unintelligence just staggers the mind at times.

Lol @ all the rain, still. Brilliant organising :)
Re: Cricket Discussion Thread

feel bad for Ireland, can anyone explain why WI won and Ireland are out?
They had a better run rate against us. Asinine reasoning and unfair on Ireland. Still, that's what you get when the tournament is scheduled in monsoon season.

The reasoning was also given. Just that you were not able to understand

a. Had to give minnows a chance - group stages
b. The pre-tournamnet seeding and scheduling helps spectators in planning the tournament and reduces their complexity during the tournament - Super 8s
Yes because Afghanistan was really going to test England & India :rolleyes:

It is not TV ratings fpalm It is about spectators coming from various countries to view the matches.

For example, in ODI World Cups, not knowing if the match is going to be held in Bangladesh or Sri Lanka would be disastrous for the spectators. Or if the difference is Wednesday or Sunday.

It is only logical to have pre-tournament seeding and scheduling for World Tournaments. It is stupid to have any other system and increase the complexity for spectators. There is nothing unfair as the seedings were done based on results of previous tournaments, which is how it has always been.
It's mismanagement and asinine scheduling from the ICC. The FIFA World Cup, the biggest sporting event in the world, works just fine with 'spectators coming from various countries to view the matches' in terms of their teams qualification from the group stages. Same goes with the Rugby Union World Cup.

Qualifying for the next stage of a tournament, based on results of a previous tournament, is quite possibly the stupidest thing I have ever heard of within sports. It just goes to show that the tournament is a joke, much like the format itself. Beat up a minnow, then play a dead rubber to 'qualify' and 'win' your group, then be placed into a group with the other group winners to determine semi finalists. It's genius :rolleyes:

What you need to understand, Darth, is that the whole essence of this tournament is ridiculous. Qualification for the next stage of a tournament should have zero influence from previous tournaments. It should be based on performance, not some farsical seeding bullshit that makes the tournament look like an even bigger joke than it already is.
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Re: Cricket Discussion Thread

The whole thing is perfectly logical. Seeding is used in every tournament - whether it is FIFA World Cup, ODI World Cup etc. And, that seeding is based on previous performance. It is exactly the same here - except that it is used to group the countries in the Super 8s. The Super 8 is equivalent to the Group Stage in ODI World Cup or FIFA World Cup.

As I said before, the group stages is only to give the minnows the chance to qualify. It is not about how probable it is for Afghanistan to beat England or India. Even if it is just a 5% chance, give them that chance. The whole restrictive environment that test cricket brought and spoiled cricket needs to go and that is exactly what is happening.

The whole point is that previous performance is used to group countries and that is exactly how SUper 8 is organised. It is irrelevant if those countries have improved recently or not. The performance factor decided at the time of the seeding is what is important.

The tournament. format and scheduling is what makes it popular, exciting and highly attended and not a dead crowd format that test cricket gives us.
Ah, no, in the FIFA World Cup it's a pot draw to determine groupings based on the 32 teams that qualify for the finals. Nothing from a previous tournament holds weight within FIFA cups, or IRB cups, or any other type of World Cup or Championship.

The Super 8's is flawed. Win your group, and be rewarded by playing the other 3 group winners. Excellent logic.

Sorry, test cricket is restrictive and has spoilt cricket? Right, they should have minnow nations compete in farsical tournaments to boost the game, right?

The point is, previous performance should have zero bearing on future tournaments. It's farsical in its nature and makes the game, and tournament, look like a joke. Seeding is irrelevant once competition starts, and a teams performance should be rewarded. It's a waste of 2 games with this current flawed system, and again, a joke.

Yes, it's really popular and exciting to watch the ground crews stand around monitoring the covers and weather patterns to try and get Afghanistan vs Ireland played. Future of cricket!
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Re: Cricket Discussion Thread

:lol @ Pakistan, wouldn't know what seam bowling is in this matchup. All spin. That's T20 for you.


Caught a few hours of the Shield game today at Bankstown. NSW are looking pretty good so far this season, Pup batted well and our bowlers were really tidy and narrowly missed out on enforcing the follow on. With the rain about, it'll be a drawn game, but nice to see a good start to the season for once.
Re: Cricket Discussion Thread

The Aussies are yet to bat though...
Re: Cricket Discussion Thread

Re: Cricket Discussion Thread

The Windies are a dark horse for the title. GAYLE gets firing up the top, and then BRAVO and EDWARDS can rip in with the ball.

I hope we lose tonight, so that India don't make the semis
Re: Cricket Discussion Thread

South Africa never do well in major tournaments. All goes back to when Herschelle Gibbs dropped the World Cup back in 99, followed by Allan Donald's genius running between the wickets. Or the brilliant calculations of Shaun Pollock in 2003.
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