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Could Vince have planned this?

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I’ve been around here a long time. I tend not to post on here and more just read. A lot of negativity at times so I try not to get drawn in, I’ve got a little conspiracy theory here see what people think

So everyone has spoken about the aew vs nxt. A lot of the casuals see nxt as inferior to the other brands and possibly even aew now if they have seen it. It generally gives the feel that eventually they’ll get brought upto other brands. So basically vince and HHH needed someonthing to make it and the roster look stronger, could the hole Saudi hold up in the plane be a work? They both needed something to get people invested and talking about the brand by having very little superststs Smackdown they then went with the nxt invasion angle and again on raw. Everyone is now talking about that, the thing that got people interested in the first place was the Saudi plane gone wrong. I find this is to well planned out for 2 shows. Could the whole thing of been a publicity stunt to show of the nxt stars in a bigger light for the ratings war with aew?
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