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Banking & Credits

Please note - Credits are for a bit of fun. They are of no value and do not mean anything.

As a rule they are as follows.

Credits Per Thread View: 1
Credits Per Thread: 15
Credits Per Reply: 5

They may be different for some sections and they may not be activated in some.

Credits are for a bit of fun. You can donate them to other users or use then to bet on vBookie Events.

1) Your checking account is like the money you have in your pocket. It earns you no interest, and it is there to be spent...or bet.

2) Your savings account is exactly what it says. A savings account. You earn 4% interest every 30 days on balances in your savings account.

3) Your total amount of points is the total figure of the balances in your savings and checking accounts combined.

4) Everytime you transfer money between your accounts, whether it be from your savings to checking or vice versa, a transaction fee of 2% is charged. This means 2% of the amount your are transferring, not on your total balance.

5) While some banks offer transaction free banking, the WF bank does not. However, most savings accounts offer an interest rate of around 3% annually. The WF bank offers 4% every thirty days. That's equivalent to around 60% annually. So no moaning about transaction fees

6) Loans can be taken for amounts varying from 100 credits to 1000 credits. You can take out more than one loan, but a minimum of 10% of the loaned amount must be paid back every 30 days. You can choose how frequently and by how much you wish to make repayments, should it be in excess of the minimum repayment requirements. You can also pay off a loan in a lump sum at any time. Simply put in the remaining amount owed in the amounts box, and make it so that payments are every 1 day. This will make a final payment.

7) Failure to make the minimum repayments will result penalties. These penalties will be monetary, and any credits you earn will subsequently go to paying off your debts. Failure to make these payments will also negatively affect your credit rating, and you will be much less likely to be given any future loans.

Info has been there for years so we don't get threads like this.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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