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Is this going to be any better for us, the amateur users?

version 2.0
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Pornstar LK said:
Is this going to be any better for us, the amateur users?

You're hardly an amateur. You're stuff is great. I love your style. It's different.

TeamXtr3me said:
I never really noticed a difference between CS and PS7.. Unless theres something substantial, I wouldn't bother with trying to pirate this.
CS has so many little shortcuts that 7 doesn't have. And it's more Illustratorish with the shapes and paths and stuff.

New Features said:
Revolutionary Vanishing Point
Achieve amazing results in a fraction of the time with the groundbreaking Vanishing Point, which lets you clone, paint, and paste elements that automatically match the perspective of the surrounding image area.

Multiple layer control
Select and move, group, transform, and warp objects more intuitively by clicking and dragging directly on the canvas. Easily align objects with Smart Guides.

Smart Objects
Perform nondestructive scaling, rotating, and warping of raster and vector graphics with Smart Objects. Even preserve the editability of high-resolution vector data from Adobe Illustrator® software.

Image Warp
Easily create packaging mock-ups or other dimensional effects by wrapping an image around any shape or stretching, curling, and bending an image using Image Warp.

Customizable workspaces and menus
Get easier access to the tools you need with task-based presets, highlight new or commonly used menu items, and set up and save custom menus and workspaces.
Those are just some of the new things in Photoshop. Also remember, Creative Suite is more than just Photoshop. Just because they're not making huge changes to it, doesn't mean they're not making changes to their other software. I think most of their changes this time around are happening in Illustrator. I also read that the next version of Illustrator is already in the works and is going to have huge new features, so Photoshop might not change much again for CS 3.

The main thing I'd like to see in Photoshop, is if they made it more like InDesign or any desktop publishing program, and let you use multiple pages in one document.
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