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Counters and Variations of moves you loved

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As the topic name says what are some wrestling counter moves or variations of moves you loved?

Personally I always liked this little spot where the Rock kicks Taker back down to hit the peoples elbow

Also Kurt angle's amazing double german suplex from Wrestlemania will always be remembered in my mind

The shooting star press into the RKO is another one that made me jump from my seat

So what are some of yours? Try and show video of Gifs
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The figure four on the ring poie was one of my fav spots as a kid..
I remember seeing DDP modify the diamond cutter from various different positions like powerbomb, suplex etc that's what made me a DDP mark for a short time.
HBK flying superkick on the chair into Mankind's face (kinda like a Van Daminator) was a great spot too.
I always liked Lance Storm's rolling boston crab too
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