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Creative needs to work on this....

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Over that past few years wrestling has become more generic in the stuff they do. But one thing that kind of stuck out to me that could easily be fixed is all the wrestlers are starting to look alike. Im not sure if this is just my own opinion but to me they dont implement costumes like they use to. It seems that all the new guys are just juiceheads in man panties. Back in "the day" wrestlers seemed to be more in character and there were alot more costumes and different looking wrestlers. Now there doesnt really seem to be actual characters. Most of the wrestlers use their real names or a name WWE makes up for them that seems like their real name. I would in the future like to see more extravigant costumes and characters. It would be a nice change of pace. Any thoughts?
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But wrestling names and gimmicks aren't marketable! Vince McMahon is building SUPERSTARS not wrestlers! What do you mean the two biggest media successes from the WWE were named Hulk and Rock?

Nonsense. Bring up more FCW guys in black trunks and black boots named Frank McMurphy.
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